highest ivf success rate in the world 2023

Highest IVF success rate in the world 2023

Are you considering IVF but worried about your success rate? If so, you’re not alone. The world’s highest IVF success rate in 2023 may be higher than you think. In 2023, fertility statistics are changing the game, and you might be surprised by the results.

It’s important to be aware of the latest fertility trends to maximize your chances of achieving a successful outcome. In this regard, surely you will be very excited if you hear promising news from TebMedTourism company, particularly when it comes to IVF success rates. TebMedTourism’s IVF success rate is 21.78%, more than the average global IVF success rate.

Are you considering IVF to conceive your child by TebMedTourism co., and you are curious to know how your IVF success rate in this country, by this professional and well-known company, is as high as it could be?

The secret to the success of TebMedTourism is only in considering various factors that can affect your IVF success rates, such as age, sperm quality, fertilization rate, embryo quality, frequency of transferred embryos, and endometrial thickness, but also in collaborating with well-equipped clinics (specially equipped by advanced genetic tests like PGD/PGS/NGS), Egg/Sperm banks, labs, fertility specialists, etc.

So, if you’re considering IVF treatments in 2023, you may want to take a closer look at the effecting factors on the IVF success rate and the best and the cheapest country for IVF that has a precise focus on these considerations to get the best probable outcome; keep reading this post on TebMedTourism.

mpacting factors on the IVF success rate

• Age and fertility issues
What age is IVF most successful?
The success rate of IVF treatments is greatly affected by age. The average success rate for a woman aged between 25 and 29 is 42%, while the success rate drops to 22% for a woman aged 40 or over. For couples with fertility issues, the average success rate of IVF can range from as low as 10-20% per cycle up to 40-50% per cycle, depending on age and individual factors.

• Poor quality of the embryo
“Why Poor Embryo Quality Increases the Risk of Miscarriage?” The risks associated with poor embryo quality are becoming increasingly well-known, yet many people are still unaware of the implications. Poor embryo quality can lead to a greater risk of miscarriage or a failure to implant, and this is often due to lower quality eggs or a lack of eggs retrieved during the egg retrieval process of IVF.
A variety of factors can contribute to poor embryo quality, so understanding them is essential. Keep reading this article of TebMedTourism to get information on the other effecting factors on egg quality and IVF success rate.

• Two, three or more IVF cycles
When considering the number of IVF cycles to undergo, it is important to know that success rates increase with more cycles. Unfortunately, many individuals and couples abandon the IVF process too early, stopping after only two or three cycles. In order to increase the chances of IVF successful, most individuals and couples should undergo more than two or three IVF cycles.

• Patients lifestyle
IVF success rate in the world can vary from person to person and lifestyle choices can play a major role in determining how successful your IVF treatment will be. When considering IVF, many people want to know what they can do to increase their chances of success.
Making positive lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and drinking, and maintaining a healthy weight can significantly increase your chances of becoming pregnant.
Your lifestyle choices can make a huge difference. Recent studies have shown that making healthy lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on an individual’s IVF success rate, so neglecting to these important factors will reduce your odds of a successful IVF journey.

• Donor eggs
When it comes to achieving the highest possibility of success with IVF, the use of donor eggs can be the key factor. Recent research shows that the IVF success rate with donor eggs can be as high as 75%. This means that most donor eggs have the potential to develop healthy and transferable embryos (because actually they are so young with fresh eggs), providing couples with the best chance at creating a family.

Which country has the best IVF success rate?

IVF is a complex procedure, and success rates vary depending on the country in which it is performed. If you’re considering IVF, you may want to look into the success rates of different countries.
This post on TebMedTourism will discuss the success rates of IVF in different countries around the world and provide information about which countries offer the best chances for IVF success. We will look at the average IVF success rates for each country.

The average IVF success rate in Iran by TebMedTourism is 21.78%.

Iran is well-known for its IVF success rate in the world and the quality of services provided by its fertility clinics. In recent years, the country has emerged as a leader in IVF treatments, with its clinics boasting high success rates and a wide range of services. From patient transfer to counseling and translation services, the Iranian clinics are dedicated to providing the best possible care for their patients. Moreover, Iran’s IVF success rate is one of the highest in the world, making it an ideal destination for those seeking successful fertility treatment.

Fertility tourism in Iran is growing in popularity, and it’s not difficult to see why. Not only is it a more affordable option than many other fertility destinations, but it doesn’t lag behind in terms of quality either. Iranian private IVF clinics offer modern facilities and competent and professional medical staff, ensuring that the efficacy of treatment and its available options don’t differ much from the top of the other fertility destinations.
TebMedTourism’s IVF clinics provide top-notch services without a linguistic barrier due to the permanent presence of an interpreter in the patient’s language. The care of international patients is taught to Iranian doctors. Infertility treatments are given by professional reproductive specialists for IVF in the native language of patients.
The highest IVF success rates in Iran, by world-class services and high availability of donor eggs, is not just a motto but an undeniable truth!
The egg donation procedure in the IVF process is legal for couples in Iran. Because of the selection of young egg donors and fresh and healthy donated eggs, IVF and egg donation has more success than the average global IVF success rate.
One of the most important things, as we mentioned, is the health of the embryo; TebMedTourism, by utilizing advanced genetic tests like PGD/PGS/NGS exceedingly, has increased the IVF success rate.
More than 90% of TebMedTourism patients choose us among the medical facilitators and providers at global levels because TebMedToursim is recognized as the best IVF clinic in the world due to high IVF success rates and placing healthy children in their mothers’ arms.


The average IVF success rate in Spain is 20.23%.

Considering IVF treatment abroad requires considering all aspects of the success rates of IVF treatments. This country offers good fertility treatment, but it does not have a high success rate compared to TebMedTourism.
Spanish IVF costs are twice as much as those in Asian nations, but due to the high availability of donated eggs in Spain compared to the European countries and more success rate related to Egg donation IVF, some patients choose this country for their IVF journey.


The average success rate in the Czech Republic is 20.09%.

The Czech Republic, with clinics that provide a range of services such as patient transfer, counseling, translator services, and egg and sperm donation, has proven that IVF is a viable fertility option for many couples. However, the Czech Republic still prohibits IVF treatment for singles and same-sex couples and surrogacy like Iran.


The average success rate in Russia is 20.10%.

When it comes to the IVF success rate in Russia, it remains slightly higher than in many other countries. With an average success rate of 20.10%, Russia is well-known for its success in the field of IVF. Even more impressive is the 30.3% success rate for women under 35 who use their own eggs. Although the success rate is not as impressive for women 40 or over, it remains at a relatively high 12%.


The average IVF success rate in Ukraine is 20.13%.

On average, donor egg pregnancy rates in Ukraine are 20.13%. This number is based on the fertilization of frozen-thawed eggs obtained from an anonymous donor via a commercial egg bank. According to their statistics and mottoes, their laboratory is experienced in warming, fertilizing, and growing the embryo to give patients the best chance of success.

What country is cheapest for IVF? As you see, having the highest success rate is very important for choosing a company to welcome your new baby, but you consider at this point that IVF is so expensive and there is some chance that it fails in the first cycle and to get the best result you have to go through the other cycles. Then you should choose the cheapest country for IVF.
Fortunately, there is positive world news in 2023 on fertility treatments. TebMedTourism co. not only has the highest IVF success rate in the world but also offers the most affordable prices for this miracle treatment, including IVF PGD, IVF egg donation, etc. For more price information, see our IVF in Iran by TebMedTourism post.

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