TebMedTourism received Iran's health tourism leader award from the Minister of Tourism

TebMedTourism, The Leader of Medical Tourism Industry in Iran in 2023

Exhibitions play a crucial role in developing the medical industry and business. These events bring together companies and individuals from the industry to showcase their latest products, services, and technologies. The medical industry is constantly evolving, and exhibitions provide an excellent platform for businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and trends.

These events also offer a unique opportunity for networking and building relationships with potential clients and partners. Business owners can meet face-to-face with potential partners and customers and discuss their needs and concerns, which helps in building trust and forming long-lasting relationships. Moreover, these events provide a chance for businesses to learn from each other, share experiences, and foster collaboration, which can lead to innovative solutions and new business ventures.

The second International Private Hospitals Congress and Exhibition (IPH 2023) was held at the IRIB International Conference Center, Tehran, Iran from July 16th to 18th, 2023. This was a significant event for the healthcare industry in Iran, and it was an opportunity to transfer international experiences, get acquainted with new technologies and develop relations with medical tourism companies.

Healthcare professionals from all over the world, including hospitals, experts, and leaders in the health industry, were brought together by the congress to share their knowledge and experiences. The objective of this congress was to create a platform for healthcare professionals to exchange ideas and best practices to enhance healthcare industry and improve patient outcomes. TebMedTourism was one of the sponsors, organizers, and participants of this event.

IPH 2023

Hospitals, clinics, and medical centers play a crucial role in the health industry. The Health Tourism Development Center of Islamic Countries (HTDC) collaborated with international hospital associations to organize an event titled “International Congress and Exhibition Private Hospitals (IPH 2023)” from 16 to 18 July 2023 in Tehran, Iran. The main aim was to introduce the potential and create international synergy, share experiences and knowledge of the latest solutions and technologies, as well as develop international cooperation.
This event provided the opportunity to introduce organizations, promote the brands, and show the capabilities of key players in the health and health tourism industry, as well as health tourism facilitator companies, service providers and manufacturers related to the industry, including manufacturers of medical and hospital products, laboratory equipment, and pharmaceuticals.

The objectives were to professionalize the health management discipline and create global capacity in the leadership and management of health systems. The idea was to make the health workforce more professional by giving organizations the tools and info they need to train and develop game-changer managers and leaders. The international private hospitals Congress happening in July 2023 provided a great chance for networking and exchanging knowledge between the leaders of health from all around the world. Alongside the face-to-face seminars and exhibition, the event organizers also set up a virtual meeting just for their members.

The IPH 2023 provided an opportunity to gain international experience and stay up to date with the latest developments in healthcare industry. During this event, specialized panels were held with the presence of experts from around the world, and the latest developments and knowledge in the field of Healthcare were discussed in educational workshops.

Hospitals and medical centers, specialized clinics, medical equipment and pharmaceutical companies, medical tourism companies, startups, and knowledge-based companies were the target audience of this event who participated in this exhibition and its side events.

TebMedTourism Activities in IPH 2023

One of the highlights of the IPH event was the presence of “TebMedTourism”, which is the leading infertility treatment company that offers a comprehensive range of services to international patients seeking fertility treatment. With the help of expert Iranian physicians, modern assisted reproductive technologies, and the comprehensive services of the company, TebMedTourism earned an outstanding place in the field of infertility treatment in not only the region but all over the globe.
TebMedTourism provides high-quality fertility treatment in the form of customized packages according to the clients’ requirements, as well as non-medical services including medical visa, accommodation, and translator in order to make the treatment process as convenient as possible for our dear patients and their families.

TebMedTourism Hosting the “Infertility Treatment Panel”

TebMedTourism organized a specialized panel discussion at the IPH exhibition to shed light on the topic of “International Experience in Infertility Treatment.” The panelists consisted of 6 experts from Iran, and various countries who shared their insights and experiences on the latest advancements in the field of infertility treatment. The discussion provided valuable information to attendees, enabling them to gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with infertility treatment on a global scale.

TebMedTourism Presence in the Branding Panel

On another panel, which was set under the topic of “Branding and Marketing in Healthcare”, Dr. Ali Bazazi, the CEO of TebMedTourism was the Conductor and one of the panelists of the seminar. In this panel which was held by 5 panelists, the vital aspects of branding and marketing in the healthcare industry were emphasized, as they help healthcare providers establish a strong “Brand Identity” and effectively communicate their services to patients. However, healthcare branding and marketing require careful consideration of ethical and regulatory guidelines, as well as sensitivity to the unique needs and concerns of patients. Therefore, it is essential for healthcare providers to approach branding and marketing with a patient-centered mindset and a focus on delivering high-quality care.

Winning the Award of “Leadership of Medical Tourism Industry”

The official opening ceremony of IPH 2023 was attended by the Iran Minister of Tourism, Deputy Minister of Health, members of the Health and Treatment Commission and Tourism commission of Iran parliament, managers of the Health Tourism Development Center of Islamic Countries (HTDC), ambassadors from various countries, and international and local guests.
During the official ceremony of IPH 2023, TebMedTourism proudly won the award of “The Leader of Medical Tourism Industry in Iran”. The presence of TebMedTourism at IPH 2023 and its recognition as a leader in medical tourism is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services to patients and our dedication to advancing the industry in Iran.
The congress covered a wide range of topics, such as the role of digital health and artificial intelligence in healthcare, quality improvement and accreditation, branding and marketing in the healthcare industry, sustainability strategies, improving quality and safety, WHO healthcare standards, healthcare service design and infrastructure, hospital building and design, supply chain and logistics, and smart hospitals.

The IPH event created a chance for key players in the health and health tourism industry, including service providers and manufacturers related to the healthcare industry, to showcase their capabilities, establish their brands, and share their expertise. In IPH 2023, once again, TebMedTourism defined the meaning of perfectionism and proved our team’s commitment to providing the highest quality fertility treatment for our clients from all around the world.

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