egg donor requirements in 2023

Egg donor requirements in 2023 | What are the qualifications to donate eggs?

Egg donor requirements are an important aspect of any IVF process with donor eggs. It is essential to research and understand the criteria that your chosen egg donor agency has in place in order to ensure a successful outcome.

Whether you are considering egg donation for yourself or you are a potential egg donor and at the best age for egg donor, it is important to understand the criteria that must be met in order to qualify as an egg donor.

In this blog post on TebMedTourism, we provide a comprehensive overview of egg donor requirements and provide helpful tips on how to find the best egg donor bank and the best IVF clinic. we explore everything you need to know about egg donor requirements to help make your IVF journey as stress-free and successful as possible.

Also, we will comprehensively look at the physical, psychological, and medical screening processes required for egg donors. We will also discuss the three essential attributes that set our agency’s egg donors apart from all other options in 2023. Get ready to dive into the world of egg donor requirements!

Egg Donor Requirements in 2023

Egg donor requirements are essential to consider when undergoing IVF with donor eggs. The criteria you must meet vary from agency to agency, and it’s important to find the best agency with the best egg donor database. Anyway, following egg donor requirements is the priority of a professional agency like TebMedTourism:

  • Age between 21 and 31
  • Well-educated
  • Physically healthy
  • Healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) (below 28)
  • Non-Smoker
  • No history of substance abuse
  • No carrier of hepatitis A, B and C, HIV or diabetes
  • No sexually transmitted diseases
  • Have regular, monthly menstrual periods
  • Not using birth control methods (hormonal and implanting like Depo-Provera injections, Mirena IUD, etc.)
  • Have both ovaries
  • Psychologically healthy
  • No current use of psychoactive drugs like antidepressant medications
  • Dependable, mature, and able to keep appointments and follow a doctor’s instructions
  • No history of alcoholism
  • No chronic or gynecological diseases
  • No surgery on her breasts and ovaries
  • Being able and committed to responding on time and attending appointments
  • Able to administer injections herself or have someone who can do this for her
  • Have not completed more than three egg donations
  • Not a carrier of the gene or genetic mutation for specific diseases or syndromes
  • No family history of genetic diseases
  • No family history of mental illness

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Egg donor requirements in Iran, comprehensive process


  1. Screenings and evaluations

An egg donor must be completely knowledgeable about the egg donation process and comprehend all instructions given to her by the fertility specialist during her session. A glance at the egg donation procedure will show how our agency acts precisely in choosing egg donors:


  • Genetic and medical screenings

Genetic screening is the most crucial step in choosing an egg donor to become a member of our egg donor bank, and we are renowned for keeping a database of the most qualified egg donors.

Our egg donor screening assesses prospective egg donors’ social, psychological, genetic, and physical health. The egg donor will undergo a medical screening where she will be examined for infectious diseases, drug use, and general health after being chosen by the intended parents. To confirm that the donor’s ovaries are capable of producing eggs, medical screening often starts with a fertility assessment. An examination of the body, an examination of the pelvis, an ultrasound, and blood tests to measure hormone levels are typically included in this.

An egg donor will undergo a genetic screening after passing the psychological examination. Genetic testing checks for any illnesses or medical issues the egg donor might pass on. The genetic screening process involves asking about the donor’s health history and running simple genetic testing and karyotyping tests (to identify chromosome abnormalities).

We need to collect as much information as possible about the donor’s health and family members to establish a medical history. We want intended parents to feel secure knowing that our donor database is full of the most qualified egg donors in the nation, so their young and healthy will create outstanding results via the IVF egg donation process.


  • Social habits Screening

The social screening phase is one of the important stages of the screening process of every egg donor bank. Our egg donors are important to us, and we want to get to know them before we put them on our donor list.

In order to learn more about potential egg donors, we conduct a phone interview as part of the social screening process. We talk about issues, including future family plans, interests, and personal objectives. Donors should take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the medical aspects of egg donation and ask our staff any questions.


  • Psychological Screening

Psychological screening is the next step in the egg donor screening procedure. Some special psychological tests enable us to assess a donor’s emotional health in order to rule out any emotional health conditions or psychiatric illnesses that might make egg donation a bad idea. For an egg donation process to be developed in the best possible way, the mental and emotional health of the egg donor is essential.

Any psychiatric history in the family will be revealed via a psychological interview, as will any family members who may have displayed symptoms of untreated mental illness. The psychologist will enquire about the egg donor’s academic background to look for any indications of learning difficulties.


  1. Legal contract

Egg donation is a sensitive matter and couples seeking to donate eggs may want to keep the process confidential. So, it is essential to be careful about the confidentiality of the sample contract for egg donation process. A couple seeking a donated egg wishes to keep this matter private between themselves and a specialized infertility center and egg donor bank, like TebMedTourism Co.

The parties can create a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with one another to avoid any adverse incidents and to guarantee that this matter is not revealed.

Without an NDA, the donor has no way of protecting herself from legal action should any issues arise. For instance, if a couple decides to take legal action against the donor or if a child created through the donation attempts to track down his or her biological parents, the donor is left without any legal protection.

An NDA should be carefully written and clearly outline all of the terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties so that all involved can feel safe and secure.


  1. Ovarian stimulation step

Commitment to contract and responsibility is one of the most critical egg donor requirements, which the psychologist measures.

