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  1. VIP package include: Medical Tourism visa, Sim card & internet, Intercity transfer, Translator, Treatment, Hotel, Medical consultation, Shopping tour, Sightseeing, Recovery tour package, Children entertainment
  2. Package A Include:Medical Tourism visa, Sim card & internet, Intercity transfer, Translator, Treatment, Hotel, Medical consultation, Shopping tour
  3. Package B Include:Medical Tourism visa, Sim card & internet,  Treatment, Hotel, Medical consultation
  4. Package C Include: Treatment, Medical consultation

Additive Description:

  1. Therapeutic services are in highest quality in all packages. Price differences in packages is due to accommodation, Recreational Services, and post-treatment recovery accommodation facilities.
  2. Estimated costs in each package is for one person(patient). TebMedTourism company will be proud to host your fellow(s) in your medical trips if you require.
  3. TebMedTourism company will be proud to adjust post-treatment relaxation tours for you and your fellows if you desire.
  4. All packages include free travel insurance. TebMedTourism company in coordination with Pasargad insurance provide Treatment insurance (to cover probable unexpected side effects or prolonged treatments) for a little excessive charge (approximately 10-15 % of package price) if you order.
  5. Package prices are estimated costs. Depending on different factors, Price might fluctuate ±10-20%.
  6. TebMedTourism guests are our really best friends. We hope to provide maximum satisfaction and euphoria in your medical trip. We hope to schedule a non-therapeutic and touristic trip to our four-season and wonderful country(Iran) very soon.
  7. Special services for Muslim ladies:
    In order to respect all religions and a variety of beliefs, TebMedTourism company try to organize different and separate services based on different views.
    Our company provides services for Muslim ladies who are interested to be treated by women medical team. If you like to be treated by the women’s medical team, let us know through the correspondence with the counseling team until your Acceptance process is provided at the specialized women’s center.
  8. Deaf people services:
    At TebMedTourism, we create special facilities, entertainment, tourism and facilities for deaf people around the world. These services include tourism, entertainment, medical treatment, along with an international interpreter for the deaf language.
    Our company planning to provide recreational and therapeutic tours for dear deaf people to provides friendly and lifelong gatherings for you from all around the world. 🙂
  9. Hire a nurse:
    You may need to have a nurse during your healthcare trip, which we have anticipated and planned for you. If you like to receive nursing recruitment services during the recovery period, please fill out the application form to inform our consultants about your request.
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