Infertility treatment in Iran

Infertility Treatment in Iran 2024

When we talk about infertility treatment in Iran, success rate, experience and broad range of services in this field is the main things. Because some infertility treatment centers in Iran have the success rate more than 60% in IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, and gender selection; With both fresh and frozen embryo transfer.

It’s important to point out that in Iran, all the mentioned technologies are legally allowed and considered valid for married couples. Iran stands out from other countries due to its well-equipped fertility clinics, experienced specialists, and relatively affordable costs. As a result, it has become the leading country in the world in this field.

Beside quality of your infertility treatment procedure, it’s very important to note emotional respect. This depends a lot on whether you do your treatment in a country that excels in terms of culture and also has a relaxing atmosphere such as beautiful nature. Another one of the most important reasons why Iran is very popular among those in need of infertility treatment is this issue.

It’s very depending on your choice for your infertility treatment center, which we talk about this serious item.

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History of Infertility Treatment in Iran

Iran has experienced significant advancements in the field of infertility services, with notable progress from the 1980s to the early 2000s. During this period, the establishment of specialized clinics focusing on infertility treatments, including IVF, has been instrumental. In fact, Iran achieved a major milestone in 1990 with the birth of its first IVF baby.

Continuing its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions, Iran has further developed high-tech infertility services since the early 2000s. Advanced assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, PGT-M (PGD), and PGT-A (PGS) have become increasingly accessible. With over 80 infertility centers across the country, Iran now offers a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options for various infertility concerns.

Among the providers of infertility treatments in Iran, TebMedTourism shines as a leading medical provider. Their comprehensive services encompass IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, gamete donation, and more. Year after year, numerous international patients choose TebMedTourism due to its global reputation and impressive success rates.

Notably, TebMedTourism collaborates with renowned fertility organizations like the Royan Institute and Kariminejad-Najmabadi Pathology & Genetics Center, further enhancing the quality of infertility treatment available. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of infertility services in Iran and the exceptional offerings of TebMedTourism!


Infertility Treatment Methods in Iran

To combat declining population rates, multiple governments, including Iran’s, have implemented macro policies that encourage childbearing. In alignment with its strong emphasis on family foundations, the Iranian government recognizes and supports various infertility treatment methods such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, egg donation, surrogacy, PGD, PGS, and more.

Infertility treatment in Iran is on par with those available in other modern countries. Among the common infertility treatments provided in Iran are IVF, surrogacy, ICSI, PGD, PGS, egg donation, IUI, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and medication therapy.

In Iran, the most commonly utilized methods for addressing infertility are as follows:


IVF is a widely utilized technique in assisted reproductive technology (ART) and is one of the most popular infertility treatments in Iran. The term “In Vitro” signifies that the process occurs outside the woman’s body, typically in a laboratory. During IVF, eggs from a woman and sperm from a man are collected and united in a laboratory, after which the resulting embryos are transferred into the woman’s uterus. The first successful IVF birth took place in England on July 25, 1978.

IVF may be recommended to address various fertility challenges, including:

– Severe male factor infertility

– Blockage or damage to the fallopian tubes

– Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

– Advanced endometriosis

– Infertility related to age

– Genetic disorders

– IVF combined with preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) can be used to screen embryos for genetic abnormalities before transfer.

– Ovulation disorders when previous treatments have not been successful

– Unexplained infertility when other treatments have not been successful

Moreover, IVF can be combined with other methods such as PGD, PGS, egg donation, sperm donation, and surrogacy to address different infertility issues.

Actually, we wrote detailed article about IVF, so we describe here briefly and if you want to know more about this topic, read our IVF in Iran article.



Many patients all around the world, know infertility treatment in Iran, because of its surrogacy, which presents a remarkable opportunity for couples or individuals seeking to welcome a child into their lives. In this process, a surrogate mother willingly undergoes artificial pregnancy and carries the baby on behalf of the intended parents, who are legally and biologically connected to the child.

If you are considering surrogacy, you might be an ideal candidate if:

– You are a woman facing challenges with your uterus, such as its absence or abnormal structure.

– You have experienced repeated failures in infertility treatments.

– You have undergone multiple unexplained abortions.

– You have a medical condition that makes pregnancy high-risk.

Surrogacy, though it involves a comprehensive process, typically spanning 10 to 14 months, offers immense possibilities for hopeful parents. As your dedicated agent, we prioritize efficiency and aim to streamline your journey by minimizing your stay in Iran. We handle all the necessary arrangements and ensure that the surrogate mother receives appropriate compensation throughout the pregnancy. Your role is simply to visit Iran and bring your precious bundle of joy home with you!

