Is Liposculpture Better Than Liposuction?

Is Liposculpture Better Than Liposuction?

Do you want to get rid of excess fat in your body? Are you tired of being on a diet and still do not lose weight? You may want to try two options that are liposuction and liposculpture. Both of these techniques are useful for making the unwanted fat deposits go away and have a better body contour.

To undergo each of the procedures, candidates should be over the age of 18 and have a good health condition. They should have also tried losing weight through diet and exercise and have faced failure.


Liposuction & Liposculpture Differences

Liposuction and liposculpture are cosmetic procedures used to remove fat deposits from different parts of the body. The two terms are sometimes used interchangeably in the medical community due to their similar nature. They are commonly applied on the hips, thighs, abdomen, buttocks, upper arm, neck, chin, jowls, and lower legs. These procedures are performed under general or local anesthesia.

Liposculpture or lipomatic is a variation of liposuction that not only removes fat from specific areas but also reshapes the body by adding the fat to the “right place” and improving the body contour. On the other hand, liposculpture or Smartlipo is a more advanced technology that is used on areas with smaller amounts of fat like the neck and chin. Just like liposuction, this procedure aims to eliminate excess fat. In liposculpture, fat deposits are removed by thin metal tubes by making small incisions on the skin. Once the fat is removed, it can be transferred to other parts of the body like breasts or buttocks. This process tightens the skin and eliminates sagginess.

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Liposuction is usually used for more extended amounts of fat removal like the abdomen. It may need general anesthesia when it is treating larger areas but liposculpture uses local anesthesia, therefore the patient is awake during the procedure and there is no risk related to general anesthesia. The patients can stand up right after the procedure and this enables the doctor to identify if there are any irregularities in the body contour and modify the flaws. In this condition, there is no need for the patient to return another time to get the irregularities fixed. The doctor “sculptures” the patient’s body on the spot and continues the procedure until the best possible result is achieved.

Liposculpture is commonly used to improve the shape of the body, so it is not used for people who are overweight. Both of these treatments are available in Iran helping you to get rid of unwanted fat deposits. Before undergoing either of them, you must be examined by a certified plastic surgeon. TebMedTourism which is an experienced company in the field of cosmetic surgery will provide you with the best surgeons and the most equipped clinics to offer you the best body shape and cause you to have an attractive appearance.

the difference of liposuction and liposculpture

Liposuction & Liposculpture Similarities

The truth is liposculpture or lipomatic is a more modern technology of liposuction. Despite their different names, doctors may use these terms synonymously. In the case of liposuction, the doctor aims to remove fat in a more extended volume from a certain body part. In liposculpture, in addition to removing fat cells, the doctor tries to improve the body contour and transfers the fat into the other parts of the body like the buttocks or breasts to sculpt the body.

Despite the differences between both procedures, the important priority is the aesthetic outcome of the surgery. This is because these two procedures are not meant to be used for highly overweight people, but they will be used to destroy fat deposits to get aesthetic results.


The recovery process for patients can be affected by the patient’s overall health and the quantity of the fat that was removed. Generally, after liposculpture surgery you should rest for 48 hours. Within 2-4 days, you will be allowed to return to work. You are restricted to exercise and doing strenuous activities for 7-10 days depending on your surgery condition.

The recovery time for liposuction surgery is a bit different. After the procedure, you may need 7-10 days before returning to work. Your doctor recommends 4 to 6 weeks pause before returning to hard physical activities. The recovery process takes almost 3 months when you can fully see the results and the swelling goes away.

In both of these procedures, swelling and bruising are expected to go away between 1 to 3 months depending on the amount of treatment and the surgeon’s technique. Patients will need to wear a compression garment for 4-6 weeks after the surgery to minimize swelling and pain. It can also prevent the formation of seromas, which is a collection of lymph fluid inside a body cavity that can form after liposuction leaves empty “tunnels” in the body. A compression garment will squeeze empty cavities to prevent the formation of seromas.

Cost Liposculpture Vs Liposuction

Cost: Liposculpture Vs. Liposuction

The cost of these two procedures varies depending on several factors such as:

  • Treatment area
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • The country and state in which the procedure takes place
  • Anesthesia charges

Liposuction in Iran costs about $2500, depending on the target area of treatment. Liposucture costs are usually lower because it is minimally invasive and it does not need general anesthesia. Therefore, based on the treatment area, it can cost from 2000$ – 2500$ in Iran.

Which Procedure is Better?

Both of these procedures offer their own benefits. They commonly share the same complications. In order to know which procedure brings the best results, you have to discuss your own condition with a skilled surgeon. The general differences between both procedures are discussed in the following.

  • While liposculpture uses a local anesthetic, liposuction commonly uses general anesthesia which can carry its own risks.
  • Liposuction typically removes a larger amount of fat cells that makes it a more suitable option to be used for hips and abdomen. However, liposculpture can modify body contour better.
  • In liposuction, the fat deposits are removed to make the target area slimmer, while in liposculpture, the removed fat can be transferred to other body parts to shape the whole physical appearance.
  • Liposculpture is not a weight loss process and in the majority of cases, it is a purely cosmetic surgery. Even when the maximum allowed amount of fat is removed, you may still lose a few pounds. However, patients have a more contoured body and improved proportions through liposculpture and they will look better in their clothes.
  • From the aesthetic point of view, liposculpture is more difficult because the overall dimension of the body must be considered; therefore, the surgeon needs to have artistic eyes besides the surgical technique.

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It is important to know that when the fats are removed from the body, they will not return unless the person does not follow a healthy diet and gain weight again. Despite the efficacy of these two procedures, not everyone is a suitable candidate for doing the surgeries. Those who own tight and elastic skins are good candidates. Individuals who have blood flow problems and a low immune system should be evaluated more cautiously before choosing to undergo the procedures.

TebMedTourism consultants who are medical doctors themselves will guide you to choose the best treatment method based on your medical condition and your aesthetic goals. Feel free to contact us through the provided WhatsApp number to consult with our specialists free of charge any time of the day.

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