Important Things Before Getting Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a kind of cosmetic surgery that is interesting for most people. It can be performed in different ways and changes the shape of the nose, the skin around the nose, cartilage, or bone. Although most people worry about after rhinoplasty, devoting attention to preparation for this surgery is also essential. Whatever you do before rhinoplasty plays a vital role in the recovery. 

Rhinoplasty nose job in Iran

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1 to 3 hours

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One day

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7 days

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What should I do before rhinoplasty?

There is a vast array of things that should be done before rhinoplasty. A week before rhinoplasty is a golden time for preparation. 

Talk to your doctor: Firstly, be sure about the time and place of surgery. Talk to your doctor about your surgery and your demands. Don’t hesitate to ask the question you are thinking about. It will help you be informed about the process. Prepare the medications you need in advance. Ask your doctor about the medicines and some supplements you need.

Rest well: The healing and recovery process takes a lot of energy, and you should have that much power. So, rest as much as you can. Resting can help you be rejuvenated before surgery and charge your batteries. So have comfortable surgery.

Clean your face: It is essential to clean your face every day and omit the dead skin on your face. After surgery, you will have a cast over your nose for a week or so and won’t be able to wash your skin during that time. So be ready for that before surgery.

Drink more water: Drinking more water can help you be hydrated before surgery. The body can do better on cellular level if you drink more water.

Get the family ready: Ask your friends or family to drive you since you are not able to go after surgery. The long recovery period can differ from one person to another; on average, it takes about 7 to 14 days. Fortunately, after that you are able to do whatever you want. It is better to be prepared for this time before surgery. Have someone to take care of you. Because of the experience of swelling and bruising, you don’t want to be seen in public, so take a week or more off and stay at home and rest. You can’t go to work just after surgery. Talk to your doctor if your job needs a lot of effort. A day after surgery is significant, and someone should take care of you. So be sure that someone is there for you.

Blood test: One vital step for the prepetition of surgery is a blood test. Your doctor will prescribe a blood test to be sure about your situation. Hemoglobin levels, blood clotting abilities, HCG levels, and whatever else your doctor needs to check will be done in a blood test. You can do it in every lab you desire.


Eat well: Eating nutritious and hearty food weeks before experts recommend rhinoplasty. Every 5 hours, eat healthy snacks or fruits. After surgery, many patients’ appetite will spoil their appetite, and they can’t eat as much as they need. On top of that, patients should fast hours before surgery, which may cause problems. That’s why eating well and having a diet full of all nutrients is essential.

Make some meals days before surgery and freeze them for the recovery period when you can’t make food or do other activities. Being ready for recovery can ease your mind. 

Exercise: Another important factor is exercise. Exercise helps patients reduce stress and anxiety before every procedure. Besides, after rhinoplasty, patients aren’t able to exercise for at least a month, so it is better to exercise and do some activities like jogging and enjoy your time when you have the opportunity. Do exercise until some days before surgery; then take it easy or just massage. 

Clothes: Prepare suitable clothes such as button-up shirts, pants with elastic waists, and slip-on shoes for surgery. Prepare soft, loose-fitting clothing.

Rhinoplasty nose job in Iran

What should I eat before rhinoplasty surgery?

Owing to the fact that every surgery can affect your body, you should be ready for that. One of the most critical activities for preparation is adjusting your diet. Eliminating processed foods, fast foods, and junk foods and eating a significant number of fruits and vegetables can help you avoid constipation, one of Anastasia’s side effects. Sticking to a healthy diet rich in nutrients can quicken the process of healing and boost your morale before surgery.

Increase protein intake: 

Increasing your protein intake before rhinoplasty plays a significant role in recovery. So, place a premium on the best nutrients you have ever eaten. Foods rich in protein, such as eggs, meat, soy, and chicken, can help the body recover adequately and as fast as possible. At least three weeks before the surgery, increase the protein in your diet. Protein also allows patients to overcome the trauma of surgery. The healthier diet you have, the better result you achieve.

Eat Fruits and vegetables:

Eating fruits and vegetables full of anti-oxidant like vitamin A, vitamin C, selenium, and manganese. These can eliminate the free radicals which are harmful to the body. Spinach is a kind of green vegetable beneficial for blood volume and recovery. Another critical food ingredients are beans, which are rich in protein, iron, and fiber. They can control blood sugar levels and prevent postoperative constipation. Eating them days before surgery is effective. 

The purple fruit, which can be seen in the salad, provides a lot of valuable nutrients, like the amino acid L-glutamine. They can reduce the recovery time and tastes good as well.

