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What is Nowrooz?

Nowrooz (also spelled as “Nowruz” or “Norooz”) is the Persian New Year, which is celebrated on the first day of spring, usually around March 21st. It is an ancient festival that has been celebrated for over 3,000 years in Iran and by millions of people in several other countries including Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and some parts of India, Pakistan, Iraq, and Turkey.

The word “Nowrooz” literally means “new day” in Persian. The festival marks the beginning of a new year and the renewal of nature. It is a time for families and friends to come together, exchange gifts, and share meals. People clean their houses, wear new clothes, and buy new things to celebrate the occasion.

The Nowrooz celebrations last for 13 days and are filled with various traditions and customs. One of the most important customs is the setting of the “Haft-Seen” table, which is a table adorned with seven items that begin with the Persian letter “sin” (س), each symbolizing something different. These items usually include apples, garlic, coins, mirror, sprouted wheat or lentil, sumac berries, and vinegar.

Other Nowrooz customs include visiting friends and relatives, giving money or sweets to children, and eating special dishes such as Sabzi Polo Mahi (herbed rice with fish) and Reshteh Polo (noodles with rice). Nowrooz is an important cultural festival that is celebrated by millions of people around the world as a symbol of hope, renewal, and unity.


What does “Guaranteed Surrogacy Package” mean?

In a guaranteed surrogacy package, the intended parents and surrogate perform all lab tests and ultrasounds, attend doctor’s appointments, receive all medications and injections, go through the IVF cycle, and finally transfer the embryo to the surrogate’s uterus for a set fee (currently $25,000, including surrogate’s compensation). TebMedTourism guarantees that the intended couple will have a baby no matter how many times their transferred embryo fails or a miscarriage occurs during pregnancy without additive charge! Since many women’s eggs are of poor quality, this package usually includes an egg donation process at the same price!

But wait! We are going to give you an exceptional offer this Nowrooz!

TebMedTourism’s Offer for Nowrooz

A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty. Make your parenthood dream come true on this Nowrooz!

Book a guaranteed surrogacy package for $21000 by paying only 10% of the total price! TebMedTourism will have an increase in the Surrogacy Guaranteed Package for the next solar year, but those who book their package until 1st April 2023, will be subject to the old price. Hurry up and book your Surrogacy Guaranteed Package in Iran now for only $21000 instead of $25000$!


* Offer is available until 1st April 2023

* Minimum 10% of the total price should be paid in advance to book your program

* Must start your surrogacy program in Iran before 30th December 2023

* Amount paid is non-refundable

* If a couple would like to use their own gametes, the eligibility of the couple will be detected after evaluation of sperm and eggs

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