For whom surrogate mother is the best choice?

For whom surrogate mother is the best choice? As we know, the patients who are unable to become pregnant naturally, choose the surrogacy treatment. We have considered some conditions as below to make such patients to choose surrogacy treatment:

·      If a woman missed total or a part of her uterus due to congenital reasons or diseases such as uterine cancer that cause removal of uterine by hysterectomy can use surrogacy treatment.

·      If a woman does not have a good health condition, and if pregnancy may cause some danger for her health (for example when a woman suffers from severe heart disease), she can use surrogacy treatment.

·      If a couple dreams having a child and because of their age or marital status, they are not able to have a child, surrogate mother can help them to achieve their goal.

  • A gay couples who desire to have a child, can use traditional surrogacy technique to have a baby.
  • A man who has lost his wife in an accident or due to a disease, if his wife has frozen embryos or eggs can use traditional surrogacy technique and have his own child.
  • A single man wishes to have a child without marriage, the traditional surrogacy technique will be useful for him.

·      If the patients have tried other reproduction techniques such as IVF for many times, surrogate mother can help them and give them a baby.

For whom surrogate mother is the best choice?

(This article has been updated on 10/31/2022)

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Who is a good candidate for surrogacy?

Who is a good candidate for surrogacy?

The surrogacy process is medically, emotionally, financially, and legally complicated and needs patience. For some people who cannot have children, including gay couples and women who are unable to carry a pregnancy to full term, surrogacy offers the opportunity to have a biological child. Surrogacy may be considered for those who have the following conditions:

  • Infertility due to hysterectomy
  • Physical problems in the uterus, ovaries, or genital tract
  • A health condition that makes pregnancy dangerous for the woman
  • Same-sex male couples
  • Single men who wish to have a child
  • Advanced-age women
  • Takings medications that cannot be stopped during the 9 months of pregnancy
  • When adoption is not an option
  • Having a previous experience with physical and emotional trauma
  • Inability to carry a baby to a full-term
  • Personal decisions (for continuing career or maintaining physical fitness)

Why do people choose surrogate mothers?

Why do people choose surrogate mothers?

Surrogacy is a way of growing families for those who cannot do so on their own. People choose surrogate mothers to carry their embryos during the time of pregnancy and deliver a baby who shares biological links with the intended parents. Infertility is one of the main reasons that people tend to surrogacy. Infertility can happen due to many reasons ranging from low sperm count or urethral structure to endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease. Women who had surgery for ectopic pregnancy may face reproductive issues.

Surrogacy can provide the chance of having offspring for single individuals and same-sex male couples. Elton John and Ricky Martin are two celebrities who turned to surrogacy as a way for having children. Age is another important reason for using surrogacy. By the age of 40, the chance of getting pregnant significantly decreases. Even though pregnancy is still possible at this age, some women prefer to use a surrogate.

Taking certain medications for chronic medical conditions can cause a person not to be able to cut the medications off for 9 months of pregnancy; therefore, pregnancy is not an option for the person.

While Adoption is another way of having children, it is usually more lengthy and complicated. In addition, one may always have longed for having a child who is blood-related. Therefore, adoption is not an alternative for some couple which cause them to choose surrogacy over adoption.

A physical problem like a hysterectomy or congenital uterine abnormality may make pregnancy impossible. Another reason for using surrogacy is past trauma which could be both physical and emotional. Some women may be able to get pregnant with ease, but be unable to carry full-term. There are many reasons for recurrent miscarriages that some of them could be cured and some are non-treatable.  For those who cannot treat their problems, surrogacy is a good option.

At last, sometimes personal decision is the main reason for choosing surrogacy. Some women choose to have a child through surrogacy and do not carry their child in order to continue their careers or maintain their physical fitness.

Can you get a surrogate for any reason?

Can you get a surrogate for any reason?

Yes. Just because someone can physically conceive doesn’t mean that she only has that path to build a family. In fact, many people prefer surrogacy and consider it the best way to grow their families. Families do the surrogacy process for different reasons. If we look deeply we could say that choosing surrogacy will be a very personal decision to make. However, if you want to do surrogacy in Iran, you should know that going through this process must be due to a medical reason and not only a personal decision.

Surrogacy in Iran

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