Hemorrhoids Removal and Anal Fissures Removal

Hemorrhoids removal and anal fissures removal surgeries

Hemorrhoids and anal fissures are not the same. Though they may have similar symptoms the area and the treatments are different. These conditions have different types of self-made treatments. However, they will need surgery if they are chronic. The removal surgeries can be done in different methods. These surgeries will relieve the pain.

Hemorrhoids removal and anal fissures

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids (piles) and fissures are different conditions. Hemorrhoids are blood vessels that locate in the rectum and anus, at the connection where small arteries combine into veins. They contain sinusoids, soft connective tissue and smooth muscles.

Hemorrhoids occur when there is very high pressure on the venous and the patient’s sinusoidal complex comes down. Hemorrhoids are classified into 2 types: external and internal.

Hemorrhoids removal and anal fissures
Hemorrhoids removal and anal fissures

Internal piles or hemorrhoids occur when the upper piles plexus has excessive expansion (the sinusoid set is called hemorrhoid plexus).

External piles occur due to inferior hemorrhoidal plexus expansion.

Nobody knows the exact reason for piles or hemorrhoids, but some factors such as chronic constipation, pelvic floor abnormalities, sedentary lifestyle, chronic cough, pregnancy, low fiber diet, obesity, and defecating straining may lead to them. If the external piles have thrombosis, they will be very painful. Many individuals may present with both external and internal hemorrhoids.

What are anal fissures?

An anal fissure is a small tear or a cut in the anus lining. Anal fissure causes a crack in the skin and leads to severe pain. It also causes bright bleeding during and after a bowel movement. An anal fissure is not considered a serious condition. Due to constipation, an anal fissure can affect people of all ages. Anal fissure cause is mainly the passing large or hard stools.

Hemorrhoids removal and anal fissures

They heal on their own with a few self-help instructions including taking warm baths and increasing fiber and fluid intake to smooth stools. But if it persists it is considered chronic. In this case, anal fissure removal surgery is recommended.

anal fissures

How is anal fissure removal surgery done?

There are two main types of anal fissure removal surgery: fissurectomy and sphincterotomy.

In Fissurectomy the surgeon cuts away the damaged skin from around the anal fissure along with sentinel skin tags. Sentinel skin tags are lumps of skin that associate with the fissure.

In sphincterotomy the surgeon cuts the sphincter around the anus. It is done to release the tension and heal the anal fissure.

Both of the procedures are done under general anesthesia.

Hemorrhoid removal

The most effective treatment for this condition is surgery. There are different types of hemorrhoid removal procedure including:

Rubber band ligation

This is done to treat bleeding or prolapsing hemorrhoids. The surgeon places a rubber band around the piles base to restrict its blood supply. It finally causes hemorrhoids to fall off.

Hemorrhoids removal and anal fissures
Hemorrhoids removal and anal fissures


This treats internal hemorrhoids that are not protruding. The surgeon places infrared light or an electric current to create scar tissue on hemorrhoids. This tissue limits the blood supply to piles and causes it to fall off.


The surgeon injects a chemical solution into internal piles. The solution makes nerve endings numb around the area. It relieves the pain and causes scar tissue to form and results in piles fall off.


This surgery is done under local or general anesthesia or spinal block.

In a typical hemorrhoidectomy, small incisions are made around the piles. The surgeon uses surgical instruments to remove the piles. He/she may leave the incisions open or close them.

This procedure is done in two different methods: PPH and HAL-RAR.

Hemorrhoids removal and anal fissures

In PPH (stapler hemorrhoidectomy) the doctor uses a stapler-like device to cut off the piles blood supply and reposition them. Piles without blood will eventually die.

In HAL-RAR (Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation and Recto Anal Repair) the surgeon inserts a miniature Doppler sensor in the anus to identify the arteries supplying blood to piles. The arteries that supply piles can be pinpointed and tied off. Then after determining the supplying arteries, the blood supply is cut. This procedure is effective and almost painless.

Hemorrhoids removal and anal fissures

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