What is the average weight loss with gastric sleeve?

What is the average weight loss with gastric sleeve?

As many people worldwide know, obesity is one of the most problematic issues in the world, and people are constantly facing this problem in their life. What makes people horrified about obesity is the matter of many weight-related diseases such as heart attack, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and stroke. That’s why so many people are seeking a solution to this problem, but unfortunately, losing weight through exercise and a balanced diet is not as easy as it might seem. So, they are seeking other solutions like surgeries. Thanks to new technology, there are a wide variety of surgeries for losing weight, one of which is gastric sleeve surgery. This article will discuss this kind of surgery and average weight loss with gastric sleeves. Like other approaches in medicine, this surgery has its benefits and drawbacks. Fortunately, gastric sleeve is one of the world’s most exciting surgeries. Many people are passionate about doing this in their countries or other countries.

The gastric sleeve, known as a sleeve gastrectomy, is gaining popularity. People worldwide are interested in its benefits for waiting loss and other benefits for weight-related diseases. When talking about the procedure for this surgery, the surgeon is responsible for cutting 75% of the stomach. So, the high percentage of the stomach would be reduced, and the volume of food people can eat would decrease to a great extent. The fewer people eat, the more weight loss they can experience.
On top of that, by reducing stomach volume, the surgeon can control the level of a hormone called ghrelin, a Hunger hormone. The level of this hormone is high in people with obesity or who are overweight. So, cutting down on this hormone can control the appetite in these people, and, as a result, people eat less and lose weight. In this way can control type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases. After surgery, patients cannot eat whatever they want, and there is some limitation. This surgery is performed laparoscopically and is suitable for people with BMI 35 or higher.

How much average weight loss is expected with a gastric sleeve?

Weight loss after surgery varies from person to person, and nobody can deny the influence of several factors on this issue. So, we can’t talk about the exact weight loss after surgery, but we can estimate average weight loss with a gastric sleeve. 60 to 70% of the excess weight of the majority of patients would be reduced in one year. It’s something that the patient can’t do naturally, for example, through diet and exercise. After two years, most patients lose their excess weight entirely.

How much weight do you lose 30 days after gastric sleeve?

The changes would be significant for most patients in the first month after surgery. There are some reasons behind this matter. The first one is that your body is responding to its new reality. A significant percentage of your stomach is gone, and your body should react appropriately to this change. Another reason is related to the fact that patients can eat just mostly liquids and pureed foods. So, there isn’t any facility for gaining weight, and patients lose weight significantly. The average weight loss with a gastric sleeve in a month is a 20 percent loss in excess weight, which is remarkable.
The first month after gastric sleeve surgery is the toughest period. Patients go through a lot of pain and weight loss. But in many patients’ opinion, the reward is well worth it. Since they can see themselves in the mirror and see how much their weight is lost.

What is the average weight loss with a gastric sleeve after three months?

Another milestone is three months after surgery. Your body will be healed from the surgery, and you can do your regular activities. Your diet is not just liquid; you can eat foods, but you should watch the amount and type of foods you eat. Most patients experience a 35% reduction in excess weight during this time. Following the nutritionist’s plan for you after surgery and regular exercise, your body will respond very well.

How much weight should I have lost six months after a gastric sleeve?

Your body continues to respond to the surgery until a year and beyond. But keep in mind that your weight loss will slow after six months, and the average weight loss with the gastric sleeve in this period is a little. You are not able to see the changes experienced in the first month, but it would be a change. About 50 to 55 percent of your excess weight would be a trade-off at this time. Needless to say, your diet and exercise play an essential role in weight loss. So be careful about that. The gastric sleeve not only changes your body but also changes the way you exercise and your approaches toward life. And you can be more active because you lost a lot of weight, which was the killer of your activities.

The average weight loss with gastric sleeve after a year

This is very important after the surgery because you have lost 65% of your excess weight until this moment, and it can change your life since you can do whatever you want and eat whatever you desire. So, you will be pleased with your weight and your body. On top of that, the improvement in your complications related to your weight can’t be denied. Most patients complain about weight-related diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes, and they can’t experience the most improvement in these diseases.

