hair transplant in Iran

What is the difference between hair transplant and hair implant?

Hair transplant or hair implant ?

Hair transplant in Iran

Baldness and hair losing are one of the most common problems among men and women these days. People who suffer from hair loss choose different methods to solve this problem. When people see the first signs of hair loss, they refer to doctors and dermatologists. Doctors offer them various treatment methods such as monotherapy, plasma injection, taking monoxide, etc., but sometimes these solutions are not an appropriate treatment and cannot solve the problem of hair losing.


In such cases, hair transplant and hair implant are the only available solutions to this problem. But what is the hair transplant surgery and how does it perform? What is the difference between hair transplant and hair implant? Who can use hair implant? We intend to answer these questions and explain about it in detail in this article. Therefore, if you suffer from hair loss and baldness and you intend to do the cosmetic hair transplant surgery and you do not know which method is suitable for you, we suggest you read this article carefully.

What is the implanted hair?

The implanted hair is an old type of the cosmetic surgery that became very popular in the eighties, but due to its negative consequences for the body, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prevented its spread. But after a few years, with its dramatic development, it became known as a very popular cosmetic procedure in the society.

hair transplant in Iran

As some doctors recommend it as a suitable cosmetic procedure to their patients. In the cosmetic procedure of the implanted hair, a series of synthetic fibers are used. At the end of them are a plastic or metal knots and the surgeon places each strand of hair one by one under the scalp. Implanted hair is a simple and easy surgical procedure performed in outpatient clinics by doctors, specialists or operators, but the materials used in it may cause some problems and allergies in the body.

Advantages of the implanted hair

The implanted hair is a good method for people who do not have enough hair banks on donor area in the back of head or the person suffers from physical problems that cannot use the implanted hair method. This method has positive advantages and features that attract the attention of physicians and patients, which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Low Cost:

The implanted hair is cheaper and more cost-effective than natural hair transplants.

  • Choosing the color and appearance of hair:

Before starting the hair implants, the patient can choose the type and material of straight or curly hair, the color and appearance of hair as he/ she wants.

  • Anesthesia:

This method uses local anesthesia and the patient does not feel much pain during implantation. Some sedatives and painkillers can help the patient to be calmed.

  • Time:

If you do not have enough time for the hair transplant surgery, the implanted hair is a good method for you because it does not require much time. And the patient can see the final result immediately after implantation. Also, this method does not have a specific age limit.

Risks, side effects and disadvantages of the implanted hair

Like any other surgery, this cosmetic surgery may have some risks, complications and disadvantages that we mention them as below:

Swelling, inflammation, pimples and some allergic reactions such as severe itching at the implant site.

Infection or purulent lesions and bleeding at the implant site, so that the physician prescribes some antibiotics and blood-thinning drugs to prevent microbial infection and severe bleeding.

The implanted hair is not like transplanted hair. In other words, the implanted hair never grows, so the patient cannot dye or straighten the hair, and use gels, or heating devices such as hair dryer to dry the hair. For this reason, before starting the implanted hair, synthetic fibers are prepared for implantation in the same color as natural hair and with an approximate length of 10 to 25 cm.

The patient should use shampoos and hair care products to care for the implanted hair.

Over time, implanted hair begins to fall out with daily habits such as combing. For this reason, they should be planted and repaired again in short periods. It is also necessary for the patient to go to the clinic every month to clean his scalp to prevent the growth of small, colorless scales at the base of the implanted hair.

If the patient regrets the implanted hair, the patient will not be able to perform the hair transplant surgery due to the thinning of the scalp and inflammation.

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What is the hair transplant surgery?

As mentioned in previous articles,   in the hair transplant surgery hair follicles are transferred from the donor area in the back of the head to the recipient area, which suffers from baldness and hair loss, and the transplant operation is performed. The hair transplant surgery are performed in two ways, FUE and FUT. In any of these techniques, hair can grow naturally. Therefore, hair can be dyed and straightened, and drying devices such as hair dryers can also be used.

hair transplant in Iran

Which is the best method? The hair transplant surgery or the hair implant

The best method depends on your physical and financial condition and your doctor’s diagnosis.

As mentioned earlier, in both processes, there are positive and negative features and benefits, so the patient’s specific circumstances determine which method is the best for him/her. However, the hair transplantation method gives a natural appearance and beauty to person. And the patient easily returns to his normal and daily routines after recovering of the hair transplantation. Because in the hair transplant surgery, there is no need to see a doctor again for re-transplantation or repair, and the patient can have natural hair after cosmetic surgery. But if there is not enough hair in the donor area in the back of your head, you should opt for the implanted hair.

Hair transplant cost in Iran

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