The Chance of Having Twins With Surrogacy

The chance of having twins with surrogacy

The chance of having twins with surrogacy is one of the most important and common question that may surround the intended parent’s mind who have planned to treat their infertility problem by surrogacy.

As we know, the end goal of all couples that are suffering from infertility is having a child. When patients are tired from all infertility treatments, they refuge to assisted reproductive techniques such as in vitro fertilization or surrogacy treatment as a final and practical solution.

In the last few decades, surrogacy has been a common infertility treatment with well and acceptable outcomes.


If you have seen the intended parents who have tried IVF or surrogacy, you have observed that they may desire having twins or even triplets. On the other hand, when we talk with surrogate mothers, they tell us that they have had experience with multiples at least once.

There is a fact that children are a gift of the Lord and they make life happier and they are as source of energy for their parents but sometimes because of the unfavorable economic conditions of the family and parents involved in business and other difficulties, the couples prefer to have just one baby. For these reasons some patients emphasis on this issues to their specialist.

The chance of having twins with surrogacy causes that some couples with poor economic conditions scare from IVF and surrogacy treatment.

In addition to the expensive prices of surrogacy procedure, the parents may need a nurse to take care of their newborn children full time.

Also when a women who have carried twins should tolerate much more difficulties during pregnancy. In other words, they may face much tiredness, hunger, nausea and vomiting.

There for carrying twins or triplets is not easy for surrogate mother. And it may have some risks for her.

Despite these problems, some intended parents and surrogate mothers prefer to would opt for a multiple birth because they desire having multi babies during one process and it is affordable for them.

So before taking any action, we should know what are the reasons of having twins or triplets with surrogacy? Do Infertility specialists confirm it or do not? Can we avoid twins or triplets?

having twins with surrogacy

Having twins with surrogacy

If you are suffering from infertility and you have dreams of getting pregnant or dreams of having a newborn but you doubt that IVF treatment or getting surrogate mother is right for you or not, please read this article carefully as we explain the reasons of getting twins or triplets with surrogacy in this article.

We assure that it will be useful for you and answer to your questions and reduce your concerns.

When are having twins or multiple births during surrogacy possible?

First of all, we should understand why does twins pregnancy more common in surrogacy and when does it usually happens?

We have explained surrogacy treatment in previous articles but if we want to review shortly, we should say surrogacy is one of the fertility treatment methods that fertility specialists remove an egg from the woman’s ovaries and then fertilize it with sperms in a laboratory environment. after that, the new embryos are transferred to the uterus of the woman or a surrogate mother to grow and develop.

But when a single fertilized egg (called an embryo) splits into multiple cells or when the fertility specialists transfer more than one embryo to the uterus, the twins or multiple births take place.

So as it is clear, surrogacy needs much time and has expensive prices.

Therefore, it is normal that the intended parents and the fertility specialists expect to achieve to positive outcomes and they don’t want the treatment get failed results.

Therefore, it is normal that the intended parents and the fertility specialists expect to achieve to positive outcomes and they don’t want the treatment get failed results.
In order to reduce the risk of the failure of surrogacy process, the specialists usually implant more than one embryo to the womb of the surrogate mother. Also you should know that implanting multiple embryos, always does not give you twins or multiple babies.

Sometimes multiple embryos transferring just lead to born one baby. Actually the fertility specialists just attempt to increase the chance of the success rate of the treatment. For this reason, the fertility specialists encourage women to transfer multiple embryos to prevent and avoid the lower success rate and financially and emotionally failure of patients.

Can you have twins via surrogacy?

Can you have twins via surrogacy

The answer to this question is yes. Since in the surrogacy process the embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother’s uterus through IVF, you can have an increased chance of having twins if more than one embryo be transferred. If more than one embryo has high quality, with the decision of you and your doctor, two embryos may be transferred. The chance of implanting both embryos is not so high, but the chances of having twins with surrogacy will definitely increase after that.

Moreover, just like a normal pregnancy, the embryo can have a natural split in the uterus, resulting in identical twins. Studies show that IVF can slightly increase the chance of natural embryo splitting. Although having twins is the dream of many couples, you should have certain considerations before attempting for having multiple babies. In the surrogacy process, you need to consider the risks and the compensation of the surrogate mother because it will definitely raise your expenses.

Why twins are more common in surrogacy?


Why twins are more common in surrogacy

Having twins are more common in surrogacy since the embryo transfer is done through the IVF process and in order for IVF to be successful, multiple embryos may be transferred at the same time so that the chance of implanting at least one embryo in the uterine lining goes higher. Consequently, IVF carries a higher chance of multiple pregnancies. However, the desired goal of surrogacy is having a safe delivery and a healthy baby, not necessarily producing twins. Today, transferring more than one embryo is mostly not recommended due to the risks involved, unless there is a medical reason that convinces the doctor to transfer more than one embryo

Final recommendations:

As we always mention in our articles, before taking any action, the patients should research for a professional medical care team and equipped clinics and hospitals for treatment so the patients could trust them and consult with their fertility specialists in all steps of the treatment process.

Also if you intend to have multi babies, they should consider the surrogate mother’s conditions and other influencing factors so the surrogate mother should accept to transfer multiple embryos.

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