Haircut after hair transplant

Haircut after Hair Transplant

How can I get a haircut after a hair transplant?

Haircut and hair transplant

One of the most important questions that patients should ask their doctor is when is the exact time of hair cutting after the hair transplant surgery?

Unfortunately, the most patients forget to get necessary information and ask the necessary questions from their surgeon. In this article, we are going to explain how we should cut our hairs after the hair transplant surgery and we are going to answer these questions:

  • Can we completely shave our head after the hair transplant or should we allow them to grow our hair naturally?
  • When is the haircut possible after the hair transplant surgery?
  • When are patients allowed to shave their hairs after the hair transplant surgery?

In fact, haircut is possible during the recovery period. However, there are differences of opinion between the aestheticians about when and how can patients cut their hair after the cosmetic hair transplant surgery?

Few doctors and specialists believe that the donor areas of the head can be cut immediately after the cosmetic hair transplantation.

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As mentioned in previous articles, after the cosmetic hair transplantation, there are very small scales on the scalp in the implanted area. Because of this reason, the patient may feel swelling and pain in this area that will go away after a short time. During the first five days, the newly transplanted follicles are very fragile, so you must be careful not to touch them. But after three weeks of the cosmetic hair transplant surgery, the transplanted hair has gained the necessary strength and safety, so you can cut your hair without causing any damage to transplanted hair or new hair. Therefore, the patient should not cut the implanted areas for at least three weeks. However, if the patient has used the follicular transplant method (FUT) for the cosmetic hair transplant surgery, the patient can get hair cut within 8-10 days after the operation.

How can I have haircut ? With scissors or a razor or shaving machine?

Three weeks after the hair transplant procedure the donor area can be cut by scissors, but for the implant areas, haircut should postpone at least a month. And if you want to have hair cut by using shaving machine, you must wait at least three months. Patients who have undergone the hair transplant surgery by FUE method can shave their head with number 1 or 2 of shaving machine. Because FUE method    causes a series of small scars on the scalp that they are usually less than 1 mm in diameter and barely are visible by the naked eye. But patients who have had their hair transplanted by the FUT method should allow the hair to grow and cover the scar of the donor area.

Six months after the surgery, you can use razor for haircut because during this time, the hair follicle has gained enough power to be shaved by the razor.

From the sixth month onwards, you can use any tools to have your haircut.

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Some Tips and comments for hair cutting:

It is recommended to consult your physician before you cut your hair to ensure that there is not any problem about the healing process. If there are some redness, swelling and scabbing on your scalp you should wait before getting a new haircut. Because the haircut could aggravate the area and slow down healing even more.

You should inform your barber that you had the hair transplant surgery, because he or she should be very careful and sensitive while hair cutting.

You should use the personal scissors, combs, shaving machine and razors, and avoid using other combs or scissors, shaving machine. Because it may damage the scalp and reduce the success rate of your hair transplant surgery.

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