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Explore Iran holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Welcome to what could be the friendliest country on earth. Iran is the jewel in Islam’s crown, combining glorious architecture with a warm-hearted welcome.

Bagh e Shazdeh

Parks in Iran

Green spaces have always played a role in Iranian culture. In the past, the elite surrounded themselves with lavish private gardens, eventually giving way to the Persian Gardens, as named by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Today, public and national parks continue to provide Iranians with a peaceful reprieve from city chaos or a weekend getaway. Here

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Iran forests / Part 2

Iran Forests                               More than one-tenth of Iran is forested. The mild climate, plentiful rainfall, and a long growing season have combined to make a dense forest of high-quality timber in the Caspian region. Moreover, more than 2,000 plant species are grown in Iran. There is extensive growth of temperate-zone hardwoods, including beech, oak, Siberian elm,

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