One of the doctors of TebMedTourism team will contact you for the necessary coordination and probable questions.

Communication by our doctors will be done by a fluent translator in one of the languages you speak so you can easily describe your illness.

Tebmedtourism – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where my request of free consultation or free quote has been sent?

Your request will be sent to a medical team of specialists in TebMedTourism, and then various cost and treatment options as an invoice of medical and non-medical services will be offered for you.

There are many modern hospitals with high-tech equipment, along with experienced and skilled specialist doctors to provide you with appropriate treatments with affordable prices.

2. Who will answer my questions after the request is made?

One of the doctors of TebMedTourism team will contact you for the necessary coordination and probable questions.

Communication by our doctors will be done by a fluent translator in one of the languages you speak so you can easily describe your illness.

3. How long does it take to get the answer to the question asked?

Our medical specialists are online and will answer all your questions very soon.

4. What services will I receive during my travel and hospitalization?

TebMedTourism is an International healthcare facilitator with vast experience in medical and non-medical services.

Our experts will first review your information and requests.

We provide all services that you may desire, so you could choose the most appropriate one.

Our experts will first review your information and requests.

These services include:

  • Pre-operative consultation
  • Your cosmetic or medical treatment
  • Post-treatment consultation & follow up
  • Accommodation
  • Translator
  • Welcome dinner
  • Intercity Transportations (Airport VIP pick up/drop off, clinic to hotel & vice versa)
  • Anti-coronavirus protection package
  • Iran Visa Authentication code
  • SIM card & Internet
  • Sightseeing tour

To be able to get better results and make better choices, different medical packages as well as different costs of tourism services will be presented to you. You would choose desired medical and non-medical services.

Treatment costs will vary depending on your hospital and treatment choices, the reputation of your medical staff, your medical equipment, and your medications. It should be noted that in all cases you will have the same ideal recovery.

5. Regarding the fact that my personal and medical information are private, Will the company be diligent in keeping this private information?

Yes, one of the main obligations of TebMedTourism Company is the confidentiality of the patient’s information and rights so that patients who choose our company to receive services can visit our centers safe and secure.

6. Are non-medical services such as accommodation, visas, intercity-transportations, translator, transfer and other services provided by TebMedTourism Company while my medical travel?

Yes, in order to provide a comprehensive healthcare services package to our dear guests, TebMedTourism team facilitate all medical and non-medical services that you may need.

7. What document is needed to get my visa?

  • Passport Image that has at least 6 months validity
  • Personal photo with solid white background (ladies are not required to wear head coverings)
  • Filled out visa form
  • A letter from your healthcare facilitator company or hospital or clinic (to request T-visa or Treatment visa)

8. Is my travel covered by insurance?

Your travel is totally covered by insurance.

9. Will I have a translator during my medical travel to Iran?

We suggest different packages for you.

If you desire, we would provide full time translator or when you need.

10. What are the ways to pay for services?

You can pay you deposit or total package price by these ways:

  • Direct deposit to the international account of the company (via MasterCard)
  • Payment done in your own country by PayPal system
  • Pay when you enter Iran as cash payment

11. How will I receive the receipt after paying?

TebMedTourism team could provide receipt of your medical and non-medical services by these ways:

  •  Directly during your travel at TebMedTourism office
  •  By Email
  •  Through social media

12. How to get more information on a variety of health services, medical centers, doctors, residential centers and more?

You can visit our websites for more information or contact TebMedTourism company numbers directly or by our WhatsApp no. to get free expert advice in your own language.

13. If I want to travel alone for my medical treatment, it seems so scary for me so I have this question, what is your company policy for the alone patients and keep them calm and relax?

TebMedTourism team is considering all guests as our family members so you will never feel that you are traveling alone to a foreign country and you will feel being at your home.

14. If I face any trouble while I issue Iran visa or entry-exit stamp at the board in my passport, how did you solve this problem?

