Effects of gastric sleeve surgery on pregnancy

Effects of gastric sleeve surgery on pregnancy

What is the effects of gastric sleeve surgery on pregnancy ?

Gastric sleeve surgery has fulfilled the wishes of people that they are suffering from the obesity and overweight. This surgery has solved many problems in their life. The obesity doesn’t just make the ugly and improper appearance to people but it causes some other problems for them. Most of them can’t achieve to their goals and wishes about weight loss and they will not get Pregnant.


Overweight and obesity may cause difficulty in getting pregnant. While most of people love to be parents specially the women that they have an innately strong sense of motherhood. Because the sense of motherhood is with them since childhood. When we observe the girls we can see the sense of motherhood with their dolls. They play the role of kind mother for them. They huge the dolls and speak with them and when the girls grow up and become mother, they donate all their sense of motherhood to their fathers, brothers and their guys.

Because of these reasons, the women cannot accept that they cannot to getting pregnant. Actually they cannot accept their dreams have been destroyed. Because of that, when the obstetricians mention them that they cannot get pregnant and they must forget the sense of motherhood forever, they get depressed and despondent. As the happiness and hope snuff suddenly from their life. So the overweight and obesity have negative effect on the pregnancy. Therefore, most obstetricians recommend to the obese patients to reduce their weight.

Effects of gastric sleeve surgery on pregnancy

People solve their problems in different ways. Some of them choose the simple way and some others choose the hard and complicated ways. Some women accelerate to doing exercises in the gyms and they lose weight easily but some others that they don’t have the high metabolism cannot experience much weight loss and after short time, they get tired and depressed. So they leave the prescribed diet by the nutritionists and the gyms coaches and they turn to overeating.

In this situation, the patient gets confused about the diet is chosen by the nutritionists. Whether can this complicated and boring diet be useful for their aim and they can achieve to their goal i.e. the pregnancy or they should forget the getting pregnant forever?

We know the forgetting of dreams is so hard for all people because people lose their power and motivations for life in other had the life without dreams is mean less for them. So what is the solution? What should patients perform?

Effects of gastric sleeve surgery on pregnancy

At the moment the world has observed the development of medical science and technologies as most patients can solve their problems and erase their worries and restore the hopes and happiness to their life.

The gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most important and effective surgery that has played positive effect on the life of people. And it restores the happiness and hope to the people’s life by its positive roles in pregnancy directly. Because by this surgery the patients lose much weight and get the required physical fitness.

Now a lot of questions attack to your mind and one of the important of them is whether the obese women that have performed the gastric sleeve surgery can get pregnant or not? When can they get pregnant after gastric sleeve surgery?

In our turn, we will eliminate your stress and sadness by answering all of your questions. Maybe we will have the positive role in achieving your goals and restore your happiness to get pregnant.

So study this article much more carefully.

How does the gastric sleeve surgery effect on the pregnancy?

As we mention before, the gastric sleeve surgery has played the positive role on the pregnancy by its effect on losing weight that we are going to mention them shortly:

1- Decreasing the opportunity of women’s fertility:

Weight loss has effective role on reducing all factors that make the impairment of pregnancy, such as cases of polycystic ovaries or other ovarian disorders. On the other hand, after gastric sleeve surgery, women can experience the regularity of ovarian action for the first time in their life. If the patient is suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, the opportunity of pregnancy will be increased by performing this operation.

2- Increase the normal pregnancy chance. Overweight and obesity decrease the chance of getting normal The women that don’t prefer infertility treatment techniques like IVF can experience normal pregnancy by performing the gastric sleeve surgery and lose weight.

3- The positive role of the gastric sleeve surgery in weight loss prevents from some problems during pregnancy such as miscarriage and recurrent miscarriage, developing diabetes known as gestational diabetes, and developing high blood pressure that may causes preeclampsia.

4- Obesity may affect the health and the safety of the mother and the fetus after childbirth, such as overweight child birth, the child’s affected by metabolic syndrome, birth defects.

By performing gastric sleeve operation these problems are eliminated to a great extent.

When is pregnancy possible after sleeve weight loss surgery?

Obstetricians and weight-loss surgeons recommend to the women that have performed the gastric sleeve surgery to wait for pregnancy at least 18 months. Because during the gastric sleeve operation, the patient loses a lot of weight and in this case the body also loses a lot of mineral elements such as calcium, proteins, vitamins, folic acid, iron and where the mother and the fetus need these mineral elements strongly alike.

Effects of gastric sleeve surgery on pregnancy

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