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Tebmedtourism was the core panelist and exhibitor of the national health tourism consultation meeting conducted by TUMS, Tehran-Iran:

Report of National health tourism consultation meeting:

Tebmedtourism participated in the national health tourism consultation meeting hosted by the Vice President of Medicine of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), conducted on 20th – 21th September 2022.  The Directors of medical tourism and accreditation departments of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, president of various medical universities and a group of experts in the field of health and medical tourism were the participants of this meeting.

Iran ranks 46th in the world in the field of health tourism and annually welcomes thousands of international patients to receive high quality yet affordable treatments. In order to manage the patients, a proper protocol and chain management is required from the beginning of their medical journey until their departure from Iran. Therefore, during this meeting several discussion panels were conducted to identify the challenges faced by the hospitals and facilitators and develop a proper solution for them.

The CEO of Tebmedtourism Company, Dr. Ali Bazazi was one of core panelists of the panel discussing challenges of the facilitator companies. He pointed out that facilitator companies and hospitals are members of the same family and should work hand to hand to improve the medical tourism industry of Iran. Meanwhile, with the aim of international patient attraction, a proper marketing strategy is required by the public and private sector to introduce Iran’s medical potentials to the world specially to highlight Infertility treatment capacities in Iran.

He added, “Apart from international patient facilitation, Tebmedtourism is ready to conduct capacity building trainings in various medical fields for national and international doctors’/healthcare workers. This offer was also proposed to the Minister of Health of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan during the meeting conducted with the high level delegates of Afghanistan ministry of public health in Iran”.

Tebmedtourism also participated as an exhibitor in the exhibition which was organized on the side line of this meeting.


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