As you may know, Iran visa will not attach in your passport anymore and the staff will give it to you on a piece of paper and even the entry/exit will be stamped on this piece of paper.

15. What kind of visa shall request for my medical travel to Iran?

Iran has 13 kinds of visas for different purposes but the one for patients is Treatment visa (T-visa) that is created for the patients who want to travel to Iran for medical purposes. You should only send us the scan of your passport with no expire issue time less than 6 months and a personal photo of yourself with the white background so we arrange everything and within 3 to 7 working days we will send you the E-visa authentication code and you should attend to the Iran embassy or consulate to get the approved visa or at IKA airport in Tehran.

Depending on your nationality, you should pay the visa fee at the embassy and there are no additive charges from our side for applying visa.

16. When I arrived at the airport what should I do as a next step?

When you arrive at the airport, our experienced team members are waiting for you to welcome you to Iran with open arms.

17. I have no idea about the hospitals and the physician. How can I decide?

We will send you the profile of our suggested physicians and the hospitals and we will clear everything for you so you can decide with the open eyes depending on your special situation.

18. Tehran is a big city how can I choose the hotel and the hospital for not to get lost?

We will lead you through the way that you are choosing and we are always next to you in all your travel moments.

We assure that you will never for ever get lost in Iran.

19. Is it possible to get visa for my companion?

We will request and get touristic visa or treatment visa for you and your companions.

20. Safety is really important point for me, would you please help me about the safety in Iran?

Iran is a really safe country located in the middle-east region of Asia.

Iran is the safest country with rich cultural heritage and outstanding and world-class medical cares.

21. Is travelling for healthcare safe?

There might be probable side effects in all medical treatments regardless of the country.

TebMedTourism team priority is to minimize all the probable risks and side effects to ensure that your treatment would be done in best condition by the best doctors.

We are committed to support you with our professional teams during your process and making the process more convenient.

22. Why should I choose Iran as a destination for my medical travel?

Medical Tourism has been popular in the world. Iran with high standards in medical research, health care & cosmetic services at affordable costs is a distinctive destination for Medical Tourism.

Some of the most prominent and highly skilled doctors, modern health care facilities are here to answer all your therapeutic needs.

23. Is the healthcare system in Iran developed?

Due to the high-tech and well-equipped hospitals and worldwide successful doctors in Iran, it is among the most preferred country for medical tourism.

24. Who is purchasing plane tickets?

After your treatment plan, we can arrange your flight ticket if you desire.

Though, we suggest buying the flight tickets yourself.

25. Do you have an airport transfer service?

We will provide airport pick up/drop off transportation, full time transportation or as you prefer.

Your transfer will be made by our dedicated transfer specialist according to your estimated arrival time and departure time.

26. Do you have hotel reservation service?

In order to facilitate all services in your medical travel, we would offer different accommodation options including hotels, motels or Inn.

If you want to use our hotel reservation service, you will be informed of the hotel list we are in agreement with. Your chosen hotel will be booked for the planned dates and you will be placed at the hotel by TebMedTourism team members.

27. Are the exchange offices easily accessible?

Exchange offices in Tehran are located in city center and shopping malls.

You can also easily do all your transactions in foreign currency from exchange offices, hotels, airports.

TebMedTourism personnel could exchange your money as much as you need.

28. How are social activities in Iran?

Shopping malls are open between 10.00 and 23.00 all days. Shopping malls offer a wide choice of local and international brands.

The museums are open all days between 09.00 and 17.00.

Pharmacies are open from 09.00 to 19.00 every day except on Fridays, but there is always a pharmacy 24/7 on duty in every region.

Banks serve between 08.00 and 16.00 on weekdays.

Restaurants and cafés usually serve until 24.00 all days but these hours may vary depending on each restaurant and café. It is quite easy to find 24/7 open buffets, cafes and restaurants in big cities and in central places.

29. How is the mains voltage and sockets?

The power supply voltage is 220V and 50Hz. The standard wall plugs in Iran are of the Central European type (two-tailed).

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