The amount of weight loss 18 months and beyond after gastric sleeve

Most patients have lost 80% of excess weight before 18 months. This is significant, and they would be very proud of themselves. But keep in mind that it’s not enough. After 18 months, the pace of losing weight would be really slow, and the average weight loss with gastric sleeve is not remarkable at this time. You can eat any food you desire at this level, but it’s better to watch your diet and be careful about what you eat. You have gone through a lot to stand in this position here and can be fit enough by following the diet nutritionist’s orders. It is worth mentioning that do not compare average weight loss with gastric sleeves or your experience with other patients. The weight loss process depends on many factors, like genetics, gender, where you live, and your body. So the weight loss you experience might differ from other individuals. Comparing yourself with others disappoints you.

What surgeon should tell you about the average weight loss with the gastric sleeve?

It is the critical part of your surgery. Before gastric sleeve in Iran, you have time to talk to your doctor about the weight loss you want to experience. You should talk about your desires for this surgery. Surgeons can calculate the weight you will likely lose in this session. Many factors like gender, age, health status, diet, exercise, and body mass index or BMI play a vital role in the amount of weight you lose. A surgeon can tell you the circumstances and all the possibilities.

The diet after gastric sleeve

As we mentioned before, nobody can deny the importance of diet for your health and the average weight loss with gastric sleeves. So keep in mind that you should have a balanced diet.The diet nutritionist mainly ordered for you for average weight loss with gastric sleeve includes 4 phases. The first phase is full liquid and should be followed for about four weeks. Phase 2 is full of pureed food. Phase three consists of a soft food diet; eventually, phase 4 is a stabilization diet.

How much weight loss is enough?

One of the questions that patients constantly ask is how much weight loss is enough after gastric sleeve surgery. For answer should say that it highly depends on you and your ideal weight. In this part, we should discuss excess and ideal body weight. BMI is a criterion for a healthy weight range. If your BMI is more than 25, it means that you are overweight or obese. The normal BMI is between 18 to 25. Your weight loss should continue until your BMI reaches a healthy weight range. There is another factor which is known as ideal weight. There are some ways to calculate your ideal weight. You can continue your weight loss until you are at your ideal weight. After that, your nutritionist helps you have a perfect diet to sustain your weight. As a result, the amount of weight loss differs from one person to another.

Maintaining your weight goals

Months and years after average weight loss with gastric sleeve, you will achieve your target weight. Still, at this moment, you are responsible for maintaining your ideal weight. Unfortunately, you can’t get off your diet and exercise. You should be active for the rest of your life and follow diet guidelines. It is highly recommended that you avoid falling back into your old habits. On top of that, taking your supplements should be taken into account for the rest of your life. Taking supplements helps you to get the minerals and vitamins your body needs, and you can’t get them from the food you eat. In addition, think about your serving size and portion size. Do not increase the serving size of your food, and eat mindfully. By this; I mean to chew your food very well and spend a lot of time eating. Don’t be rash. Besides, you should take up sports. Doing exercise not only helps you to increase your heart rate and burn more calories but also improves your quality of life.

What does Tebmedtourism do for you after gastric sleeve?

TebmedTourism is one of the leading agencies in gastric sleeves and is well known in Iran for health medicine surgeries. People are interested in doing gastric sleeves in Iran for many reasons. Doing surgery at the best quality, as well as affordable price, makes this agency more popular for patients. Not only before surgery but also after that, Tebmedtourism follows patients and helps them to have the best recovery time and average weight loss with gastric sleeve. As you know, the process of weight loss is crucial after gastric sleeve, and in this way, you are not alone. Our surgeons and nutritionist will help you to have the best moments and lose weight based on the plan. There is a diet based on your interests, and by following this, you can lose as much as possible. If you are interested in doing gastric sleeves in Iran, don’t hesitate to ask us your questions. We would be proud to answer your questions.


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