Gender Selection Rules in Different Countries

Today by the advancements of assisted reproductive technology (ART), many couples may think about gender selection rules in different countries. Now it is possible to choose gender of the child with a noticeable reliability. There are different ways that one can do to get the desired-sex baby.

One way is terminating the pregnancy if the embryo does not have the desired sex of the parents. The other method is the use of preconceptual technique of separating X and Y sperms. This technique raises the chance of having a girl from 50% to 85% and increases the chance of having a boy from 50% to 65%.

The third way in selecting the baby’s gender is using the postconceptual method of IVF (in vitro fertilization) and PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis). This method offers a high chance of pregnancy with the desired-sex embryo which is nearly 100 percent. This method is recently used and it is a reliable method of selecting the gender without terminating the pregnancy.


Quick Information



Duration of procedure

Hospital Stay

Minimum Stay in Iran

$4600 (IVF+PGD)


3-4 weeks

Zero day

3-4 weeks

IVF + Embryo Transfer

21-28 days
  • Treatment
  • Medical consultation
  • Post Treatment follow-up
  • Airport Pick up/Drop off
  • And more


21-28 days
  • Treatment
  • Medical consultation
  • Post Treatment follow-up
  • Airport Pick up/Drop off
  • And more

IVF + Egg Donation

21-28 days
  • Treatment
  • Medical consultation
  • Post Treatment follow-up
  • Airport Pick up/Drop off
  • And more

IVF + PGD + Egg Donation

21-28 days
  • Treatment
  • Medical consultation
  • Post Treatment follow-up
  • Airport Pick up/Drop off
  • And more

How does Sex Selection Work?


So many couples have tried to have an impact on the gender of their future baby by using different ways. They may have heard a lot of recommendations from the others about their diet, intercourse timing, intercourse positions or using chemical douches. However, these methods are all unreliable and cannot have a high success rate.

A reliable and practical sex selection works only when you have embryos through the IVF procedure. PGD or PGS are techniques for detecting genetic disorders in order to discard the embryos having genetic abnormalities and picking the desired gender to grow into the uterus.

The sex of each fetus is determined by two pairs of X and Y chromosomes. One pair is inherited from the mother and the other pair is inherited from the father. By testing a sample group of cells belonging to the embryo, its chromosomal makeup would be detected. Then just the desired-sex embryo will be implanted into the uterus.

Sex Selection Reasons


Sex selection is a controversial subject all around the world. There can be two main reasons for doing this process: Medical based and Non-medical based reasons.

Some couples go through gender selection process because they want to avoid genetic diseases related to a certain gender. For instance, the intended parents may carry genes for hemophilia or muscular dystrophy which can only affect male babies. In this condition, they can often legally persue sex selection process in order to have a baby girl because they have a medical reason.

Some other couples may use gender selection technique for non-medical reasons like fulfilling their personal preference or as a way of balancing their family. For example, they may have two girls and prefer to have a boy as their third kid.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared an objection toward sex selection for non-medical reasons because this action can cause moral, legal and social conflicts. They discuss that by manipulating the natural sex ratio, it can lead to gender imbalance and a possible gender discrimination by devaluing females in some nations.

Legal Countries for Sex Selection


Gender selection rules are different worldwide. The prohibition of sex selection in some countries has caused a significant number of couples who are looking for sex selection services abroad. The circumstance in which a number of people are travelling abroad in order to undergo gender selection, egg donation process and other infertility treatments is called the “Reproductive Tourism”.

Where sex selection is banned, people usually travel to countries such as the United States, Mexico, Italy, Cyprus and many Asian countries like Iran and Thailand. When you want to choose a suitable destination for sex selection, you can consult with your local fertility specialist for getting some advice about reliable clinics before taking any actions.

 It is recommended to choose a safe country in which the costs are more affordable at the same time. Iran can be named as a great option regarding the high-quality facilities and affordable prices. Our experts in TebMedTourism Co. can guide you to get a precise result on the sex selection process.

Illegal Countries for Sex Selection


Sex selection is illegal in many countries. Among 36 countries that have policies about sex selection, none of them permits it clearly. Five countries ban the process completely and 31 other countries ban it for non-medical reasons.

Using PGD for the aim of gender selection or PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Selection) is prohibited in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada with the exception of using it for the medical reasons. Their position regarding this technique is that it is justified as long as it is for the child’s best interest to be born with a specific sex. China and India are two other countries where sex selection is illegal.

But why should the process of selecting the gender of the child be widely illegal around the world? The answer is probably related to the existence of the risks of undergoing sex selection which may lead to an undesirable genetic engineering and ultimately disadvantage the human race in the future.

The Bottom Line


As mentioned before, there are two main reasons regarding the use of gender selection. If there is a medical reason, it is best to take advantage of the PGD or PGS technologies to make sure your baby will not have certain genetic disorders just because of their gender. However, in using sex selection for non-medical reasons, besides the various rules available in different countries, there can be moral issues that are better to be considered before taking any serious decision about that.

But above all the facts, throwing a gender reveal party to know if your child is a boy or girl is very delightful, and it can be a very sensational and thrilling experience for so many couples!


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