Cheapest rhinoplasty in the World

Cheapest Rhinoplasty in the World

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are passionate about doing rhinoplasty. We are witnessing clinics full of people who want to do cosmetic surgery, and Rhinoplasty is the most popular one; it is regarded as one of the world’s five most exciting plastic surgeries. Roughly one million Rhinoplasties are performed all around the world every year. Of course, the cost of this surgery matters to some people. This is why in this article, we want to talk about the cheapest rhinoplasty in the World and help people in this regard.

This surgery is done in a vast majority of countries around the world, but in some of them, it is affordable due to its low price. We are willing to introduce the five cheapest rhinoplasty countries.

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Where is the cheapest country to get rhinoplasty?

Where is the cheapest country to get rhinoplasty?

Due to the fact that rhinoplasty is considered cosmetic surgery in majority of time, one problem in this regard is that insurance companies do not cover the cost of it, no matter where or how you want to do it. You cannot use your insurance coverage if you are willing to boost your look. It is the reason why the cost of surgery plays a vital role in making decisions for destinations. Due to many factors, some countries offer the best price for this procedure. You should be aware and search for finding them in order to save money.

You should keep in mind that countries for this procedure are divided by two types; affordable and expensive. The price of this procedure in affordable countries is four times lower than in expensive countries like the United Kingdom and the USA. The most important point is that the lowest price does not mean the lowest quality. The lowest price is because of the domestic currency in such countries and the average income of residents. Another critical issue is that you should pay for accommodation in these countries and on average, you need to stay in the target country for 5 or 6 days. Of course, the cost we will mention in this article is not the exact price and is just an estimation. This cost might differ based on the type of surgical clinics expenses, surgeons’ charges and exchange rate.

We have made a list of the most affordable countries for rhinoplasty for you to make the best decision:

  1. Iran
  2. Turkey
  3. India
  4. Mexico
  5. Poland
  1. Rhinoplasty price in Iran

 rhinoplasty price in iran

Iran is one of the leading countries in cosmetic surgery, and nose job is the popular one with no exception. More than 400 thousand cosmetic surgeries are done in Iran, because rhinoplasty is very affordable. It is good to know that the benefits of Rhinoplasty in Iran are not limited to price. Iran is well known for the best and most qualified surgeons worldwide. Needless to say, Iranian surgeons always keep up their knowledge, and skills with the latest and newest innovations in plastic surgery. Most of them are fluent in English, and this enables patients to communicate with doctors easily. The success rate of rhinoplasty in Iran is considerably high.

By having done many cosmetic surgeries, Iranian surgeons are well experienced and can do any surgery in the best way. Surgeons are doing their job with state-of-the-art technology since they care about the quality of rhinoplasty.

Iran is willing to be a leader in the medical tourism industry in the world. And in this way, many people from around the world have been there for some services. people from European countries, like Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and the United Kingdom go there to boost their appearance with rhinoplasty. Since the cost of cosmetic surgery in their countries is extremely high, they can’t afford the cost. Patients are not limited to Europe but also people from Arab countries find it interesting.

The most special point about Iran is that some hospitals and clinics have been facilitated by the international department for medical tourists. Plastic surgery hospitals in Iran aim to offer the best and most personalized services in cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeons have trained in the best medical schools, and due to performing many surgeries, they are experts in this regard. Moreover, there is a chance to choose the best and most qualified surgeons in the Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. So, it would be easy to trust them for surgery.

Another important thing is confidentiality. People can come to this country for cosmetic surgery and be assured that their information is safe and never worry about leaking personal details. It is the very important reason that many celebrities choose this destination for rhinoplasty.

By saying that, the result will be having the most beautiful, healthy and natural looking nose with the most affordable price.

Also traveling to Iran is really fun, gives people an excellent opportunity to visit tourist destinations, feel nature vibes, and broaden their horizons.

According to the information we have about the cost of rhinoplasty worldwide, Iran is doing cheapest rhinoplasty around $1900, which is relatively low. Comparing with other countries. Rhinoplasty in Iran costs 2-5 times less than in other countries like  $3,000 to $6,000 in South Korea, $6,000 – $10,000 in The United States, and about $9,000 in Spain. Due to the fact that cosmetic surgery in Iran is a highly competitive business, Iranian plastic surgery clinics seeking to offer the best prices for rhinoplasty and offer special discounts on rhinoplasty, as a result, the rhinoplasty cost has reduced during these years while the quality of the process remained at the best level.

Packages of TebMedTourism Co.

Another advantage of rhinoplasty in Iran is that many packages are available for patients. The rhinoplasty packages of TebMedTourism are listed here:

Package C: around $1900

It includes Treatment, Medical consultation, Post Treatment follow-up, Airport Pick up/Drop off

Package B: around $2400

It includes Treatment, Medical consultation, Post Treatment follow-up, Airport Pick up/Drop off, Visa, Hotel 4 *

Package A: around $2600

It includes Treatment, Medical consultation, Post Treatment follow-up, Airport Pick up/Drop off, Visa, Hotel 5 *, Transfer, Translator

VIP Package: around $2800

It includes Treatment, Medical consultation, Post Treatment follow-up, Airport Pick up/Drop off, Visa, Hotel 5 * Top, VIP Transfer, Translator 7/24, Sightseeing Tours

As you can see these packages include all the necessary requirements for rhinoplasty and you can reduce the hassle of waiting for a visa or transport or finding a translator. Choosing one package based on your ability to pay is highly recommended by experts.