It comes as no surprise that doctors recommend the pineapple. It contains bromelain, which helps relieve nausea and fights nasal congestion. The amount you can eat depends on the doctor’s opinion. It is beneficial for all conditions; however, it is better to ask your doctor before consuming. 

Drink Water:

 Drinking at least 2 liters daily can help you hydrate before surgery. Even drinking 3 liters is acceptable.

Take vitamins:

Taking vitamins and multivitamin minerals can improve the body’s health. It would be best to take vitamins before surgery, but using a lot of them is not approved. Vitamin C is the only vitamin that you can take more than regular. A week before surgery, absorb daily vitamin C because vitamin C is beneficial for faster recovery after surgery and healing wounds. Vitamin C improves the immune system and speeds the healing process.

In general, if you eat various colorful fruits and vegetables daily, you can be sure you will get the nutrients you need.

Rhinoplasty nose job in Iran

What to Avoid Before Rhinoplasty?

Using creams: The matters you should avoid are as important as those you should do. In this case, remember that you shouldn’t use topical creams. These creams contain chemical materials such as Retin-A, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide. It is highly recommended not to use over-the-counter medicated creams before rhinoplasty. Using a simple cleanser for washing the face is approved. 

Exposure to the sun: Exposure to the sun can damage the skin, and healing may take longer. It is better to avoid the sun.

Taking blood-thinning medications: Taking some medications before rhinoplasty is forbidden. Talk to your doctor to be assured about the medicine you take. Blood-thinning medications like Aspirin, Coumadin, Celebrex, Plavix, and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs shouldn’t be taken a week before surgery. They can cause excessive bleeding during the surgery. Some supplements like vitamin E, fish oil, ginkgo, ginseng, and omega3 should be avoided because they can impact blood flow and other bodily activities.

Smoking: Avoid smoking weeks before surgery. Nicotine is the primary harmful ingredient of cigarettes and can cause a significant number of risks and complications during surgery. It is hazardous for your body if you are frequently exposed or second-hand smoke. Skin loss, scarring, anesthesia risks, and even infection are complications of nicotine. In addition, it can cause improper healing.

Drinking alcohol: Drinking alcohol should be stopped before surgery. Alcohol can thin the blood and cause some problems during surgery, such as anesthesia risks.

Anxiety: You should keep in mind that everything will be okay, and there is nothing to worry about. Besides, being anxious doesn’t help you or improve your surgery results.

Rhinoplasty nose job in Iran

What not to eat before rhinoplasty

Cutting back on salt, sugar, and refined carbohydrates a month before rhinoplasty is highly recommended. These materials can suppress the immune system and increase the risk of inflammation and infection. Cutting back on herbal supplements which contain flaxseed, cayenne, eggplant, and garlic a week before surgery should be considered. Avoiding eating food that leads to increased blood pressure is necessary. Alcohol, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners should be mentioned in this type. Taking vitamin E, vitamin B, and vitamin K should be stopped.

Patients who haven’t suffered from allergies should avoid allergen foods such as eggs, peanuts, milk, nuts and dried fruits, fish and oysters, and soy or wheat products.

Foods such as chili, flax seeds, tomatoes, garlic, potatoes, green tea, and eggplant may harm blood circulation, slow recovery, or disrupt anesthesia.

At least 24 hours before rhinoplasty, there is some advice. You shouldn’t eat high-fiber foods like fruits (especially apples, raspberries, oranges, and pears) and vegetables (broccoli, peas, and artichokes) and whole wheat, whole grain bread, beans, and lentils. These materials can affect longer digestion.

Rhinoplasty nose job in Iran

What should I do the night before rhinoplasty?

What you do or don’t play a vital role in the surgery process. 

Don’t eat or drink: First, you are not allowed to eat anything the night before surgery. There are a lot of reasons behind that. With an empty stomach, the surgery would be safer. During surgery, being under general anesthesia, the body cannot prevent entering the abdomen containing the lungs. So, a full stomach would be a problematic issue for patients. You can eat and drink enough food and water before midnight and be ready for surgery. 

The night before rhinoplasty, you need to drink soft drinks, which you can see from the inside of them on the other side of the glass. From these kinds of drinks can name water, apple and lemon juice.

Don’t wear makeup: Make sure you don’t wear makeup before surgery. Your doctor may be misled about detecting hypoxemia if you wear makeup or hair products. In addition, you shouldn’t wear any jewelry since it can increase the risk of infections during surgery. Just wash your face without any cosmetics.

Take a shower: It is essential to take a shower the night before surgery. Taking a shower helps you to get rid of all the bacteria and microbe on your skin, especially your face, which reduce the risk of infection to a great extent. Don’t use any perfumes, lotions, or creams after the shower.