Reading further into the details of our surrogacy services will provide you with valuable insights into the comprehensive support we offer, guiding you toward fulfilling your dream of parenthood. So, we encourage you consult with our fertility specialist for free by clicking below.

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Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

Discover the breakthrough solution for male-factor infertility—ICSI, an advanced technique within the realm of IVF. This revolutionary method has transformed the landscape of male infertility treatment, offering hope and possibilities for couples striving to conceive.

In ICSI, a game-changing procedure, a singular sperm is painstakingly injected directly into a fully mature egg. This precise approach bypasses barriers and maximizes the chances of fertilization, opening doors to parenthood that may have seemed closed before.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

If you’re seeking effective solutions for male infertility, ICSI may be the perfect fit for you. Consider the following factors that make individuals excellent candidates for this groundbreaking treatment:

– Blockage preventing sperm ejaculation, such as vasectomy.

– Utilization of frozen sperm, particularly if retrieved surgically from the testicles or epididymis.

– Previous unsuccessful attempts with multiple IVF cycles.

– Unexplained fertility issues when other treatments like IUI and IVF have not yielded desired outcomes.

– Severe male-factor infertility.

– Oligozoospermia (low sperm count).

– Absence of sperm in semen but presence in testicular tissue through techniques like TESE or microTESE.

– Abnormal sperm shape and structure.

– Impaired sperm motility.

– Abnormal sperm development.


Egg donation and sperm donation

This is one of the most popular services in the field of infertility treatment in Iran. These services are illegal in many countries but many people need them to treat their infertility. Here, in Iran and by TebMedTourism, you can do these services both legally and with high quality. Now, we tell you more about them:

For successful egg donation, as an infertility treatment in Iran, it is advisable to select donors under the age of 35, typically ranging from 21 to 30 years old.

Ideal Candidates for Utilizing Donated Eggs:

– Women with ovarian issues like low ovarian reserve, poor egg quality, premature ovarian failure, absent or congenital absence of ovaries.

– Women experiencing premature menopause.

– Women with genetic disorders.

– Fertility preservation in the context of specific health conditions such as cancer.

– Unexplained infertility.

In the case of sperm donation, it is recommended to choose donors between the ages of 18 and 45, ensuring they are healthy with good sperm quality.

Ideal Candidates for Utilizing Donated Sperm:

– Male partners with a complete absence of sperm.

– Men with genetic disorders.

– Men with azoospermia (lack of sperm in semen).

– Women with a history of recurrent or multiple miscarriages.

– Unexplained infertility.

Exploring the extensive benefits and considerations of utilizing donor eggs or sperm awaits you in the rest of our text. We encourage you to delve deeper into this topic to gain valuable insights and determine the optimal path towards achieving your dream of starting or expanding your family.

Infertility Treatment Iran; Success Rate

IVF Success Rate in Iran: The success rates of IVF in Iran vary depending on factors such as the clinic chosen, age, infertility issues, and the number of embryos transferred. In Iran, the success rate of IVF is equal to or higher than the global statistics. However, it depends on the clinic, which you choose for IVF treatment.

For women under 35 years old: The IVF success rate is approximately 40% in each embryo transfer cycle.

For women over 35 years old: The IVF success rate is around 20% in each embryo transfer cycle.

It’s our pleasure to tell you, you can do IVF with 57% success rate in Iran if you choosing TebMedTourism clinic, due to our experienced specialist and high-tech laboratory.

Surrogacy Success Rate in Iran: When choosing surrogacy as an option for having a child, thorough medical evaluations are conducted on the prospective surrogate to ensure her physical and mental suitability for embryo transfer. Surrogates must have had at least one healthy pregnancy. Therefore, Iran has a high success rate in surrogacy. Generally, the implantation success rate in surrogacy ranges between 60-80%, and once the surrogate is pregnant, the success rate of a healthy pregnancy is as high as 90%.

IUI Success Rate in Iran: The success of IUI in Iran depends on several factors, including the clinic chosen, age, reason for infertility, and the medications used for ovarian stimulation. Generally, for women under 35 years old, the success rate per cycle of IUI is between 5-20%. Women over 35 may have slightly lower success rates.

ICSI Success Rate in Iran: ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) has a higher fertilization rate compared to regular IVF, but it’s important to note that successful embryo implantation does not always result in a successful pregnancy. Research indicates that the success rates of IVF and ICSI are not significantly different.

For women under 35: The ICSI birth success rate is between 40-45% in each embryo transfer cycle.

For women between 35-39: The ICSI birth success rate is 34.6% in each embryo transfer cycle.

