iranian surrogate for international couples

Iranian surrogate mother for international couples

Surrogacy is a miracle for couples with infertility issues that could fulfill the dream of having children by utilizing biomedical technologies. The surrogate mother, with her own will, carry out a pregnancy and give birth to a child that she is not genetically related to, who will then be delivered to the intended parents. In the meantime, the role played by the surrogate is very important.

A good surrogate has some special characteristics, that not only an Iranian surrogate has all these characteristics but also she is in the best mental and physical condition due to being monitored and under the supervision of the international, well known and well-skilled agency called TebMedTourism.

In this article of TebMedTourism, we will speak about Iranian surrogate (the best and the cheapest)characteristic of a good surrogate that definitely will be considered in choosing the Iranian surrogate by TebMedTourism and two character traits that our agency seek in Iranian surrogates for reaching the best results.

But if you have some hesitation about surrogacy in Iranthe best country for surrogacy and the cheapest country for surrogacy, we have published articles on the above topics that can answer many of your questions, put an end to your doubts and lead you to choose Iranian surrogates for welcoming your newborn via surrogacy journey.

What are the characteristics of a good surrogate mother?

It is so normal that you, as the intended parents, be worried about leaving your baby’s health in the hands of a complete stranger and show complete trust in healthcare agencies. You undoubtedly have very high standards when assessing a surrogate’s traits!

But nobody is completely perfect. How to take wise steps? Prioritizing the characteristics that you want to negotiate with them is the first step for you as intended parents! Then, you shouldn’t worry much about the others. Having a healthy baby at the end of your surrogacy journey is the ultimate goal for both you and your surrogate.

In the following, we will be counting all factors that TebMedTourism agency takes into account while selecting a surrogate. We are confident and optimistic that together we will reach excellent agreements on these issues:

  1. Healthy Iranian surrogates

Your first priority should be this. Any woman’s body will experience stress during a full-term pregnancy. She should follow a healthy diet, refrain from using drugs, and should not smoke. At the first glance, the surrogate mother must be looking healthy and in a good mental and physical condition.


  1. Fully-aware Iranian surrogate

You should have confidence that your surrogate is aware of the legal aspects of the surrogate agreements and the duties that she has agreed to by carrying your kid.

She should be prepared to follow the fertility doctor’s instructions and be aware of the significance of prenatal care, testing and the steps of the IVF process that are necessary for gestational surrogacy in Iran.


  1. Trustworthy and reliable Iranian surrogate

Choosing a surrogate who will take her responsibility seriously is so important. Trustworthiness and reliability are two key factors that should be seriously considered. The ideal surrogate mother will be sensible enough to take care of herself throughout pregnancy, adhere to doctor’s orders, and avoid taking risks.


  1. Communicative and flexible Iranian surrogate

You want a surrogate who will communicate with your agency frequently and keep you and your facilitator informed of any advances or pregnancy milestones, as well as any medical issues.


Pregnancy can have unpredictable events. Unexpected changes must be accommodated by a surrogate. How will she feel If she’s put on bed rest? Will she change her lifestyle to accommodate any pregnancy-related changes? In case she has difficulties, does she have a strong network of family and friends to lean on? After checking all the above parameters, the selection should be made!

2 personality features that we seek in our surrogates

Since no two people are precisely the same, we put a lot of effort into selecting compatible intended parents and Iranian surrogates. Each side seeks a particular set of qualities, and when those qualities mesh in a pairing, it’s a lovely thing.

Specific personality traits are needed for all surrogates to possess. The top two are shown here:

  1. Iranian surrogates are so optimistic and have a high understanding

Of course, a positive attitude is so essential for the entire surrogacy procedure. According to studies, those who are positive have superior cardiovascular health, which could prevent infections, and can recover more quickly after surrogacy.

Avoiding stress along with optimism provides the best conditions for a successful pregnancy and getting the best result.

Understanding that a person, as a surrogate mother, is fulfilling the intended parents’ wish and bringing happiness to their family is so helpful for the entire surrogacy process.

