Bahman Hospital

International Hospital In Tehran

We are a 200-bed medical center specialized in diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases. Since the 1st of March 1999, we have operated under a single set of values permeating from our mission“ Doing Good for health”.The Hospital’s mission caters to providing quality medical care regardless of race, sex, and beliefs with the help of highly specialized medical and nursing teams.Being in the top 2 medical centers nationwide as per the Lebanese accreditation, we also provide a safe and healthy environment for our staff and a real opportunity to train on the job so as to reach their highest potential.We believe in social responsibility as we contribute to our community at large throughout the day making it a better place to live and work in.We work on daily basis to create value for our stakeholders.

Rajaie Heart Hospital

International Hospital In North Of Tehran

Rajaie Cardiovascular, Medical and Research Center is one of the largest specialist and subspecialist centers in the Middle East. The Center was inaugurated in 1973 in an area of 11 hectares and the initial capacity of 40 beds. Forty years on, the Center now ranks among the most prestigious cardiovascular centers in the region.
The Center currently features a total of 601 beds, comprised of 93 CCU beds, 59 Cardiac Surgery ICU beds, 58 Post-CCU beds, 42 Post-ICU beds, 12 Medical ICU beds, 113 Adult Cardiac Ward beds, 90 Pediatric Ward beds, 87 Cardiovascular Surgery Ward beds, 11 Diplomat Ward beds, 32 VIP Ward beds, and 22 Emergency Ward CCU beds.

The Center also boasts a 13-bed Emergency Ward, 13 Operating Rooms, a 5-room Adult Interventional Catheterization Laboratory, a 2-room Adult Interventional Catheterization Laboratory, and a 4-room Electrophysiology Study Ward. On average and on a daily basis, there are 70 hospitalizations, 20 surgical operations, 80 Catheterization Laboratory procedures, and 40 Electrophysiology procedures in the Center.

Payambaran Hospital

International Hospital In East of Tehran

Payambaran specialized hospital was constructed in an area of 27000 square meters and a built-up area of 60000 square meters in the year 1368 and it was exploited in 1381.
We have Internal medicine, Cardiovascular, Neurology, Urology, General Surgery, Gastroenterology & Scope, Maternal, and Child Health, ENT, Ophthalmology department and dialysis and Emergency Ward, also Specialty and Subspecialty Clinics, Laboratory & Pathology, Radiology & Imaging Center and special care unit: CCU, ICU, NICU, ICU-OH
The Hospital is also recognized for excellent results in the maternity ward and neonatal and child care. Hospital have emergency labor and delivery room, operational 24/7.

Ibnesina Hospital of Tehran

International Hospital In West of Tehran, Infertility Hospital

Ebn-e-Sina medical group company had been established based on its founder successful medical experience in 1993. The founders established the first clinic in Sadeqieh zone from 1973, and due to covering local medical demands & touching their wish “secure and effective treatment with suitable cost and desired quality” among zone 5, capital city Tehran , they decided to construct a specialty hospital, and thus the idea of Ebn-e-Sina hospital came true in 2008.
Educational Therapeutic Center of Ebn-e-Sina with reliable medical services & lab results beside well known professors, along with medical expert team, skillful nurses and the most significant section, sympathetic personnel, proudly has become as the first trustworthy options for health applicants to refer to especially in sickness crisis.

Razi Eye Clinic of Tehran

Ophthalmology Clinic in Tehran

This hospital since 1994 with the aim of serving the patients with the best quality and most reliable service. With its experienced ophthalmologist professors, this collection has been able to offer favorable treatment to Iranian and non-Iranian associates and has always maintained its superiority in the country and the region in all its scientific, practical and technological fields.
Razi Ophthalmology Center is proud to take effective steps to improve the provision of ophthalmology services and patients’ comfort and confidence. By trying to improve vision and, consequently, improve the lives of patients, it is instructive to follow the path. Increase people’s expectations of the ophthalmic community. It is hoped that with the help of God in this path, we will always have a positive and fruitful movement.

Mehr Hospital

Mehr Hospital was established in 1946 in Tehran with the efforts of the late Dr. Mohammad Ali Sadr and some of his friends, all of whom were well-known physicians. Mehr Hospital is one of the oldest, largest, most equipped, and well-known private hospitals in Iran and the Middle East.

As a first-class hospital in terms of ranking and accreditation, Mehr Hospital, with about 300 beds in various specialized and subspecialized wards and equipped paraclinical groups, serves the honorable people of Iran.

Arash women’s hospital

Roointan Arash women’s hospital is a five-floors building. The building area is a 13000 square meters with 126 beds and 4 admission wards, a labor delivery room(LDR) with 10 beds. Arash Hospital is designed to improve the quality of services by establishing hospital standards and maintaining and improving patient safety and patient satisfaction in the field of gynecological diseases. This Hospital is gynecological center in East of Tehran and Suburbs And one of the unique features is the homogenization of all staff with patients and all services are offered to clients from admission to discharge. Patient privacy and safety are among the priorities of Arash Hospital and are among the top hospitals in this regard. Laparoscopic and general surgery is performed extensively by the best professors of Tehran University. And this hospital has a huge success rate of 35% in infertility(same as Global Rate) .

The center has 126 active beds and 65 active beds, including 65 beds for gynecological diseases and 28 beds for the obstetric block, 7 beds for postNICU and 6 beds for the NICU1 ward and 13 beds for the NICU2. In the emergency department, about 10 beds are fully operational and 9 operating rooms in the hospital are ready to serve patients with the best quality, and patient satisfaction is monitored seasonally as an important indicator. Overall, the hospital with a bed occupancy rate of 88.9% is ready to serve dear women at all levels of care.

