Increasing ICSI success rates with innovative techniques and technologies

Increasing ICSI success rates with innovative techniques and technologies

In this blog post on TebMedTourism, we aim to generate comprehensive data on methods and techniques that could increase ICSI success rates. In particular, we highlight the most successful procedures in these fields, in which high-tech labs and clinics will get higher success rates by utilizing them via ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) methods!
In the world of assisted reproductive medicine, numerous techniques help couples who struggle with infertility. However, one method is particularly powerful; ICSI stands for IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection. In the other word, “injecting sperm into the egg,”

Several techniques can be employed to increase the chances of ICSI and other infrtility treatments success rate. One of these techniques is centrifuging sperm, which separates the best-quality sperm from the rest. Another technique is MACS, or Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting, which sorts out healthy sperm from damaged ones.
If you are struggling with infertility, don’t give up hope. Many advanced techniques, including ICSI, are available to increase your chances of conceiving. If you are curious about these innovative techniques and technologies, read this post which has covered the following titles completely:

  • Affecting Factors on ICSI success rate
  • Does ICSI have higher success rates?
  • The success rate of ICSI second time
  • ICSI success rates under 30
  • ICSI success rate calculator
  • Male infertility ICSI success rates

ICSI fertility success rates

In recent years, many studies on ICSI success rate have contributed to the trend and popularity of ICSI, IVF sperm/egg donation, and surrogacy (the main types of assisted fertilization).
In the last decade, ICSI fertility success rates have steadily increased, giving hope to couples looking to start a family. A study from 2019 revealed that almost 54 percent of couples using ICSI experienced a successful pregnancy, making it a popular choice for those seeking assisted fertility treatments.
Alongside microinjection technique which outstands IVF from ICSI and has a vital role in increasing ICSI success rate compared to IVF, genetic tests like PGD/PGS, karyotyping, PGT-A, DFI, HA (Hyaluronic Acid) and the other techniques if the patients order could create a surprising result and successful pregnancy at the first ICSI cycle!

ICSI success rates for male infertility treatments

The process of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) has seen impressive success rates in terms of helping couples struggling with infertility, especially male infertility, to start a family. Over the years, research studies have confirmed the success of ICSI, with reported success rates ranging from 40-90%.
One study conducted in 2014 found that more than 40% of couples experiencing male infertility that chose ICSI as a solution were able to conceive successfully after a single treatment.
The ICSI success rate as a solution to male infertility is undeniable, with study after study showing promising results. For many couples facing male infertility issues like low sperm counts, ICSI success rates show positive results! ICSI is an effective and affordable solution to help them finally realize their dream of having a family!
To empower couples with statistics and data, we should answer this question “What are the success rates of ICSI?“.
Generally, the success rates for ICSI are high, with pregnancy rates ranging from 30% to 60% per cycle. However, it’s important to remember that success rates can vary from person to person, and there is no guarantee of success with any fertility treatment.
Although male infertility is the common cause that pushes infertile men to choose ICSI treatment, in reality, due to this vital point, the ICSI success rate depends on the following factors.

Affecting Factors on ICSI success rate

infertility treatment process has many influencing factors on the success rate, such as age, duration of infertility issues, type of infertility issues, the number of eggs collected during the last egg retrieval procedure, and whether frozen or fresh embryos were used. We explore each item separately in the following:

1. Age and duration of infertility issues
Age is an essential factor, as infertility risks become greater with advancing age, especially in women. So finding a quicker way to overcome age and fertility issues is necessary. Based on the World Health Organization (WHO), infertility is a situation that lasts for more than one year without conception.
Ultimately, suppose you have tried for over a year and don’t get the best result. In that case, it’s time to make a new decision, and the ICSI procedure has a miracle technique (microinjection, for injecting sperm into an egg) that can help achieve success for infertile couples!
ICSI is the quickest way to overcome age and infertility issues which, besides PGD/PGS tests and advanced technical approaches, could ease your mind from having a child with genetic problems!

2. Type of infertility issues
Another influencing factor on ICSI success rate is the type of infertility issues, such as sperm problems, irregular menstruation cycles, or ovarian problems. Understanding the exact infertility issues could give the specialist more details on solving them, leading to a greater success rate.

