preimplantation genetic diagnosis for gender selection in 2023

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for Gender Selection in 2023

PGD for gender selection is considered one of the most favorite and demanded procedures amongst potential couples, aiming at balancing the gender ratio in the family or preventing and decreasing the odds of developing some genetic-specific diseases in a child with a specific gender.
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) testing is counted as one of the finest, fastest and swift procedures that lead to balancing family makeup or preventing the passing down of gender disorders to the offspring.

How accurate is PGD testing for gender?

PGD procedure for determining the gender of a child is considered one of the most reliable and accurate procedures amongst other testing through which a child’s sex can be determined.

It’s internationally accepted that the PGD accuracy rate for gender selection is between 98% and 99%, however, some other research papers have claimed that the PGD accuracy rate will increase to 100% if performed under certain standard conditions by highly skilled specialists.

What is the success rate of PGD gender selection? 

Simply, the overall PGD success rate for gender selection is between 99% and 100%. The PGD success rate to determine a specific gender in an embryo depends on the embryologist and fertility doctors’ capability and skills to identify XX or XY chromosomes in the embryo through a PGD test, if this procedure was done accordingly then the gender selection process is almost 100% accurate.

In addition to that, PGD testing increases the chances of clinical pregnancy to 95%, a 95% chance of a live-birth delivery, and contributes to an increasing 95% chance of multiple-birth delivery among women over 37.

What is the PGD procedure for gender selection?

The overall PGD procedure for gender selection prior to fertilization is the same as the IVF procedure. However, before commencing the PGD testing, the patient needs to consult with an infertility treatment specialist for the necessary consultation on the overall patient’s health condition and the procedure itself. That will include some lab tests.

Following the pre-operative consultation, the patient is expected to undergo a complete IVF cycle, the process starts with the first menstrual cycle which will be followed by ovarian stimulation, assessments, egg retrieval, ICSI, and embryo growth and then PGD testing will be performed on the embryo.

So let’s evaluate the PGD procedure for gender selection. In the gender determination procedure, the sole determinant is the male partner that carries both X and Y chromosomes. On the other hand, the female partner in any circumstances carries Y chromosomes which she has no influence on determining gender in an embryo. Therefore, if the sperm contributes a Y chromosome and the ovum contributes an X chromosome the embryo gender will be a boy. However, if the sperm gives an X chromosome and the ovum also adds an X chromosome the embryo gender will be a girl.

The gender selection procedure starts approximately 14 days after the insemination and embryo growth happens in our laboratories under special conditions and supervision. Afterward, the embryo evaluation under certain conditions through preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) will start.

The embryologist will evaluate the overall growth of the embryo and after a thorough evaluation of the embryo’s growth and condition are good then the embryologist will take a sample from the embryo for further evaluation and gender determination.

The specialist will get a sample containing 3 to 6 cells in the blastocyst stage for examination through the utilization of a laser and a microscopic needle. This is a very sensitive and technical procedure that is performed by our highly experienced and skilled embryologist in TEBMED’s partner clinics and hospitals.

Subsequently, we will perform preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) on the selected samples at our well-equipped laboratories under the supervision of our infertility specialists and concerned embryologists and perform gender selection.

Each medical procedure has its pros and cons, however, the advantages of PGD are considerable and we as a reliable company recommend couples undergo PGD to achieve their desired result.

It’s worth mentioning that, in our laboratories, the PGD is performed as per international standards by highly skilled and qualified embryologists.

Afterward, the quality, healthy, normal, and well-growing embryos will be transferred to the female partner’s uterus for conception.

This is to be mentioned that based on the request of couples, the remaining embryos will be frozen for the next cycles or to be used in future pregnancies.

Who is eligible for preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)?

PGD is considered one of the reliable procedures to diagnose and prevent gender disorders and chromosomal abnormalities.

Those who have previous signs of hereditary genetic disorders and chromosomal abnormalities or those female partners who are 36 or above and those who want to determine their next child’s gender are eligible for undergoing PGD.

Where to perform quality and inexpensive PGD testing?

Your landing place to perform PGD with quality and the cheapest cost is Iran, where your treatment will cost you considerably cheaper than the regional countries and beyond with achieving the desired result.

If you already planned to perform your PGD in Iran, then TEBMED Tourism healthcare facilitating company is your guide to providing you with the necessary information and consultation free of charge.  For more information and assistance on how to plan your PGD treatment in Iran, please contact TEBMED Tourism Company specialists to better consult and guide you in your treatment planning.  TEBMED Tourism Company in partnership with well-known clinics in Iran which are equipped with advanced medical technologies offers affordable, reliable, and quality preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) testing to accompany you to reach your desired result.

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