surrogacy cost in india

Surrogacy Cost in India

Factors Influencing Surrogacy Cost in India 2024:Although the average price of surrogacy in India is cheaper than many countries in the world, the prices can be different in different states and clinics, which we will review:

  1. State or region: The cost of surrogacy in India can be vary due to the state, which you do your surrogacy procedure. Cost of living are greater in larger cities and towns. So, cost of surrogacy can be more in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.
    Egg donor or self-egg: The financial implications of surrogacy in India 2024 vary depending on the source of the egg. In cases where the gestational surrogate uses her own eggs for traditional surrogacy, the costs are clearly lower. In contrast, gestational surrogacy, which requires in vitro fertilization (IVF) with eggs from the intended mother or donor (donor egg), usually carries a greater financial burden due to the IVF procedures required.
  2. Clinic: Clinics with high-tech facilities, more experienced doctors, and higher surrogacy success rate can be more expensive. However, some experienced clinics like TebMedTourism, have more affordable surrogacy cost in India 2024.
  3. Medical procedure: For the sake of your medical background, costs of your medicine can be varied. Sometimes you do not need to use medicine but your surrogate or egg donor should. In TebMedToursim, we are trying to choose healthy surrogate and egg donors, to improve the success rate of baby born and decreasing our client expenditures.
  4. Surrogate mother compensation: One of the most important
  5. Legal process: Surrogacy cost in India 2024 involves legal processes, including writing a contract and obtaining parental rights. The complexity of such proceedings can affect the costs of legal representation.
  6. Travel: If you are from a different nation or states and want to come for doing your surrogacy journey in India, you may have varied expenditures including transportation, visa, hotel and accommodation, translator, internet, food and meal, etc. Sometimes, these non-medical expenditures can be more than medicals! By choosing TebMedTourism, you can manage your expenses because we offer you an affordable cost for surrogacy in India. You can see our packages in the field of surrogacy, at the end of this article.

Our detailed guide explores surrogacy cost and surrogate mother price in India in 2024, giving you the information you need to navigate with confidence. See the opportunity to make your dream of parenthood a reality and understand all aspects of it. Read on for important information that will guide you every step of the way and make your family as comfortable and informed as possible.

Surrogacy Cost in India 2024

Here we write a typical surrogacy cost in India. Many of states in India, do surrogacy by 20 – 25 lakhs.

Surrogacy cost in india 2024 detail

Surrogacy price using egg donor is more than using self-egg. By using egg donor, your cost will increase by 5-6 Lakhs.

Here, we summarize surrogacy cost in Indian top states in 2024:



Surrogacy cost in Mumbai

24 Lakhs

surrogacy cost in Kolkata

20 Lakhs
Surrogacy cost in Hyderabad

20.3 Lakhs

surrogacy cost in Jaipur

20.4 Lakhs

surrogacy cost in Nagpur

20.4 Lakhs

surrogacy cost in Siliguri

20 Lakhs

cost of surrogacy in Ahmedabad

24 Lakhs
surrogacy cost in Punjab

21 Lakhs

surrogacy cost in Chandigarh

25 Lakhs
surrogacy cost in Anand Gujarat

24 Lakhs

surrogacy cost in Guwahati

21 Lakhs
surrogacy cost in Gurgaon

22 Lakhs

surrogacy cost in Noida

22 Lakhs
surrogacy cost in Lucknow

20.5 Lakhs

Surrogacy cost in India by TebMedTourism

15.8 Lakhs

The most important things about surrogacy in India 2024, is legality and paper works. For instance, the Indian government only allows families with a court order to use surrogacy treatment. On the other hand, attending the court requires a lawyer, which will have a separate cost. On the other hand, in order to give a positive vote to the families, the court considers it

necessary that a certain number of unsuccessful IVF cycles have been reported by the couple.

For read more about surrogacy law in India 2024 read our latest article, surrogacy in India 2024.

To sum up, surrogacy cost in India 2024 can vary depending on factors, including the source of egg (self-egg or donor egg), state or region, clinic, medical procedures required, legal processes, and travel expenses. In general, surrogacy in India is cheaper than in many other countries. The typical cost of surrogacy in India is between 20 and 25 lakh rupees. However, the cost can be higher or lower depending on the factors mentioned above. From December 2021, only altruistic surrogacy (where the surrogate receives no compensation other than medical expenses and reasonable living expenses) will be legal in India but couples should go to the court and employee a lawyer for giving acceptance from court to do surrogacy. So, they try to go other near destination for doing their surrogacy journey, such as Iran.We are beside of you, until being a parent! TebMedTourism

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