Gastric Sleeve surgery

Gastric Sleeve Recovery

Gastric sleeve surgery in Iran

Gastric Sleeve Recovery Tips:

Weight loss surgery is an important and vital decision that changes a person’s life. If you are planning to have gastric sleeve surgery, you will probably be looking forward to the results. In order to enjoy the benefits of gastric sleeve surgery, you need to consider the recovery period as a major and important period ahead of you.

Gastric Sleeve surgery

Expect some discomfort:

In Day 1-2 you have to follow the clear liquid diet, getting out of bed. The length of hospital stay will be between one and two nights, provided that no complication has have occurred. The first two days of the recovery might not be your favorite time, but are considered important. You need to follow and stick to the diet that your surgeon gave you during your recovery period. Keep this in your mind that the recommendations may vary depending on the type of gastric sleeve procedure as well as your individual situation.

Most surgeons and specialists prescribe the use of clear liquid during this period .These include:

  • water
  • broth
  • unsweetened juice
  • caffeine-free and sugar-free tea
  • ice cubes
  • fat-free milk
  • strained cream soup
  • sugar-free gelatin

In this step of surgery, the anesthesia will have completely worn off and you may start to feel more pain. If this happens, your doctor will prescribe painkillers for your comfort.

Gastric Sleeve surgery

Feeling weak, nauseous, tired, insomnia, bloating, pain and diarrhea are perfectly normal during this time. In case of concern and problems, you can talk to your doctor or TebMedTourism Co. consultants and tell them about your condition.

One week after gastric sleeve

By now, you will be well-rested with little to no pain. Patients who undergo gastric sleeve surgery usually experience the most pain in the first week of surgery.

After that, the pain starts to subside and becomes bearable.

At this point you can still not drink alcohol or anything that needs to be chewed.

Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day as your body will no longer absorb water and moisture from solid foods.

Gastric Sleeve surgery

Many patients also feel tired during this time due to limited diet and low calories. During this period, the doctor recommends more bed rest so that patients can recover quickly.

Don’t lift anything heavy or climb stairs at this time. But you can resume driving after 7 days of undergoing sleeve gastrostomy (if your doctor permits it).

Three weeks after gastric sleeve

If you are like most patients, you can return to your normal routine activities at this time. But make sure you do it slowly and gradually because your body is still recovering from surgery and getting used to a new diet.

There should be no significant or serious pain at this stage of recovery. Just a feeling of stretching or itching, which is perfectly normal and is due to scar healing.

Now, you will be allowed to eat soft pureed foods like blended steamed/boiled vegetables, ground beef/chicken, soft cheese, scrambled eggs, fish, beans, soup, and yogurt. Be sure to mix these foods with broth, juice, skim milk or water before eating. Without the mentioned food mixture, they cannot be consumed and tasted.

Please note that eating any type of solid foods at this time like seeds, nuts, or fibrous vegetables can cause leaks by rupturing your staple line. Therefore, adhere to the diet recommended by your doctor.

Gastric Sleeve surgery

Your surgeon will also suggest some light exercise activities three weeks after gastric sleeve surgery.

It could be something as easy as to go on daily walks for 5-10 minutes at a time, 3-5 times a day.

It is not recommended to do any type of weight training, however, ask your doctor about it because it varies from person to person.

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