how much do egg donors get paid in 2023

How much do egg donors get paid in 2023

How much do you get paid to donate eggs?  The answer to this question varies widely depending on the country you live in. In countries where egg donation is legal, such as Iran, The price range is between $1,500 and $2,000. In other countries, egg donor prices start from $1,500 in some European countries to $12,000 in New York City.

It is essential to know that the amount of money you can make from donating eggs varies from country to country, donation frequency and the number of eggs collected via the egg retrieval stage. Egg donor compensation will tempt every young girl, but this issue is controversial with additional payments, country to country and agency to agency.

In some of the patient’s views, the first priority is using fresh eggs, so during this time, all coordinators remind egg donors that fresh eggs cost more than frozen eggs. This emphasis of some intended parents for using fresh eggs in their IVF egg donation process is due to IVF egg donation success rate with fresh eggs which is slightly higher than this procedure with frozen eggs.

But the central ethical question for the other kind of patients is how much of their expenses are allocated to the egg donor? Or in other words, if the egg donor compensation is satisfying for her.

The other priority for couples is this critical point: all fresh eggs of one egg donor are only for the intended parents, which means they oppose sharing donor eggs with other infertile couples; due to this issue, they have paid the egg donation cost.

Well-known and famous agencies with wide egg databases like TebMedTourism guarantee that young egg donors in each cycle of egg retrieval could give more than 15 eggs, and the worry about the lack of the number of eggs is not a problematic issue. We allocate all eggs of chosen egg donors that are collected in one cycle of egg donation to the intended parents and don’t share these eggs with the other couple!

At TebMedTourism, we proudly offer a balance between price and satisfaction for egg donors and intended parents. Fresh eggs are of a higher priority, as we understand the health benefits for all involved parties.

Overall, if you are considering going through the IVF egg donation procedure or you want to be an egg donor but the following questions have occupied your mind, this blog post on TebMedTourism definitely will respond to your queries in details:


  • Unvaccinated egg donor price
  • How much does an egg donor make?
  • How much do you get paid to donate eggs?
  • How much can you get for donating eggs?
  • What is the highest paying egg donation?

How much does an egg donor make?


It is widespread that you want to donate eggs, and your friend asks, “How much do you get paid to donate eggs?”. An accurate response to this query depends on the country in which you live could be different, starting from $1,500 (in Europe) to $11,000 (USA). Egg dnation in Iran is legal. All steps of this procedure is explicit and transparent and all costs associated with each step are well clarified.

In Iran, despite donating eggs is due to the generosity of young egg donors to full fill the dreams of infertile couples via ART (Assisted reproductive technology) methods, they will receive money. Egg donation compensation range in Iran by TebMedTourism, a famous and well-known agency with a wide egg database, is between $1,500 and $2,000

This money differs from the expenses for insurance, lab tests, genetic tests and ultrasounds. Hence, an egg donor in this country is a winner due to helping an infertile couple become parents and get good money.

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How much can you make from donating eggs?


When you decide to donate, it is always better to go with reputed and recognized donor programs that take the best possible measures for protecting the donor’s rights and are transparent in payment information.

So if you decide to make a financial plan out of it, make the best effort to explore all aspects of this procedure, for instance, monetary benefits like reimbursement for the missed hours in work, travel, lodging and the cost of the meal that is paid for you when you come for the clinic visits and etc.

Alongside mentioned considerations, free medical, psychological and genetic screening is an excellent option in front of egg donors. It’s worth it all!

With all these qualities, money comes first in today’s material world. Although egg donor compensation is essential, the first query that you should search on the internet is about the legality of donating eggs!

For altruistic egg donors that live in countries where donating eggs is illegal, especially in Europe and, for example in Finland, egg donation pay is about 680$, which is considered for the following items:

  • Insurance
  • Transferring to the clinic and etc.
  • Other necessary expenses

For altruistic egg donors, the most important part of donating eggs is the humanitarian aspect, helping an infertile couple to fulfill their dreams and nothing else.

On the other hand, we have countries like Iran where egg donation is legal; this country pays to egg donors. Though it can also vary from country to country, and If we look at an example from the US, clinics usually pay $5,000 in compensation for donating eggs. Moreover, in NYC, payment may exceed 10,000$ in addition to medical insurance which the recipient takes care of all medical costs

What is the highest paying egg donation?


The most favorite query for all egg donors without altruistic intentions when considering going through the egg donation process is “who pays the most for egg donation?”

The proper response to this query is different from country to country; for example, in the USA, egg donation compensation for a first-time donating egg typically is $10,000, and this price for Asian and European is so astronomical.

After 14 weeks, donating an egg for the second time is allowable; egg donors in the USA could receive more than $12,000. Indeed, such a high compensation comes from the pocket of the egg recipients!

What is the highest paying egg donation in NYC?


New York City is well-known as the most expensive city in the world! The egg donation pay in NYC could get to $27,000!

In such cases, we should ask which patients are ready to pay such expenses while could receive this treatment of the same quality at other destinations! Based on these definitions, the whole process of IVF egg donation, like the high cost of living in NYC, is astronomical. So, egg donor compensation is higher than in European and Asian countries.

Similar to other countries, there is a difference in payment for the first and second egg donations in New York City. In some cases, in NYC, egg donation compensation will get to $50,000, depending on the number of times you participated in the egg donation process and the number of collected eggs.

Unvaccinated egg donor price


Regarding worldwide vaccination of Covid-19, in 2023, anxious couples have a general question insisting on finding the best response: “Has my egg donor get the COVID vaccine?”

The answer to this query is a binary answer, Yes & No. One of the egg donor requirements in some countries is getting COVID vaccination; in others, it isn’t necessary! Since COVID vaccines were given free of charge by the governments in all countries, egg donors’ prices who have received the vaccine do not differ from others. In Iran, the vaccine/unvaccinated egg donor price range is between $1,500 and $2,000

So intended parents could be relaxing and with peace of mind, choosing the most phenotype similarity, with the desired height, weight and eye color! We write a comprehensive review about this topic to get the best information about egg donation requirements.

Today, according to scientific information, the COVID vaccine has not to live viruses, so there isn’t any reason for egg donors to be anxious about rising risks of miscarriages, stillbirth, congenital abnormalities and etc.

The way forward by TebMedTourism


Accompanying and monitoring egg donors from lab tests, genetic screening and psychological evaluations, hormonal injections stage to the egg retrieval step for creating a safe and comfortable feel in qualified egg donors is the priority of TebMedTourism.

Our egg donors are thoroughly screened and committed to donating solely to our intended parents, with no egg sharing whatsoever. We ensure a safe, ethical, and transparent process supported by highly trained professionals and generous compensation for our egg donors.

So if you consider being one of the egg donors in our database or welcoming your new babe via an affordable egg donation procedure alongside a higher success rate than the global average, you can count on us! Don’t hesitate and take the phone +98 912 098 5010.

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