Can you Choose Gender by IVF?

Couples who want to have a child may wonder if they can choose gender by IVF or not. Gender selection which is also referred as sex selection is a process of choosing an embryo of specific

Gender selection, or pre-selecting the gender of an embryo, has opened a new window to many parents worldwide. In particular, for parents with a history of genetic issues that want to welcome their new child via the IVF process.

It is a process that allows a couple planning a family to decide on the gender or sex of their kid before conception.

IVF gender selection is a method with a high success rate of about 99.9% currently available (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis).

PGD, as scientific innovation, allows for the genetic analysis of one embryonic cell. This is done to ensure the egg that fertilized by sperm in laboratory environment is free of genetic flaws.

Although IVF gender selection by PGD technique is very innovative and helpful, it has been a controversial issue for many years, and there are some concerns about the consequences of performing gender selection technique.

In this article, TebMedTourism, an expert agency in fertility reproduction methods and medical tourism, will answer all of the questions about IVF gender selection like “Can we choose gender in IVF in Iran?”, “What is the success rate of gender selection?”, “Methods of Gender Selection”, “IVF gender selection process”, “IVF gender selection pros and cons” and etc.

This comprehensive article will help you cautiously make the best decision to welcome a new child by IVF gender selection.

Quick Information





Duration of procedure

3-4 weeks

Hospital Stay

Zero day

Minimum Stay in Iran

3 to 4 weeks

Can we choose gender in IVF in Iran?

Before talking about the PGD process, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that PGD is an advanced technique for the diagnosis of chromosomal and genetic diseases alongside gender selection. This technique requires modern laboratories and equipment, and fortunately, Iran 2022 stands at a point of progress and technology in the fields of medicine and especially successful fertility treatments, which today welcomes many infertile couples from all over the world.
These patients have not only chosen Iran as the destination for their infertility treatment through IVF, but they trust Iran and Iranian laboratories, clinics and fertility specialists.
So stay tuned and read this post to the end to get to know how precisely and How and with great precision this process is carried out in Iran.
Health care facilitators like TebMedTourism agency will consult the departments that have this technology (if necessary because genetic tests are not often performed in medical facilities) and choose the best. Parental (genetic) testing aids in preventing the hereditary disorders of one generation from being passed on to the next, and also IVF gender selection could be practical by PGD/PGS.
PGD equipment safety is one of the essential considerations that high-tech labs all over the world should focus on; Iranian high-tech labs are not exempt from these issues.
Tubes, racks, and pipettes, among other disposable tools and supplies, should all be maintained in the room. A sampler head that can withstand aerosols must be controlled, and the glassware must be sterile.
In any case, these items or reagents must be prepared in a hood with UV light. All of these safety precautions should not be used as a replacement for trying to prevent external contamination in the first place. Materials and solutions must be DNA-free and sterilized by autoclaving and passing through a 0.22 filter or by ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

In what countries is gender selection legal?

In what countries is gender selection legal?

In most European countries, gender selection is illegal. In these countries, the sex of the infant cannot be disclosed to the parents even if it is known.

Additionally, pre-implantation genetic testing (which would allow us to know the sex of the baby) may not be permitted because it is illegal to remove cells from the embryo.

The United States does not restrict the knowledge on sex of a baby(ivf gender selection legal countries)

And now it is Iran’s turn, A very successful country in the field of infertility treatment with an impressive success rate in IVF process, gender selection and PGS/NGS.

Superbly all the above mentioned methods are legal in IRAN .

IVF gender selection cost

In the USA, IVF procedure cost for one round is about $20,000 and depending on the number of the rounds this cost may change. For instance, in the US the cost of two rounds is about $40,000 to $90,000.

When gender selection via the PGD/NGS is ordered by you, the cost of this process is added to your basic IVF price which is $10,000 to $30,000 for PGD and $5000 for NGS.

IVF gender selection cost in IRAN

As you can see IVF gender selection has an impractical expense for many families. Therefore, it is better to make an economical decision.

IVF gender selection cost in IRAN as a beautiful and touristic country and professional in fertility fields with high-tech labs and clinics is about $3,200 -$7,000.

