Report of Meeting with Afghanistan delegates

Tebmedtourism team met with the Health Minister of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on the sideline of G5 conference, in Tehran- Iran:

Report of Meeting with the Health Minister of Afghanistan:

On the sideline of G5 high level expert meeting on health cooperation, held in Tehran- Iran on 7th September 2022, Tebmedtourism met with the high level delegates of ministry of public health of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.  This meeting took place with the intention of strengthening the relationship between the health system of Iran and Afghanistan through public private partnership with the presence H.E Dr. Qalandar Ibad, Health Minister- I.E.A, Dr. Jumagul Ahmadzai (Technical Advisor to the minister), Dr. Abdul Azeem Ahmadzai (Policy and Plan Advisor to the minister), Dr. Ali Bazazi (CEO of Tebmedtourism) and Mrs. Zahra Ravesh (International Marketing Manager) Tebmedtourism Company.

H.E Dr. Qalandar Ibad stated that “Iran’s healthcare facilities are equipped with advanced technologies and the doctors are highly experienced, hence Iran is an alternative destination for the Afghan nationals to travel for medical purposes. In the meantime, in order to improve the health system of Afghanistan, the Afghan doctors need to be trained in various medical disciplines and be acquainted with contemporary medical knowledge and learn the recent medical techniques. For this purpose, Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health is welcoming to any sort of medical trainings offered and is willing to pave the way for Iranian doctors whom wish to travel to Afghanistan for this purpose”.

He added that currently many Afghans have designated Iran as a destination for their treatment, however some are facing challenges in selecting the appropriate medical center. Therefor he emphasized on developing a protocol for management of Afghan patients traveling to Iran.

Dr. Ali Bazazi stated that “Tebmedtourism is one of the pioneer healthcare facilitator companies with great experience in the field of medical traveler management therefore is eager to develop this protocol for the Afghan patients to attain high quality yet affordable treatments in Iran”. He also agreed to develop training strategies for the capacity development of Afghan doctors.

On this note both sides agreed to collaborate and maximize utilizing resources and opportunities for the benefits of Afghans.

Meeting with the Health Minister of Afghanistan

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