Scoliosis treatment in Iran

Scoliosis: degrees, causes, and treatments

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine is not straight, but curved. Patients with scoliosis suffer from symptoms such as two different heights shoulders, one hip higher than another, pushed out ribs, etc. it occurs in both adults and children. There are different ways to treat the condition depending on the spine curve degree.


What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis means that the spine in the back does not run and curves to the side. The angel of the curve may be small, mild or large, but it is considered scoliosis if it measures more than 10 degrees. The greater the angle of the spine curve, the more likely it is to develop over time.

You may not easily diagnose this problem by looking directly at someone’s spine, but you may notice it when she/he stands. Because, it causes the patient to lean a little or has uneven shoulders or hips.

Causes and types

More than 80 percent of scoliosis cases do not have an exact reason. Doctors call them “idiopathic”. Though the same number of girls and boys are diagnosed with minor Idiopathic scoliosis it gets worse in girls 10 times more than boys and may need to be treated.

20 percent of scoliosis have clear causes. These are divided into 2 types: structural and nonstructural scoliosis.


Nonstructural scoliosis means that the spine works normally, however, it seems curved. Some factors such as having one leg longer than another, inflammations like appendicitis and muscle spasm may be the reason for this type. If the reasons are treated the problem often goes away.


Structural scoliosis means that the spine curve is rigid and will not be reversed. Structural scoliosis causes may include:

  • Birth defects
  • Tumors
  • Infections
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Some genetic illnesses such as Down syndrome and Marfan syndrome

Structural congenital scoliosis starts when a baby’s back develops before birth due to vertebrae bones incompleteness or improperly division. It may be detected when the child is born or not found until ten years.

Scoliosis treatment

  1. Scoliosis treatment by observation

Observation means that if the child has a spine curve between 10 to 24 degrees (small curve), she/he may only be required to measure a few times in a year. The idea behind this type of treatment is to know whether the spine curve measurement increases to 25 or higher degree. If so, it will need a different treatment type.

Since adult’s bones don’t grow this method is used when scoliosis accompanies nerve symptoms.

  1. Scoliosis treatment by Bracing

One of the big aims of scoliosis treatment is to prevent curve increasing when the child’s bones are still growing. This method is required when the curve degree is between 25 and 45.

Bracing will affect the child’s self-esteem and is necessary for avoiding surgery or pain in the future.

Bracing, when worn according to instructions, stops the spine curve progressing in about 80 percent of cases.

  1. Scoliosis treatment by Surgery

When the scoliosis degree hits 40 or 50, surgery is recommended by doctors. This is true for both teens and adults. In the teen’s signs of the curve, the increase has to be present, as well. In adults, surgical treatment is recommended when the degree of the curve is 50 and the patient has nerve damage to legs or bowl or causes bladder problems.

The goal of scoliosis surgery is to straighten the curve and avoid it from progressing in the future. Metal implants and rods are put in the spine to reduce or eliminate the curves. Also, the surgery keeps the spine curve straight until fusion occurs. Fusion is the knitting together of the spinal element.

  1. Scoliosis treatment by Schroth method

Schroth is a type of physical therapy method that is more common in Europe that has enabled some patients with large spine curves to avoid surgery.

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