IPH 2022

The first International Private Hospitals Congress and Exhibition IPH 2022

Report of TebMedTourism in IPH 2022:

The first International Private Hospitals Congress and Exhibition (IPH 2022) was held by the Health Tourism Development Center of Islamic Countries (HTDC) from 26 to 28 July 2022 in Tehran, Iran.

The congress was set at the IRIB International Conference Center with the presence of hosted buyers from all over the world.

Since private hospitals, clinics, and medical centers are key players in the health and health tourism industry, this conference created an international synergy with the aim of exchanging experiences and familiarizing with the latest services and technologies in private hospitals as well as developing international cooperation.

This international conference and exhibition was an opportunity to promote the services and products of hospitals, medical equipment companies, as well as medical tourism companies in order to share experiences and get familiar with the latest solutions and technologies, as well as developing international cooperation.

A group of officials from different countries as well as activists in the field of healthcare from private sectors got together at this event to exchange their knowledge and also expand the collaboration network.

This event provided the participants the opportunity of promoting and displaying their services in person and virtually. Furthermore, a number of activists from Germany, England, and other countries presented the result of their studies on the accreditation of international hospitals and clinics in providing services to patients.

TebMedTourism along with  FlytoTreat , which is a recent brand offering customized medical services to international patients all over the world, participated in this exhibition and hosted visitors from Iran and other parts of the world in their booth.

TebMedTourism managed to have beneficial negotiations with top private hospitals located in Iran and other countries in order to expand future collaborations.

It should be noted that TebMedTourism has always put its clients first and tried to facilitate their medical and non-medical experience more than before; therefore, in IPH 2022, this company expanded its network among private hospitals inside and outside the country aiming to provide the best medical services to the clients and increase their level of satisfaction.

Tebmedtourism in IPH 2022

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