TebMedTourism Co. promises to provide the most experienced surgeons, cost-effective and affordable facilities as well as the safety of patients, and satisfactory results.


2. Turkey

rhinoplasty is the most appealing cosmetic surgery in Turkey. When it comes to cost, doing rhinoplasty in turkey will be started from $2000, and it is cost-effective for most people around the world. With the presence of qualified surgeons and low prices, it is one of the best health tourist destinations. Of course, it has a positive effect on this country’s economy. that’s why they have a flourishing economic situation.


In comparison with Iran, the absence of a translator is the problem in turkey. Due to the fact that most Iranian surgeons are perfect in English, there is no problem in this regard. On top of that English and Arabic translators are available in Iran in order to communicate with patients and reduce their stress.


Regarding the cost of rhinoplasty in India, it is no surprise that it has the cheapest rhinoplasty and the lowest cost you have ever imagined. The price might range from 1500 USD to 4000 USD depending on the surgeon, hospital, clinic, city, and many factors. Doing a nose job in this country is cost-effective for international visitors. India is well known worldwide for medical treatment at an affordable price. It is worth mentioning that a significant number of hospitals and clinics exist there. So not only domestic residents but also people from around the world go there for cosmetic surgery, especially rhinoplasty. But keep in mind that some cheaper costs might aim to deceive patients in some countries. Be careful if you want to have rhinoplasty in other countries.

Although the price is as low as possible, the waiting list is a problem in this country. Something interesting about Iran is that, while in other countries like India, people should wait for a long time to get rhinoplasty and the process is time-consuming, in Iran there is no waiting list and as far as the patient is ready for surgery, it can be done. Fortunately, Patients in Iran can save not only money but also time.


Mexico is another destination for the cheapest rhinoplasty in the world. The rhinoplasty cost in this country is 2-3 times lower than in the United States in its neighborhood. The country’s geographical location and proximity to the United States border allow a great deal of applicants to go there for medical treatment each year. 500000 cosmetic surgeries are done in Mexico every year, most of which are from the United States and Canada. rhinoplasty cost in Mexico starts from $2,500 in comparison, of course, Mexico is not regarded as the cheapest country for rhinoplasty compare to other countries, the cost of this surgery in the USA is above 6000$, so it is affordable for many Americans. The critical issue is that most cosmetic surgery clinics in Mexico are located in a city on the US border. The reason behind this matter is that Americans can go there quickly by car or plane. In Mexico, rhinoplasty costs usually include surgery, consultation with the doctor, anesthesiologist fees, medical check-ups, medical supplies, and transfers.

Apart from price, the location of the destination plays an important role when it comes to choosing the cheapest country for rhinoplasty. The problem is that Mexico is far from most countries and people can’t travel to this country. It is not the best destination for European and Asian countries. On the other hand, Iran is located near in middle east and Asian countries. Traveling to this country wouldn’t be costly for most people.


Poland is a European country you can get the cheapest rhinoplasty, as well as that, be assured about the quality. Most patients who choose this country as a rhinoplasty destination are from European countries such as England, Germany, and Switzerland. As long as Polish plastic surgery clinics follow European medical standards, it can’t be any problem regarding the safety of this surgery.

Another advantage of rhinoplasty in Poland is the cost. The cost of rhinoplasty starts at $2,200, much lower than in other neighboring countries. That’s why it is no surprise that people from other European countries go there to enhance their face through rhinoplasty. Apart from that, it is the nearest destination to other European countries, and they can get there quickly at a lower price.


In comparison to Poland, Iran is providing the cheapest facilities, and accommodations are affordable for many people. Due to the low value of the currency in Iran, accommodations such as hotels and hostels are available at the lowest price and best quality. As far as rhinoplasty in Iran is concerned, besides being the cheapest rhinoplasty, there are a lot of facilities for patients ranging from 5-star hotels to modern facilities in the hospitals. Some of them are far better than hospitals in Europe or even the USA. Iran is one of the pioneers in the health sector, especially cosmetic surgery and now has a lot of profits.

Author:Negar Rafiei

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country has the cheapest rhinoplasty?

There are many countries around the world with the cheapest rhinoplasty, but Iran is the country that has the lowest price while the quality is above patients’ expectations. Most people are satisfied with the result.

How much does a cheap rhinoplasty?

The lowest prices for rhinoplasty start at $1500. Note that prices may increase depending on the complexity of the surgery and some associated costs, such as anesthesia, some medical supplies, and accommodation.

Is cheap rhinoplasty worth it?

A wide range of patients asks this question to themselves since it is a considerable risk. Nobody can deny that cost plays a vital role in the rhinoplasty process, but you should remember that it is not just a matter of money. There are many advertisements worldwide with skeptical costs that are not valid. You would better consider many factors and look for a reasonable price with excellent quality. Rhinoplasty is done in some cheap clinics by inexperienced and unqualified surgeons or in non-standard situations; that is why searching before choosing the country and clinic is highly recommended. You should consider many factors too and look for a reasonable cost with great quality.

How do I contact TebmedTourism for rhinoplasty?

You may check TebMedTourism website, contact us via email or WhatsApp and talk to our professional adviser to answer your questions.

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