which country is the Cheapest for Gender Selection in 2023 ?

which country is the Cheapest for Gender Selection in 2024?

People have always had emotions for certain sex of offspring and they mostly have gender preferences for their children. The tendency to choose a certain gender could be due to personal interests or avoiding certain types of sex-linked disorders. Gender selection which is also referred to as family balancing is a scientific technique that gives parents the opportunity to choose the gender of their biological baby through a genetic test called PGD.
Although there are some myths and recommendations about how to choose the sex of a baby, the only scientific way to choose the gender of a baby is through IVF with gender selection. This technology offers almost 100 percent accuracy; therefore, it is a reliable method to count on when you are willing to have a baby with certain gender.
Gender selection is not available in all over the world, so many couples decide to go through this process overseas. But one of the most important concerns of a couple before having a gender selection is the cost of the process. Each country has a different cost of services along with the cost of accommodation, transfer, food, etc. As a result, candidates need to look for the cheapest country for gender selection that is budget-friendly and the service is offered in its highest quality.

Gender selection is not allowed all over the world. Sex selection in countries like Australia, Canada, China, India, and the UK is completely illegal whether there is a medical or non-medical reason. In 31 other countries, the non-medical use of sex selection is banned. The united states, Mexico, Italy, Cyprus, Iran, and Thailand are among the well-known countries for gender selection. People from different parts of the world usually come to one of the IVF gender selection legal countries to select the gender of their babies and grow their families safely.

Once you decided to do gender selection overseas, you should consider all the factors involved including the cost of the treatment, the quality of services, the expertise of physicians, the equipment of the fertility center or clinic, success rate, accommodation, and also living expenses as it will be calculated in the final cost of your trip.

The Cheapest Country for Gender Selection 

Iran is the cheapest country for gender selection that provides gender selection possibilities for local and international couples through the help of professional fertility physicians. TebMedTourism offers this technology to married couples at the cost of only $6000 which has turned Iran to the cheapest country for gender selection.

We do not charge extra amounts for ultrasounds and medications since they are all part of your medical process. The amount that you pay includes all the costs for the initial consultation, doctor appointments, tests, ultrasounds, medication, IVF, gender selection, and embryo transfer. This affordable amount is within the budget range of almost every couple, making it possible for international couples to take advantage of sex selection technology in Iran.
Gender selection is a part of the IVF procedure that will be added to the cost of in vitro fertilization. The cost of gender selection through IVF varies based on different features such as the number of required IVF cycles and embryo transfer, location, clinic, and healthcare facilitator fees.
In Iran, the use of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or gender selection is completely legal and is done in the best fertility centers in the country. We also offer chromosomal microarray which helps pick the healthiest embryo to be transferred to the uterus. This technology is very helpful because after the age of 35 the rate of chromosomal abnormalities gets higher in women and increases the risk of miscarriage. Selecting healthy embryos not only increases the success rate but also minimizes the risk of having a baby with genetic disorders.

Gender Selection in Different Countries

The cost of gender selection can vary considerably due to many factors like the country where it is taking place, the number of IVF cycles and embryo transfers, the quality of the embryos, and the health condition of the mother.

Gender Selection in the USA

The average cost of IVF gender selection in the USA is between $15000 to $30000. The price can vary according to the location and the patient’s needs. So many couples need to undergo multiple IVF gender selection cycles before a successful pregnancy and delivery which can significantly add up to the total cost.

Gender Selection in Mexico

Mexico is one of the popular countries for doing IVF gender selection due to its shared border with the USA and lower costs of treatment compared to the U.S. The cost of sex selection in this country is around $8000 and when the cost of IVF will be added to this amount, the total cost will reach to about $16000. Patients who are determined to travel to Mexico for IVF gender selection should consider the expenses to stay for the entire process which is 3 weeks or more. These expenses include the cost of travel, accommodation, meals, and inter-city transportation.

