Brain tumor

Brain tumor surgeries in Iran

Brain tumor surgeries, types, and facts

Brain tumor surgery is a term that includes all the procedures that are done to repair structural problems inside the skull cavity. Brain tumors are classified in grade 1, 2, 3 and 4. Brain tumor surgery is inevitable particularly in cases that lead to symptoms. There are different types of brain tumor surgeries.

Brain tumor

Causes of the tumors

No one knows the causes of brain tumors. Specialists believe that some genetic disorders may make some people predisposed to the tumors and some environmental factors increase the risk.

Unfortunately, the incidence of these tumors is increasing approximately 2 percent every year. The risk of a brain tumor increases as people age. Also, people who have been exposed to ionizing radiation have an increased risk of brain tumors.

Blood clots, skull fractures and tumors are some of the reasons that make brain surgery a definite treatment.

Recent advances in science make minimal invasive brain surgeries possible.

Brain tumor

Types of brain tumor surgeries

The brain tumor surgery procedure is not the same. Different types of surgery are briefly discussed below:

1- Biopsy

A biopsy is a procedure that takes out a small amount of brain damaged tissue. This tissue is studied for gross and microscopic abnormalities such as tumors.

A biopsy helps identify the type of tumor and the planning of managing it. It is carried out very commonly.

Brain tumor

2- Craniotomy

This brain tumor surgery (craniotomy) is also called open brain surgery during which a special type of drilling machine is used and the surgeon makes a cut in the cranial cavity or the scalp bone.

This method is used in procedures that aim to treat aneurysms or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) draining.

It secures back the flap that is displaced at the diseased site through screws and plates.

Brain tumor

3- Neuroendoscopy

This surgery is also a minimally invasive procedure. It creates a small hole through the skull and passes an endoscope through it to do the intended task.

This type of brain tumor surgery is specifically done for tumors where a small hole is drilled. When the surgeon removes the tumor by endoscope it does not expose the brain tissue. It limits the risk of infection and trauma.

Brain tumor

4- Deep brain stimulation

In this type of brain tumor surgery, the surgeon places electrodes inside brain to stimulate the brain and the nerves by electrical signals across electrodes.

The surgeons use this method to treat tumors, neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson or epilepsy diseases.

5- Endonasal endoscopic surgery

In this method, a thin tube is passed through the nasal cavity to the front of the brain.

This type of brain tumor surgery is especially carried out for treating tumors in the frontal areas of the brain. The tumor cannot be easily reached by the endoscope.

This method is also a type of minimally invasive surgery.

Brain tumor

6- Awake Brain surgery

This surgery is done when the patient is under local anesthesia and is awake. This procedure allows the surgeon to note the patient’s responses while he/she skillfully stimulates certain areas of the brain. The surgeon makes sure that he removes only unhealthy tissues.

This delicate surgery is done especially when those areas of the brain are involved in the pathology. Conditions such as tumors or epilepsies are treated by this type of brain tumor surgery.

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