best country for egg donation in the world 2023

Best country for egg donation in the world 2023

The best country for egg donation offers an extensive and diverse egg donor database. Different physical characteristics like eye color, hair color, and height can be chosen for the egg donor, ensuring the intended parents can find an egg donor that looks like the parents or the partner’s family. Moreover, the donor can be tested for any medical condition and have her complete genetic profile shared with the intended parents. This way, intended parents can be confident in finding an egg donor with similar phenotype characteristics.

Furthermore, the best country for egg donation should offer an affordable egg donation to make it easier for couples with budget limitations. While most fertility clinics provide IVF egg donation plans and can customize the treatment based on individual needs and financial conditions, costs should still remain competitive and reasonable.


Lastly, the success rate is another essential aspect when it comes to finding the best place for egg donation. Having high IVF success rates means experiencing fewer failures in the IVF egg donation journey, producing high-quality embryos, and healthy pregnancies with happy endings.


So finding the best country for egg donation comes down to three factors: a big egg donor database, an affordable cost, a high success rate, and an exceptional option for dear neighbor patients who live all over the world, from Muslims to Armenian infertile couples, genetic similarity with neighboring countries.

Genetic similarity between countries is increasingly becoming important for couples who want to have a baby that resembles their and their partner’s family. With genetic similarity to its neighboring countries, this area is the perfect place for couples to have a baby that looks like their family without traveling far for egg donation.


A country with these criteria will offer the perfect conditions for intended parents who want to find an egg donor that looks like the parents or the partner’s family and have the best chances for a successful treatment. If you’re looking for the best egg donor destination, reading this blog post on TebMedTourism, as the best egg donation agency, could be helpful!

Which is the best country for egg donation?


The egg donation process, like IVF with the intended mother’s eggs, is so complicated and needs special considerations.

First of all, the patients should give five stars to their IVF egg donation destination in the screening stage.

Nowadays, all countries that have allocated a share of the IVF market, have similar methods and criteria for screening egg donors, including physical, psychological and genetic screening for choosing the best egg donors.

The second popular item for patients is the success rate. Patients prefer to choose clinics with the highest IVF egg donation success rate.

The cost of the egg donation procedure is in the third position, which means for most couples getting the best eggs and achieving the best result is more important to them than the cost they make!

By the way, following countries regarding their young egg donors, success rates and costs are well-known worldwide:


1.      Egg donation in Iran


Going through egg donation in Iran can be an excellent opportunity for those looking to become parents without the hassles of a long waiting list.

Also Muslim egg donors have some distinct characteristics that make this process, especially appealing for those who prefer not to have their children exposed to drugs, cigarette and alcohol. So they can experience the joy of having children without compromising their religious and moral beliefs.

Iran has a large egg donor database with a significant background in high success rates for all IVF treatments, making it a reliable and cost-effective option for those looking for egg donation.

The screening process of young Iranian egg donors is precise and includes all necessary genetic and lab tests, ensuring that the eggs will be of high quality!

Many patients travel to Iran because of the high quality of medical care and the reasonable prices, which are lower than the other countries. Many IVF clinics provide IVF treatment in all corners of Iran.

Iran is recommended to ensure safe and successful ART treatments as the best country for egg donation. Well-developed medical systems, advanced fertility clinics, reliable donor selection processes, affordable cost and high success rate turned Iran into the best destination for IVF egg donation.


2.      Egg donation in Poland


For ART treatments involving egg donation, most Polish clinics will treat women up until the age of 52. There are no egg donation treatments for single women or couples of the same sex, and egg donors can donate up to six times! The cost of the egg donation process in Poland is $5500-6500.

A negative point in the opinion of some patients is related to gender selection tests. In Poland, gender selection (PGD test) is not allowed for family balancing reasons.


3.      Egg donation in Russia


The egg donation price in Russia is about $4,300-7,500; in this country, according to recent statistics, it has more than 199 clinics that offer ART methods, most of them in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Only two embryos can be transferred via IVF using donor eggs, and gender selection via the PGD test is not allowed in this country for family-balancing reasons.

Good quality of medical services, English- speaking staff ensuring no issues with communication during IVF egg donation and affordable costs, cheaper than western Europe, encourage many patients to travel to Russia.


4.      Egg donation in Spain


IVF treatment is permitted for all kinds of couples in Spain, which has one of the most liberal IVF laws in the world. However, 50 years old is the legal age limit for female patients. Donating eggs is legal and anonymous, So the clinic strictly protects the identities of both the egg donor and the recipient.

The maximum number of embryos that can be transferred is 3. Utilizing fresh and frozen eggs are available in Spain. It’s better to consider this key point; based on recent research, egg donation success rates by using fresh eggs is more than frozen eggs. In Spain, in each IVF cycle, max three embryos could be transferred.

3 negative points for Spain are high costs, age limitation for IVF and prohibition of gender selection via PGD tests for family balancing. The average cost of an IVF egg donation starts from $6,500-11,500.


5.      Egg donation in Greece


Greece’s ART legislation, passed in 2005, is regarded as one of Europe’s most patient-friendly and liberal IVF laws. With all these qualities, due to the high cost of IVF egg donation in comparison to an Asian country, patients prefer to travel to cheaper destinations. The average price of the egg donation process is $5,600-8,500.


Greece, like Iran and other countries, considers egg donor qualifications and forces donors to go through blood tests and genetic analysis that are included in the following tests:


  • Hepatitis B & C
  • HIV 1 & 2
  • Syphilis
  • Hemoglobin electrophoresis (which helps diagnose: Thyroid problems, Diabetes, Anemia, Liver diseases, Poor nutrition or inability to absorb nutrients and Certain autoimmune diseases.
  • sickle cell disease
  • Cystic fibrosis (CF) mutation
  • Fragile X testing
  • Conventional karyotype


The other unfavorable item, alongside the high cost of egg donation in Greece, is the forbiddance of Gender selection (PGD tests) for family balancing purposes.

Which is the cheapest country for egg donation?


As mentioned in previous paragraphs, the costs of IVF egg donation in popular destinations like Spain, Russia, Poland and other famous countries in ART treatments are so high that many patients prefer to travel to cheaper destinations. Among these countries, Iran is the cheapest country for egg donation. Travel to Iran and going through an IVF egg donation journey by TebMedTourism make an extraordinary experience for couples.

The cost of IVF egg donation in Iran by TebMedTourism is $4500. We have incredible packages for you with unique options like IVF egg donation+ PGD that, after consulting with our doctors, you can opt for the most appropriate for your situation.

Look forward by hope with TebMedTourism


In this blog post on TebMedTourism, we have explored particular characteristics like having a big egg donor database, affordable cost, and high average success rate in IVF (57%) with fresh eggs turn us into a particular destination, or in other words, the best place for egg donation.

The last and extraordinary option is the genetic similarity that, with the help of epigenetics (the study of how changes in your environment and behaviors can alter how your genes work), could change everything.

So, Dear neighbor, infertile couples, and those who pretend their baby have Aryan genes, the best country for egg donation is closer than you think! Do not hesitate to call us!

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