Gender Selection in Russia

Gender selection in Russia is legal merely for those who have a history of sex-linked genetic disorders running in their families and they can provide corresponding medical documentation on that. The cost of gender selection in Russia is often around $2500 more than the cost of IVF which makes the range cost of IVF gender selection between $7500 to $8500.

Gender Selection in Thailand

For people who are living in countries where sex selection is not allowed, Thailand could be an option to legally access this service and successfully have a child with the desired sex. Thailand offers gender selection through the use of PGD at an average cost of $15,000 per treatment. The cost of IVF gender selection in Thailand is often more affordable than the cost of this service in western countries like Europe, Australia, or North America.

Gender Selection in Iran

IVF gender selection cost in Iran is quite reasonable for all couples. At TebMedTourism, the cost of IVF gender selection is only $6000 which includes doctor visits, ultrasounds, tests, medication, the IVF process, gender selection, and the first embryo transfer. Although the cost of this process is very low compared to the western countries, the quality of that is quite comparable to the quality of the same procedure in the western countries.
You had better consider the cost of non-medical services as well because you may need to stay for couple of weeks and they will be added to the total expenses. The costs of accommodation, inter-city transfers, food, etc. in Iran are very cheap for international clients due to the recent currency rate. Therefore, the overall cost of medical services and the cost of living in Iran is much lower than anywhere else in the world.

Among the legal countries, Iran is the cheapest country for sex selection that provides gender selection possibilities for local and international couples through the help of professional fertility physicians. TebMedTourism offers this technology to married couples at the cost of only $6000 (for knowing the recent cost, contact us) which has turned Iran to the cheapest country for gender selection.


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Why Iran is the cheapest country for gender selection in the world?

Some people might think that cheap cost is necessarily equal to the low quality of the services. But you need to know that there are lots of factors involved in pricing services or goods. There are lots of factors affecting the cost of gender selection, which made Iran the cheapest country for gender selection in the world, while having the highest quality of treatment by taking advantage of state-of-art technologies and expert physicians. Some of the factors affecting the cost of gender selection in Iran are:

  • Availability of Medical Facilities: Iran has established a great number of medical facilities that offer gender selection services, which increases the accessibility and availability of the procedure.
  • Lower Cost of Living: Iran has a relatively lower cost of living compared to many other countries, which as a result, it can lead to lower overall healthcare costs, including gender selection.
  • Exchange Rate: The exchange rate of Iranian currency (Iranian Rial) against major international currencies is lower, making the cost of all medical procedures, including gender selection, more affordable for foreign visitors.
  • Regulatory Environment: Iran has had more flexible regulations regarding gender selection for medical and non-medical reasons; therefore, this freedom may have attracted individuals to look for more affordable options.
  • Local Expert Physicians and Embryologists: Iran has a well-developed medical infrastructure and skilled healthcare professionals who specialize in reproductive medicine, which can lead to more cost-effective procedures.
  • Government Support: The Iranian government has legally supported and promoted the use of assisted reproductive technologies including PGD technique for sex selection even for non- medical reasons, which may have led to lower costs for patients.
  • Presence of TebMedTourism: The entire journey of sex selection through IVF in Iran has been optimized by TebMedTourism. We provide all the related medical services as well as non- medical requirements of the clients including visa, accommodation, transportation, interpreter, SIM card and internet, etc. Therefore, clients do not need to achieve their needs through unknown sources, and as a result it leads to more affordable final cost.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cheapest Country for Gender Selection