Shave your face: Shaving skin should be done some days before surgery in order to prevent infection. Shaving can damage the face and cause wounds, which helps the growth of the Bactria. For example, mustaches should be shoved on surgical sites to reduce infections.

Wear suitable clothes: Choosing appropriate clothes after surgery should be considered. For surgery patients, have a surgical gown; after that, ensure you have the best cloth. A shirt with the bottom would be a perfect choice and reduce the hassle of pulling over your head.

If you are suffering from a seasoning allergy, let your doctor know. In this case, the healing process might be affected. 

Rhinoplasty nose job in Iran

Things to buy before rhinoplasty:

You require many things after surgery, and because of caring for surgery, you aren’t able to buy anything for some days. It’s better to make a list before surgery and check it during times in case something might be forgotten. 

Medications: Buy your medicine, OTC pain killers, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, Afrin, antibiotic ointment, tissues, saline nasal spray, and Pedialyte, from the pharmacy in case you need it after surgery.  

Food and fruits: You can buy some food and fruit soup, rice pudding and jelly, and lots of fruit for vitamin C after surgery. It will be perfect if you choose plain foods because you may be unable to chew. Preparing homemade food like pasta and whatever you like can be helpful after surgery.

Lip balm: Buying some other supplies will be effective for the recovery period. For example, purchasing refrigerated drinks and lip balm is necessary. Because the body would be dehydrated and the lips and mouth would get parched due to the fact that the patient is forced to breathe through the mouth. Buying something to pick up can help you not bend again and again.

Preparing decaffeinated tea of any variety is a fruitful remedy for soothing the back of the throat since it can be affected during surgery and swollen.

Building your recovery nest

Getting out of the surgery with a bandage all around your face and feeling sleepy, nothing is better than a good and cozy nest so that you can relax for some days and be ready for other days. So before surgery, build it. Put all your essentials centrally located in a comfortable space.

One of the most effective activities is making your nest before surgery. You should stay home for a week or two, so be prepared. You can set up entertainment options. For instance, finding some books to read, some movies to watch, and some friends to be and chat with. These kinds of activities can help you not get bored while resting.

Find some blankets and multiple pillows for yourself to support your body and lift your head.

Prepare some meals that you like and arouse your appetite. It’s better not to cook after rhinoplasty, so some ready meals can help you skip this hassle.

Put some ice packs in the freezer. You will be given another when you’re out of surgery, but it’s better to have a few ready at home.

You should be aware that you can’t wear glasses some days after surgery. So, if you use them, find a solution for this matter.

What did I wish I Knew Before getting a nose job?

There is some advice from people who had rhinoplasty that you should know before a nose job. It would be disappointing to see yourself right after the surgery, with the cast all over your face, bruising, swelling, and a face that is not like yours. It takes time to recover and be able to see your natural face. So be patient. It takes a lot of time to get used to your new face, which isn’t weird. People might say something about your nose that bothers you. Let it go, and don’t be nervous because of people’s opinions. Some people say that they thought the pain was unbearable, so they postponed the surgery. The fact is that the pain is not as bad as you may think. On top of that, there are many painkillers you can take.

Something that many patients feel regret about it is searching for choosing the best surgeon. Finding an experienced surgeon is essential since they are not the same. Choosing the best country for rhinoplasty is important as well. You can do  rhinoplasty in Iran to reduce the side effects and regression. 

What should I know before rhinoplasty in TebMedTourim?

One of the advantages of doing rhinoplasty in tebmedtourim is that you shouldn’t stay on a waiting list. However, you should follow the instructions. Of course, there is no challenging role, but for your health, having a blood test and communicating with a doctor can help you prepare for surgery. Be in contact with our colleagues before the nose job and ask your questions.

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How long does it take to prepare for a nose job?

There is no hard and fast role for preparation before rhinoplasty. It is recommended that some days at least four days before surgery, patients don’t smoke or drink alcohol. Some days before surgery shouldn’t use topical creams.

What should I do before rhinoplasty?

Resting and getting relaxed are the best medications before the nose job. Experts recommend that you talk to your doctor and be ready for surgery.

What should I eat before rhinoplasty surgery?

Eating protein-based foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables, taking vitamin C, and drinking the right amount of water are highly recommended.

What not to eat before rhinoplasty?

Blood-thinning medicine and certain supplements, like fish oil and vitamin E, are forbidden.

Can I consume caffeine before rhinoplasty?

Although caffeine reduces pain, it isn’t helpful before surgery. At least a week before rhinoplasty should quit drinking tea and coffee. It is better not to consume them even after the nose job. Avoiding caffeine for a month is better


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