cheapest gastric sleeve surgery in the world 2023

cheapest country for gastric sleeve | The cheapest gastric sleeve surgery in the world 2023

Gastric sleeve is a kind of surgery that is performed for people who are suffering from obesity and overweight. So many people around the world are suffering from obesity and weight-related diseases like diabetes and heart attack. One of the most effective ways to get rid of obesity is weight loss surgery. There are many types of weight loss surgeries, and an increasing number of people are interested in doing gastric sleeve surgery, which is advantageous for many people. Due to the fact that insurance companies don’t cover these surgery expenses, people are seeking the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery. In this article, we are bound to help patients passionate about doing this surgery but worried about the cost. Introducing the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery is our goal here. Although some patients are still concerned about whether they should look abroad for their weight loss treatment, afraid of unhygienic, unsafe hospitals and untrained, unqualified surgeons, there is absolutely nothing to worry about these days.



Where Can I Find the Best and Cheapest Weight Loss Surgery?

Due to the increasing obesity rate worldwide and people’s interest in being fit and beautiful, a mounting number of people are about to do weight loss surgery. But the most frequently asked question is, Where Can I Find the Best and the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery? Not only the cost but also the quality of this surgery matters for patients. Finding the best place would take a lot of time and effort. This article would be a big help for those who needed help finding the cheapest country for gastric surgery. We are eager to introduce Iran and discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of doing this surgery in Iran.


Why should I do gastric surgery in Iran?

In answering this question, our responsibility is to talk about all the quality you can experience in Iran. Iran is the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery with the best quality. Every year, many patients from around the world come to Iran for cosmetic surgery and gastric surgery is not an exception. Fortunately, most patients are happy with the results. Here are some of the advantages.



The affordable cost

The most important factor when it comes to cosmetic surgeries is cost. That’s why so many patients are seeking the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery in the world. The price really does matter since it can be very high in some developed countries. In this regard, let’s take the UK as a European country as an example. The price of gastric sleeve surgery in British facilities ranges from £9,500 to £15,000, which is very high for many people, even UK citizens. The average price for a procedure in the USA is about $15,000, which can go up and down depending on the state and surgery complexity. So, finding the most affordable price for this surgery is worthwhile. Several countries claim that they can do this surgery at the lowest price, but remember that many agencies are lying and deceiving people or their services are unsatisfactory. So, in your research, you should be aware of these things.

When it comes to Iran, the reason behind being the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery is the reduction in the local currency value. In recent years this matter has been one of the primary reasons for the lower price of health services and surgeries. Another reason is the general pricing policy determined by the local citizen’s income and the minimum wage. In Iran, a gastric sleeve procedure cost is around three to four times cheaper than in any Western European country like Spain, Germany, or the UK. You could reduce your costs by as much as 80% by having your operation here in Iran. Another reason why Iran is so popular with patients seeking overseas surgery is the affordability of medications here. Generic medicines are made here, just as effective as the named brands found internationally but considerably cheaper.

A lot of people are amazed to discover how affordable this type of surgery is in Iran. Because the Middle East is one of the most expensive regions for traveling.



The high quality

The quality of the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery is important. Many factors can define the quality of the surgery. For instance, one of the factors is the result. It’s essential that patients be satisfied with the result and can have weight loss as they wish. Thanks to the best surgeons in Iran and according to statistics, patients are delighted with the result after surgery in Iran. It’s considered a win in this matter. After surgery, patients would be followed by surgeons and staff in case complications occur. We can help them and solve the problem.



No waiting lists

One of the factors that most patients complain about is the waiting list for visiting doctors or doing surgery in some countries, which is under their skin. The good news is that if you are eager to do gastric surgery in Iran, the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery, there is nothing to worry about. One of the advantages of hospitals and clinics in Iran is that there is no waiting list at all. Of course, there would be some time for being ready for surgery, but no one is ahead of you. Based on the best regulations and vacancies, there is always empty room for patients.



The best surgeons

Another factor patient should take into account is the experience of the surgeons. Iran is not only the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery but also the country of several knowledgeable, experienced, and up-to-date weight loss surgery. One of the incredible qualities of surgeons in Iran is that they are interested in learning new and effective ways of surgery, and they can’t get enough of education. Many workshops hold in Iran to empower surgeons to do a better job and satisfy patients. That’s why patients in Iran experience less pain, risks, and complications, which is high in some surgeries. Our surgeons in Tebmedtourism are highly experienced in performing this type of procedure. These surgeons are experienced enough to boost their surgery success rate to more than 90% and increase the chances of an excellent result with minimal complications.



The safety of hospitals and clinics

Patients are looking for the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery, which can ensure the safety of the process. It’s one of the critical factors that patients should take into account. There are number of hospitals in some countries with the lowest price, but people need to be sure about the safety of these places. For example, India is known as one of the cheapest places for surgery. Still, people are not interested in going there for the surgery because they are not sure about the safety of the process. Fortunately, Iran is one of the safest places in the world for a healthcare system. There is much evidence that proves it. So, we can ease your mind before surgery about these issues. Iran clinics are hygienic and safe and staffed are highly skilled and qualified medical professionals.



The state-of-the-art technology

Technology plays an essential role in the result of all surgeries. It is evident that surgeons alone cannot do the best surgery without the perfect use of technology. Besides being the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery, Iran has the most advanced technology in the healthcare system. This is why patients can be satisfied with fewer surgery risks.