  1. How much does it cost to choose the gender of your baby? The cost of gender selection varies throughout the world. The cost of PGD in American and European countries is way higher compared to Asian countries, which makes this treatment quite impossible for many couples to afford. TebMedTourism in Iran is now offering PGD technology for sex selection at the cost of $6000. This package includes consultations, doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds, lab tests, medications, injections, one round of embryo transfer and post-operative follow-up consultations, plus embryo freezing for one year.
    TebMedTourism is the leading fertility provider in Iran successfully serving thousands of couples from Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania with the most affordable costs and the highest success rate. Feel free to consult our doctors through WhatsApp for a personal consultation.
  2. Where is the cheapest place to do gender selection? As it was discussed in detail, due to several reasons, Iran is the cheapest place for gender selection besides offering the treatments at their highest qualities. The offered gender selection package includes all the steps of treatment including consultation, doctor’s appointments, drugs, lab tests, ultrasounds, IVF cycle, first embryo transfer, and the follow-up support.
    In addition to the cost of gender selection, the living cost is also low in Iran because of the currency rate; therefore, couples can stay in Iran comfortably for the duration of their treatment, without stressing about their living expenses.

22 thoughts on “which country is the Cheapest for Gender Selection in 2024?”

  1. My name is Rajkumar Jain, Age of my wife is 45, Her AMH is 0.81,we have 2 daughters,now we want a male baby

    Pl give us your cost for ivf by self egg or by donner egg

    1. mohammad zarezadeh

      Thanks for your message
      Please message our consultant medical doctor by whatsapp. for free consultation:

  2. I am turning 41 this year, my partner and I lives in Canada, want to have twins with a boy and a girl. Looking for IVF gender selection package details and information.

    1. mohammad zarezadeh

      We provide IVF + gender selection in Iran.
      We usually transfer 2 to 4 embryos in each embryo transfer cycle.
      For free consultation:
      Please message our consultant medical doctor by whatsapp.

  3. Is ivf with donor eggs and gender selection is allowed in Iran. And what are rules for donor eggs. I am 42 and wants baby boy already have two girls. My AMH is still good but my husband sperm level is low.
    Plz send me details about your treatment I am really interested in it.
    Thanks in advance

    1. mohammad zarezadeh

      Good day
      IVF + egg donation + Gender selection is allowed in Iran.
      Regarding your AMH level, we suggest to you a donor egg.
      The cost of medical services from A to Z is 5500$.
      Please feel free to ask your probable questions by email ([email protected]) or
      By Whatsapp.:

  4. Iam 50 years old (husband),my partner is 44 we need twin boys. Live in Rwanda, which procedures to get your services and cost? Thanks

    1. mohammad zarezadeh

      Thanks for your message.
      We provide IVF + gender selection + egg donation in Iran.
      We can guarantee a male child but cab not guarantee getting twins as its the role of chance.
      We will transfer 2 to 3 embryos to increase twins success rate.

  5. Hi there,
    Im 39 years old, i had 2 miscarriages in the last year, no kids and we want a daughter.
    Please can you send me more details about the treatment.
    Thank you

    1. mohammad zarezadeh

      We provide IVF + gender selection in Iran.
      We should check the reasons for miscarriage before starting your fertility process.
      Please do not hesitate to contact our fertility specialist by Whatsapp for details:

  6. Hi I have 3 sons and wouldn’t mind a daughter . I’m 33 years old I would love for me and my partner to select the sex . How much would it cost with our own eggs and sperm please

    1. mohammad zarezadeh

      Thanks for your message.
      We provide IVF + gender selection in Iran.
      Due to your age, additive consultation is required by our consultant fertility specialist:

  7. Hi ya
    Is that so through ivf ,most women give birth to twins or triplets??? Is that true ,is there no way giving birth to one baby through ivf ????

    1. mohammad zarezadeh

      Yes. Due to Iran rules, you should medically need fertility treatment.
      The fertility specialist should certify your need for ART.

  8. My name is habib me n my partner want twins baby boy I have Already 2 daughter ..plz guide us how much cost for baby gender ..n how many grantee chances

    1. mohammad zarezadeh

      Thanks for your message.
      IVF and gender selection costs 5500$ by TebMedTourism.
      We transfer 2-3 embryos which increase the probablity of twins but getting twins result can not be guaranteed.
      The success rate depends on sperm and eggs quality, mother age, etc. but its around 52% on average

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