Egg Donation Process for Donors

For couples who went through fertility treatments and struggled for having a baby for so many years, pregnancy can be a dream. For most of the people, the moment that new parents hold their baby in their arms is a pleasure which cannot be compared to anything else in the world. In many nations, except the internal struggles of infertile couples, there are environmental pressures about having kids that make their life harder than before.

Fortunately, by technology advancements it is now easier to make a path to reach the desire of being a parent. One of these useful technologies is Egg Donation which can help a significant number of infertile couples fulfill their dream of having their own baby.

Quick Information





Duration of procedure

3-4 weeks

Hospital Stay

Zero day

Minimum Stay in Iran

3 to 4 weeks


What is Egg Donation exactly?

Egg donation is a process in which a couple receive a screened healthy egg to use for getting pregnant. This donated egg by the use of Egg Donor IVF method artificially gets inseminated by the sperms of the intended father to make an embryo. The embryo then would be transferred to the recipient or intended mother’s uterus to be developed into a healthy pregnancy.

IVF + Embryo Transfer

21-28 days
  • Treatment
  • Medical consultation
  • Post Treatment follow-up
  • Airport Pick up/Drop off

IVF + PGD (Sex Selection)

21-28 days
  • Treatment
  • Medical consultation
  • Post Treatment follow-up
  • Airport Pick up/Drop off

IVF + Egg donation

21-28 days
  • Treatment
  • Medical consultation
  • Post Treatment follow-up
  • Airport Pick up/Drop off

IVF + Egg Donation + PGD

21-28 days
  • Treatment
  • Medical consultation
  • Post Treatment follow-up
  • Airport Pick up/Drop off

Who is an Egg Donor?


Egg donor is a healthy screened woman who donates her egg to the others who want to have a kid. This action can be altruistic or compensated. Donating your eggs to a couple who are suffering from infertility for a long time is a very comforting and generous act that can be a priceless gift to both parties and bring peace and joy to their lives.


Where to Find an Egg Donor?

 Egg donors had better be under 35 without having any previous infertility problems. You can find egg donors from different sources. One of them is fertility clinics which let you choose from frozen eggs or meet a donor in order to get fresh eggs. Depending on the contract you sign, the donors can remain anonymous. Some clinics may give you the donor’s profile and show you a photo of her. Or you may get the chance to meet them in-person.

Egg donor agencies are another source for finding a donor which are the same as the one before in terms of confidentiality. You can also find donors among your close friends and relatives. The donor can even be your sister or cousin who can share your baby a genetic link to you.

No matter where you find egg donors, they will always be screened for genetic disorders, infectious diseases, their general health, their psychological condition, etc.

Egg Donation Process for Donors


Step 1: Filling an Application form and Screening

The first step in donating eggs is filling up an application form. This form contains a detailed questionnaire about your medical background, your family, your features and interests, etc. along with a photo of you. After submitting the application form, it will be checked by the fertility clinic or agency and after the approval of qualification, they will arrange screening appointments for you including physical examination, psychological evaluation and blood test in order to examine the reproductive hormone levels.


Step 2: Matching

After you have been considered as a qualified egg donor, it is time to give your information and pictures to the intended parents who are looking for a donor. Once you have been selected as a donor, you will be trained to prepare for your medications and injections.


Step 3: Cycle Synchronization

At this stage, you and your egg recipient have to synchronize your menstrual cycles using birth control pills. This stage is necessary for the recipient to receive the donor’s fertilized eggs at the appropriate time. While the recipient is taking some medication to prepare her uterus for the pregnancy, you have to prepare your body for producing multiple viable eggs for donation. After 2-3 weeks of taking birth control pills, your doctor will inject Lupron to pause your normal ovaries functioning to control your cycle and prevent them from ovulating before the appointed time. After that egg production is stimulated by injecting FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone). Your hormone level will be monitored for two weeks to assess your progress. Vaginal ultrasound is also needed to get an obvious image of the size and number of egg follicles which are developing on the donor’s ovaries.

It is good to know that there is no need of synchronization if somebody wants to use frozen eggs. Whenever the recipient is ready, the eggs are also ready to be fertilized by the father’s sperms.


Step 4: Egg Retrieval

After the period of two-week monitoring, it is time to retrieve your eggs through the vagina. In this process, you will be sedated using pain killers or general anesthetic so it is completely painless. You may need to be hospitalized for half a day and be driven home by someone else. Most donors can have their normal activities the very next day.  After the process, you will be compensated for your efforts, your time or travel if it was needed.


Recent studies have shown that egg donation may have no negative impact on your ability to have future pregnancies. However, for the more safety of the egg donors, they cannot donate more than 6 times.

Egg donation can be a wonderful and simple option for infertile couples who cannot conceive with their own eggs and want to have a genetic link to their baby even from one parent to build their own family.

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