3. Eggs collected in your last egg retrieval procedure
The number of eggs collected in the previous egg retrieval procedure is also important. If the number of eggs retrieved is tiny, the chance of a successful outcome is slim. ICSI with egg donation or surrogacy will be proposed to patients in such cases.
However, do not despair; there is always a way to have children! We have followed this path for a long time, and many patients have trusted TebMedTourism on this path to form happy families.

4. Frozen or fresh embryos
By understanding these factors affecting the ICSI success rate, maximizing the chance of success when utilizing ICSI as an infertility treatment is possible.
The last one, the success of ICSI, also depends on whether frozen or fresh embryos were used. The advantage of using fresh embryos is that they usually have a greater success rate, as they contain higher levels of developmental potential.
Moreover, whether you’re using a frozen or fresh embryo can affect the success rate. The research results show ICSI with fresh eggs has more success rates than ICSI with frozen eggs.
Choosing between fresh and frozen depends on various factors and, of course, your preferences! But the policy of TebMedTourism is using fresh eggs in the ICSI process for our dear patients!
Although, we have a fabulous suggestion if you are on a tight budget! Going through ICSI treatment with the most affordable cost by TebMedTourism is only $3,200

ICSI success rate calculator

The ICSI success rate calculator is a precious tool for couples struggling with infertility. To determine the rate of success for ICSI, we look at a variety of factors: woman’s age, duration of infertility (in years), type of infertility, previous pregnancy status, type of treatment, year of first egg retrieval, and the number of eggs collected during last egg retrieval procedure.
We also consider whether or not frozen or fresh embryos are being used. For instance, women who use fresh embryos tend to have higher success rates, as these embryos are generally healthier than those that have been frozen.

These factors all interact to help us determine the probability of a successful pregnancy. Suppose a woman is young, with a short infertility duration and healthy embryos. In that case, she is likely to have a higher success rate with ICSI than someone with endometriosis and a longer duration of infertility.

Overall, the ICSI success rate calculator is an excellent tool to give couples an idea of the success rates associated with ICSI, which consider the following items:
• woman’s age
• duration of infertility (years)
• type of infertility (problems with the fallopian tubes, absent ovulation, endometriosis, male factor, or unexplained)
• previous pregnancy status (yes or no)
• treatment type (IVF or ICSI)
• year of first egg retrieval
• Eggs collected in your last egg retrieval procedure
• Frozen or fresh embryos

In conclusion | How to improve ICSI success rates?

In order to better understand this issue, firstly should be determined which step of ICSI is our priority. In other means in which step, patients could play a role! The most important part of the ICSI procedure is the quality of eggs and sperm, so first, you should stick to a healthy lifestyle and, secondly, trust a professional agency that works with high-tech labs and well-known clinics with experienced doctors.
To stick to a healthy diet, it’s better to follow below instructions:

  1.  Maintain your body a healthy weight (Healthy BMI)
  2. Optimizing the health of sperm (by a healthy diet)
  3. Manage your stress
  4. Quit smoking, alcohol, and drugs
  5. Consuming adequate levels of vitamin D
  6. Stick to a healthy diet full of antioxidants, like berries and other healthy foods (after injections)
  7. Get most of your fat from Avocadoes (a healthy source)
  8. Increase consumption of water and electrolyte (after ET)
  9. Reduce caffeine consum

Suppose you experienced failed IVF treatments and feel stuck in a difficult situation. In that case, you should be trying to stay hopeful because, thanks to all the amazing technologies we have at our fingertips, we can guess there is a solution out there. It may take some research, trust, and affordable payment. Still, TebMedTourism believes that anything is possible with the right advice and treatments!
TebMedTourism’s team of experts understands your needs, provides customized solutions, and offers valuable insights. With us, you will be able to get familiar with advanced technologies, know about their impact on ICSI success rates, learn the necessary tips and resources; and if needed, they can even assist you in choosing the best ART treatments and in getting an affordable plan.
Knowing about all of these is like a labyrinth! How to get out of this labyrinth with success and happiness? It has only one way, trusting a professional and well-skilled company called TebMedTourism! Call us!

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