  1. Iranian surrogates are generous and patient

Generosity is one of the primary qualities. Even while we look for individuals who actually enjoy being pregnant, raising a child for someone else is an extremely selfless act. The Iranian surrogate will need to be monitored because in the surrogacy process, there is more involved than just carrying the child. Big-hearted individuals who are aware of what they’re doing and give it their all are truly exceptional.

The surrogacy process will occasionally feel like a stress-inducing game. There will be a lot of waiting while the initial processes are completed. There will be waiting—waiting for tests, results, and milestones. A life must be created, and a newborn must develop over time! So it’s crucial to be patient and show respect to the process.

why Iran?

1. In Iran, surrogacy is provided at a fair price. Iranian doctors, experts, and other professionals provide their superior clinical skill at substantially lower costs than their counterparts elsewhere in the world. Iran’s intriguing international placement on the globe map is also to blame for this.

The cost of surrogacy in Iran by the TebMedTourism company is $19,000. Iran is the cheapest country for surrogacy, with beautiful scenery, hospitable people, high-tech labs and clinics, professional doctors, and the most important of all, high success rate in IVF + surrogacy procedures (Gestational surrogacy).

The costs of surrogacy, according to the latest statistics, are as follows:

  • The price of surrogacy in the U.S. is $140,000, about 7.5 times more than the TebMedTourism prices in Iran.
  • The price of surrogacy in the Canada is $85,000, about 5.3 times more than the TebMedTourism prices in Iran.
  • The price of surrogacy in the Greece is $89,000, about 6 times more than the TebMedTourism prices in Iran.
  • The price of surrogacy in Mexico is $72,000, about 4.5 times more than the TebMedTourism prices in Iran.
  • The price of surrogacy in Ukraine is $55,000, about 3.5 times more than the TebMedTourism prices in Iran.
  • The price of surrogacy in Colombia is $67,000, about 4 times more than the TebMedTourism prices in Iran.

2. Throughout the nine-month period of pregnancy, surrogacy agencies like TebMedTourism in Iran provide continuous monitoring on the Iranian surrogate mothers.
3. Iranian surrogacy companies do routine prenatal and postpartum examinations to make sure that the surrogate mother has all the required traits and is healthy throughout the entire pregnancy.
4. In Iran, surrogacy is completely legal. The surrogate mother will not have any legal claim over the child, and you will have complete parental rights.
5. Iranian surrogacy agencies provide a knowledgeable and certified team of medical specialists and trained professionals who work together to ensure the best results for their clients

How TebMedTourism choose a surrogate?

Hello and welcome to surrogacy process in Iran by TebMedTourism. This is not an advertising headline; this is a wise and intellectual choice.

The surrogate should have unique qualities; thus, TebmedTourism as a professional, well-known and skilled facilitator, will consider these characteristics when selecting the best candidates among Iranian surrogate applicants.

The Iranian surrogates are chosen by TebMedTourism with great care. The following list will help intended parents identify the ideal surrogate based on our agency. Qualifications to be an Iranian surrogate are listed as follows:

  • Aged between 21 and 45 years old
  • History of delivering a minimum of one child
  • Non-smoker
  • Never uses drugs
  • Bearing the ideal Body Mass Index of the clinics
  • Zero criminal history
  • Living in a secure and sanitary house with accompanying supportive people during the surrogacy
  • Using a trustworthy vehicle for medical and psychological appointments
  • Taking all prescription drugs as directed by fertility doctor
  • The acceptance of undergoing a psychological evaluation


Regarding the last point, you should pay attention to the fact that, even though a gestational surrogate can’t change her decision once the baby is born, to make sure that she is at ease with the idea of giving up the child after birth, prospective gestational surrogates are obliged to go through a mental health consultation.

As you see, we are very restricted in choosing Iranian surrogates, which is why TebMedTourism Iranian surrogates are the first and top choice of international couples.


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