For women over 40: The ICSI success rate drops to 11.8% in each embryo transfer cycle.

Egg donation and sperm donation Success Rate in Iran: The success rate of gametes donation in Iran is high due to advanced medical technology, experienced professionals, and favorable conditions for egg and sperm retrieval and fertilization. However, the success rates can still vary based on the recipient’s medical history, age, cause of infertility, and overall health.

Finally, are you in search of high-quality and affordable infertility treatment? Look no further than Iran. With its outstanding success rates, extensive services, and rich cultural heritage, Iran has become a top destination for individuals seeking effective solutions to their fertility challenges. TebMedTourism, a leading medical provider specializing in infertility treatments, is here to guide you through this incredible journey.

Iran boasts remarkable success rates in key infertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, and gender selection. With TebMedTourism, reporting success rates exceeding 60%, Iran stands out from other countries. Not only is the quality of care exceptional, but the prices are relatively affordable.

Beyond success rates, emotional support and respect are crucial during infertility treatment. Iran, known for its rich culture and breathtaking natural landscapes, provides a soothing and nurturing environment for patients. This holistic approach to wellness can contribute significantly to your overall experience and well-being.

TebMedTourism understands the intricacies of infertility treatment and offers comprehensive services, including IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, gamete donation, and more. With their expert team and global reputation, our team has helped countless international patients realize their dreams of parenthood.

Infertility Treatment Medications in Iran

Infertility Treatment Medications in Iran

The good news is that many cases of infertility can be treated by taking medication. Doctors may prescribe hormonal medications to help regulate ovulation for women or improve sperm production for men. Iran has become self-sufficient in the field of producing medications and equipment needed for infertility treatment in the last few years.

Infertility treatment in Iran; Cost 2024

Infertility treatment service by TebMedTourism Price
IVF + Embryo Transfer 3200 $
IVF + Egg Donation 5500 $
IVF + Gender Selection 5500 $
Surrogacy 19000 $
Surrogacy (Guaranteed package) 29000 $
ICSI 3000 $

Frequently Asked Questions about infertility treatment in Iran 2024

  1. Can TebMedTourism get the visa for us?
    Yes, TebMedTourism as a medical tourism company, will get all items you need to do for infertility treatment in Iran, such as visa, accommodation, etc.
  2. What is the success rate of infertility treatment by TebMedTourism?
    TebMedTourism offers an impressive success rate in infertility treatment. With experienced specialists and a state-of-the-art laboratory, our IVF success rate reaches 57%. Additionally, we collaborate with renowned fertility organizations, further enhancing the quality of care provided.
  3. How much does IVF cost in TebMedTourism?
    It depends on whether assisted treatment such as egg donation or PGD is going to be used for you or not. Generally, our IVF costs 2,800-5,500$.
  4. How long do we need to stay in Iran after our surrogate mother’s childbirth?
    It completely depends on your home country. Your stay will be between one week and one month.
  5. How do I start my infertility treatment in Iran with your company?
    All you need to do at the first step is to contact us on WhatsApp to have a free private consultation with our expert. doctors any time of the day.
  6. How long will our IVF last in TebMedTourism?
    You should stay in Iran for 3-4 weeks from the initial consultation to the embryo transfer.
  7. What percent is the surrogacy success rate in Iran?
    The success rate of implantation in surrogacy is around 60% to 80%. and once the gestational carrier is pregnant, the success rate of a healthy pregnancy is above 90%.
  8. Why would we choose TebMedTourism among other fertility centers?
    Free online consultations, affordability, providing non-medical services such as visa, the internet, and accommodation, having no waiting lists, good documentation, international authentication, having attorneys aware of surrogacy laws, and qualified surrogate mothers are reasons for TebMedTourism’s privilege privilege to other medical centers.
  9. How long should stay in Iran for infertility treatments?
    You should stay in Iran for 3-4 weeks from the initial consultation to the embryo transfer and post embryo transfer procedure such as recovery.
  10. Why would we choose TebMedTourism among other fertility centers for doing infertility treatment in Iran?
    Get ready for the ultimate experience with TebMedTourism! Our online consultations are completely FREE and services go beyond just medical treatment. we’ve got you covered with everything from visa assistance to accommodation arrangements, ensuring a hassle-free journey. No need to wait in long queues because TebMedTourism believes in prompt service. Our clinic has excellent documentation and international authentication, ensuring a smooth process. TebMedTourism is well-versed in surrogacy laws, providing you with peace of mind. And let’s not forget their impressive roster of qualified surrogate mothers! TebMedTourism truly stands out from other medical centers, giving you the privilege of an extraordinary experience for doing infertility treatment in Iran.

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