Easy for traveling

Another advantage of having surgery in the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery is that traveling to Iran is as easy as a piece of cake. Iran is not far from Europe. So many European are able to travel to Iran in about 5 hours. On top of that, Iran has easy access for people from the Middle East. Many countries in the Middle East are interested in doing weight loss surgery in Iran because traveling is easy and doesn’t need much money. In addition, many agencies in Iran have packages that include flight tickets and visas that make it easy for patients. They don’t need to worry about travel.




Another benefit of surgery in the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery is that the accommodation cost is as low as possible. One of the reasons patients are not passionate to go other countries for surgery is that it may take time. During this period, they should stay somewhere. Sometimes there is a need to be about two weeks which adds to the cost. Accommodation in some countries is so high, and most people can’t effort, but this problem is solved in Iran. The accommodation cost is low, and everybody can stay for a couple of weeks. Many five stars hotels and hostels are available for patients from abroad.



So many packages exist.

Iranian weight loss agencies have numerous packages for patients from around the world looking for the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery. Usually, the packages on offer include the surgery, the necessary materials, and the accommodation. If you are seeking the best and most effective surgery without much effort, Iran is the best place.



Surgical staff

Some people might not consider the importance of staff of the hospital. Still, they play a vital role in surgery and during recovery. So, it is better to find the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery with highly skilled and well-trained medical staff who are able to take care of patients and improve the surgery result. Luckily many hospitals and clinic staff in Iran are experienced enough to be aware of every process, and their presence is a big help in surgery.



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Why does gastric sleeve surgery cost lower in some countries?

There are so many factors that can increase or decrease the cost of surgery in some countries. Here are some reasons that our experts evaluate.

Average price policy in countries: the cost of gastric surgery varies from one country to another. Economy level and local citizens’ income in the chosen state can affect the surgery cost. Keep in mind that these factors depend on economic indicators. So, it is not related to the quality of the surgery, and the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery. On top of that, regardless of the cost of the surgery in different countries, the protocol is the same, and surgeons in all countries are responsible for doing it in the acceptance way.

Lower doctors’ fee: The medical specialist’s salary differs in countries and can depend on various factors, such as the average standard of living in a country. For example, in Asian countries, doctors receive lower fees than in European ones. That’s why Asian countries are among the cheapest land for sleeve surgery.

Special discounts: one of the reasons behind the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery is that these kinds of surgeries are highly competitive businesses among clinics. Every clinic tries its best to do this surgery for more patients and find the most success rate. So many offer discounts that are affordable for patients are avaliable, but it doesn’t mean that the quality decreases in this way.

What Are the Primary Cost Factors for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Some factors have a direct impact on the cost of the surgery. The location of the facility is one of them. By this, I mean both in terms of the country and city. The cos is lower in some countries like the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery. The reputation of the facility and its staff is another factor. These days people are interested in going somewhere which is famous on social media. Still, they don’t know about the quality of that center. The qualifications and experience of the surgeon are the last primary factor. The surgeon’s success rate is also essential and may increase the cost of the surgery.

 What factors may increase gastric sleeve surgery cost?

Apart from what we said earlier, other factors can influence the cost of gastric surgery, especially for international patients who choose to go to other countries for treatment. Airline tickets are among the price when it comes to traveling. Your travel expenses depend on the distance between your country and the target country. Another issue which should be considered in advance is accommodation. You should also be ready to pay extra charges for a hotel room or apartments for recovery, if you are forced to live in a target country. Usually, clinics cooperate with nearby hotels and offer patients discounts for accommodation.

Why Travel Abroad for Weight Loss Surgery?

Many patients may be hesitant about traveling to another country for weight loss surgery, mainly because high-quality care is available throughout their country. Unfortunately, a variety of obstacles prevent patients from receiving the care they require in their countries.

One of the challenges is the lack of treatment options. The Waiting lists for weight loss surgery in some countries are getting more long-drawn. And patients in some countries must wait an average of 18 months to undergo weight-loss surgery. As a result of a variety of problems, a simple detail motivates many patients to look for the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery. Another point is the cost that forces some patients to consider other countries as an alternative.



Where is the cheapest place to get gastric sleeve surgery?

In recent years, we are witnessing the popularity of traveling from the USA, Europe, Canada, and other developed countries to undergo weight loss surgery abroad. So, it comes as no surprise that many companies are introducing themselves to be the host of patients from these countries. Some Asian countries like Iran are among the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery.



How can I get weight loss surgery if I can’t afford it?

Unfortunately, in this situation, the surgery would not be easy. One of the vital factors for this surgery is cost. Many insurance companies don’t cover the price, and it’s the leading cause of the problems. In this case, only the doctor can decide on it because these surgeries are not performed on an optional basis. You must meet specific criteria. Exclusion criteria for weight loss surgery are used to protect patients from risk that may outweigh the potential benefits. These criteria have a treatable condition that can cause ongoing drug or alcohol addiction, obesity, poorly controlled diseases, untreated eating disorders, portal hypertension, current pregnancy, advanced-stage cancer, or the patient’s post-operative cognitive disorders, including compliance with nutrition guidelines that prevent successfully.

 How Tebmedtourism can Help You

As we mentioned before, there are so many agencies that are experts in sleeve surgery. Still, if you are looking for the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery, Iran is the best place. The Tebmed tourism company is one of the most active agencies in this way. We are here to help you find the most effective way to lose weight without complications. Our surgeons can visit you in order to find out the best kind of surgery that suits your body and situation. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions which are on your mind. You can easily access our website on the internet and see our articles about weight loss surgeries. There are some packages for patients, and you are able to choose the one that matches your expense budget. Tebmedtourism stays in touch with you before, during, and after surgery to assist and make your gastrectomy journey comfortable.


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