You must self-administer injectable medications to stimulate your ovaries until approximately 36 hours before the egg retrieval procedure. During this period, you will have to visit our facility several times, so that we can track your progress.


  1. Egg retrieval step

The final step in the Egg donation process for donating eggs is egg retrieval. You will be under twilight sedation (a patient is sedated but remains conscious) as the doctor uses a small needle to retrieve the eggs from your ovaries. After that, you may feel tiredness or temporary cramps, which is normal. Most egg donors can return to their regular schedule tomorrow.

Regarding our policy of using fresh eggs, because of more success rate of frozen eggs, one of the most important egg donor requirements is the timely presence of the egg donor to attend the clinic on any day that the agency determines for an egg donor. This day is the day of sperm gathering, the egg donor, who has already received her medication for ovarian stimulation and had received a trigger shot, is requested to attend the clinic.

Miracles do happen by Iranian Angels: 3 attributes make you an elite egg donor


Below are our three main characteristics that will make you an elite egg donor.

  1. You want to make a difference.

Being able to benefit others significantly gives egg donors a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment. You have this biological resource and the chance to pass that along to someone else so that you can make a difference in the world.


  1. You are in a good level of flexibility and responsibility.

It takes a lot of weekends and evenings to be an egg donor. You might be chosen anytime if you’re prepared to join the egg donor’s database. Selection could occur right away for certain donors. Others could have to wait for several weeks or even months. However, if you are chosen, you must have a flexible schedule that fits the intended parent’s schedule.

Responsibility is the other most important attribute among egg donor requirements. Making and keeping some doctor’s appointments is necessary for egg donation. Your consistency and dependability in keeping these visits are crucial for your health and the health of the eggs you will donate. Additionally, it’s crucial to take your medications every day at the same time.


  1. You have outstanding communication skills.

The ability to communicate yourself clearly in your written profile will make you more appealing to intended parents, to start with. When you’ve been matched, your doctors will depend on your communication about how you’re feeling to help them keep track of your health and how you’re doing with the cycle. We will also rely on your communication with us to sum up. You will benefit in every aspect of your trip if you can communicate quickly.

Frequently Asked Egg Donor Requirements Questions


If you’re considering being an egg donor, you may have a lot of questions about what is required to enter the egg donation process as an egg donor. At TebMedTourism, we have created an FAQ about egg donor requirements to help answer some of your questions.

This FAQ covers what can disqualify you from being an egg donor, like potential lifestyle habits that can disqualify you from the process. Smoking, obesity, history of genetic issues, using contraception similar to Minera IUD or other birth control injections and drug use are all factors that can lead to your disqualification as an egg donor.

Also, we speak about the advantages of using our egg donors’ database, how many times you can donate your eggs, and other important information. Read on to learn more about egg donor requirements, etc.!

How many times can I donate my eggs?


Not much time has passed since the use of donor eggs. In 1983, specialists used the donor egg method for the first time. This means that about four decades have passed since the first treatment of infertility with donated eggs. Consequently, the long-term effects of this treatment have yet to be clearly demonstrated.

Although researchers have had decades to detect any long-term health risks associated with the hormonal treatment and surgical procedure of egg retrieval that could impact on fertility, and chronic diseases.

But there is no clear, discrete evidence of such a disadvantage. Typically, in different countries, they recommend a limit of six times for donations.

In any case, TebMedTourism don’t allow more than three times donating and talk to the donors about all the dangers that may threaten their family and marital life in the future.

What disqualifies you from donating eggs?

Potential candidates can be disqualified from being egg donors due to the following reasons that are listed in three main branches:

  • Lifestyle habits that disqualify you from being an egg donor
  • Health concerns that disqualify you from being an egg donor
  • The inability to commit to scheduling appointments

If you’re considering being an egg donor, it’s important to be aware that certain lifestyle habits can disqualify you from being a successful egg donor. Smoking, obesity, and drug use are among the most common lifestyle habits that can prevent you from becoming a qualified egg donor.

Understanding the potential health concerns in psychological, physical and medical fields that can disqualify you from the process is essential.

For example, having chronic or gynecological diseases, surgery on her breasts and ovaries, hepatitis A or diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, etc., will disqualify women from being egg donors.

Ultimately, the inability to commit to scheduling appointments will disqualify you from being an egg donor. It is essential to be able and committed to responding on time and attending appointments set by your fertility doctor’s egg donor bank.

These reasons can lead to you being ineligible for egg donation so that you can be aware of the potential consequences before making any decisions.

What are the advantages of using the TebMedTourism egg donors’ database?


You might be thinking, “Why should I pick an agency to choose my egg donor when I can find one on my own?” But there are various advantages to going through the IVF+ egg donation process via a well-skilled and famous agency like TebMedTourism.

We have a large database of egg donors, and one of them may be suitable for you and satisfy your needs. You could rely on us as a pioneer in the field of fertility treatments.

The success rate of our company is more than 57%, which is higher than the average and global percentage.

On the other hand, Persian genes have high similarity to the genes of the neighboring countries. Such a positive point encourages infertile couples from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Muslim neighbors to go through the IVF egg donation procedure to make a healthy baby of special gender via the PGD method in Iran.

TebMedTourism facilitates the realization of your dreams. We will stand beside you every step of the way until you hold your newborn in your arms. Remember that we care about our customers and our family. You can contact us via the numbers supplied or our online forms for more information on the process or our services.

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