hair transplant in Iran

Hair Shedding or balding after a Hair Transplant

Hair Shedding or balding after a Hair Transplant

Hair transplant in Iran

 The most patients who travail from hair Shedding or balding are planning to perform the hair transplant. They express concerns about hair losing after the hair transplantation. Most of patients search in the net and Social Medias for finding the answer of queries and concerns regarding hair transplant surgery. The most important questions are why patients do confront with the hair shedding or balding after a hair transplant surgery again? Will the implanted hairs retain for a long Period of time or wont? Why the Hair Shedding or balding after a hair transplant does occur? How can they avoid it?


We are planning to answer all these questions and other questions which are circling in your mind. So please read this article very carefully.

As we mentioned before, the cosmetic hair transplant surgery is performed by two methods including FUE and FUT techniques.

hair transplant in Iran

Shedding of transplanted hair that is known as shock loss is a universal characteristic of a hair transplant and it is common. There are no differences between two mentioned types of hair transplant whether using (FUE) or (FUT), the shedding of transplanted hair is considered to be a normal after-effect of any hair transplantation surgery that may happens firstly due to a graft being temporarily stripped of its blood supply. This phenomenon starts around 1 week post-surgery till about 6 weeks in most cases. Unfortunately all patients get worried while they are faced to experiencing shedding of their newly transplanted hair. But it doesn’t need to get worried, as it is a positive sign. It implies that the new hairs will begin to grow. The hair transplantation procure needs 1 year to shows you final result.  Therefore you should be Patient.

From the third week till the end of the second month, it is necessary to consider a rest period for the hair roots to regrow hair.

During the third and fourth months, new hair gradually returns. Please pay attentions that the new hair transplants are thinner and weaker than your principal hair.

But they will dramatically improve and you can observe the more hair growth and density. In terms of thickness and texture, they look like your natural hairs.

Recommended tips:

Follow the recommended tips and instructions after the cosmetic hair transplant surgery.

From what we mentioned earlier, we understand that the hair shedding after the cosmetic hair transplant surgery is not a scary and serious issue, but it is a part of the surgery process. However, there are some guidelines that will help to maintain the implanted hair health, and you can follow these tips to achieve your ideal hair. Here are the most important tips:

hair transplant in Iran
  • Avoid showering or washing your hairs for at least two days after the hair transplant procedure. Follow your doctor’s advices and use the shampoo prescribed by your doctor to wash your hair.
  • In the first weeks after this surgery, avoid sitting in direct sunlight.
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol for two weeks after the hair transplant surgery.
  • Do not take any chemical or herbal medicines without consulting your doctor.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise such as swimming for two weeks after the hair transplant.
  • It is advised to avoid sexual activity for seven days after the hair transplant.
  • Avoid scratching the implanted area with a sharp nails, and in severe cases it can be gently touched with your fingertips.
  • For the first few weeks after the hair transplant, avoid heat-generating devices such as hair dryers.
  • In the first months after hair transplantation, do not use cosmetic fixing creams
  • Gently massage your scalp with some oil once or twice a day.
  • In the first three months after hair transplant surgery, you can use only scissors for hair cutting, but from the sixth month after hair transplant surgery, you can use a razor to shave your head.
  • At night, put your head on two pillows at a 45 degree angle to prevent friction between the head and the pillow.

Final recommendation:

The complete and accurate observance of the instructions and recommendations of your doctor will guarantee the success of your hair transplant surgery. Therefore, follow your doctor’s recommendations and instructions.

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