Methods of gender selection

There are two main methods in front of gender selection: technical and natural. Because of the very low success rate of the natural method and high possibility of errors in accurate gender selection, we will not mention it.

For example, one of the old methods that were prevalent before 1980 is sperm sorting/flow cytometry that uses the X-enriched or Y-enriched sperm to fertilize the egg, depending on how slightly their weights differ from one another.

Since there are multiple methods of gender selection only the description of the highest success rate is valuable for discussing and many of fertility specialists accustomed to use them.

But at the first step before introducing gender selection methods, answering to this question is necessary, what is gender selection?

Methods of gender selection


What is gender selection and who is a good candidate for sex selection?

If you’re going to have IVF, you may have heard of a procedure called gender selection or sex selection.

As its name indicates, gender selection allows couples to choose their baby’s sex using PGS/NGS tests. This technology, also referred to as family balancing, provides near 100 percent accuracy.

Getting known to the terminology of PGS/PGD and NGS will help you to understand which one is essential for your situation.

What is PGS?

PGS, preimplantation genetic screening, means the removal of one or more cells from an IVF embryo to test for chromosomal normality. PGS tests the embryo for the standard chromosome number. Humans possess 23 pairs of chromosomes, totaling 46.

What is NGS?

Many couples choose to have children of a particular gender in order to avoid certain sexual disorders.

NGS that is abbreviation of Next Generation Sequencing, the latest genetic screening test offered to couples taking IVF treatment. This new technology is a PGS method used for complete embryo testing for chromosomal anomalies.

IVF gender selection pros and cons

Pre-selection of an embryo’s gender or gender selection has long been a contentious topic.

Although sperm sorting and other techniques have been used for decades to carry out this practice, the public’s opinions are divisive. Some people are in favor of this therapy, while others are against it.

Benefits of IVF gender selection

  1. Giving the couples the option to plan a happy family by family balancing
  2. Conquering the genetic disorders of a family with an abnormal genetic history
  3. Decreasing risk of X-linked genetic disorders (including Fragile X syndrome, Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B, and Red-green color blindness)

 Risks of IVF gender selection

Some concerns that obsessed the mind of parents that want to welcome their new child via IVF and go through gender selection are “Can a biopsy damage an embryo?” and “Does PGT damage an embryo?”.

Fortunately, the answer to these questions is: No!

According to recent studies, there is not any evidence of damage to the embryos via biopsy.

Research has demonstrated that taking a biopsy of an embryo on day four or five of development, does not harm the embryo in any way.

The embryo’s outer layer (trophectoderm) is biopsied at this stage of development without harming the area that will eventually become the infant (the inner cell mass).

Gender Selection Success Rates with PGS


During IVF process, the intended parents can determine gender through PGS. By identifying XX or XY chromosomes in the embryo during the first days, the success rate of gender selection is almost 100 percent. However, some of the patients cannot produce the viable embryos of their desired gender due to factors like old ages, egg supply and sperm quality and to reach their desired gender, they may need to consider performing gender selection process by using donor eggs (IVF + egg donation) or donor sperms.

Regardless of the reason behind the gender selection technique, the success rate for this procedure is very high by using IVF+PGD or just using preimplantation genetic screening (PGS).

Twins born trough ivf

The Bottom Line

Gender selection is a very useful technique in fertility treatment which by the use of IVF helped so many couples in order to raise their desired-gender kid with nearly %100 chance of success. Undergoing IVF+ PGD or PGS is a highly-cost process that is financially devastating in so many countries like America. However, there are some countries which have high-quality medical facilities as well as the affordable costs.

Iran is now one of the best countries regarding the costs and the quality of services. We at TebMedTourism offer you the best treatment services in the form of packages depending on your need. The range of prices for IVF+PGD can only be about $4,500 along with professional physicians and well-equipped facilities. For more information on sex/gender selection in Iran, we invite you to have a free consultation by calling us at +98 912 098 5010 or fill out our online communication forms.


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Reasonably reliable information could point to the most trustworthy approach. The data discussed in this post by TebMedTourism has precisely such a feature.

Now with this clear and accurate data, you could decide!

The best decision is to trust such a successful and skilled agency along with experiencing an immemorial trip and happy achievement, bringing you a healthy baby with selected gender.

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