Notice: All International Patients Admit Out Of Turn Every Days.

Erfan Niayesh Hospital

The Erfan Niayesh Hospital, as one of the best private hospitals in the country, provides a wide range of treatment services with highest quality standards. Our goal is to provide treatment and nursing care services conforming to international standards, and toward this goal, we have employed specialist and experienced doctors and surgeons in various fields.
Erfan Niayesh Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in Iran, covering various specialty fields and able to admit all outpatients, inpatients and emergency patients.
We believe that the patients’ satisfaction and comfort is the first priority, as it has dramatic effects on patient’s recovery. Therefore, this hospital has made every effort to satisfy all the needs of patients in a peaceful, beautiful and effective environment.

Roya Qom infertility treatment center

Department of Infertility, Qom Medical Jihad, with ten years of experience in specialized and specialized fields such as IUI, ICSI, gender, laparoscopy and diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy by highly qualified and experienced physicians serving domestic and foreign clients. The center is equipped with excellence techniques, including Imsi and osity imaging, and is proud to use the aforementioned methods as the first infertility treatment center in Iran, along with leading infertility treatment countries such as the UK. The Qom Obstetrics Infertility Center has failed to make any efforts to satisfy the satisfaction of its clients, and all the staff of the center are working on a consistent plan to achieve this.

Shafa Khorramabad Hospital

In Shafa Hospital, We Render The Most Modern Service To The Patients.Providing A Safe And Calm Environment, We Deliver The Newest Treatment And Perform The Most Intricate Operations Since We Enjoy Having The Cooperation Of Medical Specialists And Subspecialists As Well As Up-Dated Equipment. Shafa Hospital Is One Of The Best Hospitals In I.R. Iran.
Patients International Department In Shafa Private Hospital Provides Comprehensive Service In Medical Tourism Including:
Special Departments Of ICU, CCU, Eye Surgery, Neurology, Orthopedy, Midwifery, General Surgery, Internal Surgery, Infectious Disease, Pediatrics, And 24/7 Emergency, And Para-Clinical And Diagnostic Departments.In CCU Open-Heart Operations, Employing Modern Equipment And Subspecialists, Perform The Most Complex Heart Surgeries With The Highest Success Percentage.

In Our Infertility Unit, We Have Enjoyed The Highest Success Percentage In Child Birth For Infertile Couples. In Shafa Hospital, All Medical Processes Are Closely Supervised By A Specialist In Drug Therapy. Shafa Hospital Is A Modern Hospital With Conscientious And Specialist Personnel. Herby; We Invite You To Experience Treatment, Health, And Tourism By Travelling To The Historical And Scenic City Of Khorramabad.

Razavi Hospital Mashhad

The Razavi Hospital is situated in the Iranian city of Mashhad. Established in 2005 the facility covers 56,000 square metres and caters for patients with a wide range of medical conditions.
The Razavi Hospital is a Multi-specialty/Super-specialty Hospital with Cardiac Units, Cosmetic surgery wards, Radiology Departmentsand, Fertility clinics, Nuclear Medicine and Operation Theatres.The hospital has more than 300 beds after final development at 2013, after this development the hospital was accredited by Accreditation Canada International (ACI) for Quality Health Services to local and international patients and acquired multiple certificates.

Valiasr International Hospital in Tabriz

Private hospital in Tabriz with a capacity of 300 beds is known as the largest private hospital in Iran. The shareholders of this collection are 130 specialists and medical specialists.
The hospital is built according to the latest international standards and is ready to provide services to neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Iraq, nakhchivan and other Asian country. The Tabriz valiasr international hospital has specialized surgical departments, admissions, emergency rooms. Operating rooms, radiology and IVF room labs and gynecological surgery rooms…
And the operating rooms of this hospital were designed according to the latest European standards and used in the construction and equipping of the latest technology in the world.
Since 2008, the construction work of the hospital has begun and in 2012 the cancer sector came into operation.
The hospital was renamed “valiasr hospital of Tabriz” in date 2016 and today with this name it is active.

Milad Farda international hospital Orumiyeh

Urmia city has now become the center of treatment in the northwest of the country and neighboring countries due to the presence of specialist doctors and specialist in various fields, and because of the strong ability to provide relief and medical devices to the world along with the availability of standardized and standardized hospitals.
The Milad Orumiyeh International Hospital with an infrastructure of 57160 square meters, with a capacity of 300 beds, the largest private hospital in the country, which will be operational by the end of the year.
About 200 specialist and specialist doctors in the province, some of whom are from abroad, are shareholders who own the Miladarumieh International Hospital.

The hospital is being built in accordance with the latest international standards, and in the IPD Therapeutic Tourism Forum, it is prepared to provide medical services to patients in neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Nakhchivan, Iraq and Turkey.
The hospital is equipped with the most advanced medical equipment and uses the latest advances in global hospital information management systems, and includes 300 hospital beds.
Miladarumieh Hospital is one of the first smart hospitals in Iran.
The BMS system uses intelligent lighting and air control systems in the hospital.
This HIS-equipped hospital means the integrated implementation of the production of information necessary to manage all health activities, such as planning, monitoring, co-ordination and decision-making. It also provides hospital support for hospital, practical, tactical, and strategic activities.
The hospital system is operated as Paper less Hospital without the use of paper and paper. Patients can meet through the Internet and take the necessary action for admission and admittance and admission without administrative bureaucracy and recourse to accounting at the shortest possible time.
The hospital is equipped with an advanced telecommunication system based on the IP network. Another possibility for the hospital is the VO P, which allows physicians to call home at anytime and anywhere in the country.

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