surrogacy in georgia vs iran which is better

Surrogacy in Georgia vs Iran; which is better?

Are you tired from extreme fatigue and exhaustion due to googling about surrogacy and now on the two ways of choosing surrogacy in Georgia vs Iran!

Interesting facts about Iran might be neglected due to the negative attitude bombardment of media, and patients are pushed to choose surrogacy in Georgia! Meanwhile, many infertile couples traveling to Iran and confronting kind personnel beside high-tech infertility clinics will be surprised.

Regarding Iran’s rapid advances in infertility treatments, surrogacy in Iran makes it the best destination for infertile couples. Being parents and hogging your new babe by surrogacy via the egg donation process or your own eggs in a country with incredible scenery, healthy climate, well-equipped hospitals, and well-skilled doctors; Definitely is an unforgettable experience full of happy moments!

TebMedTourism, a well-known and well-skilled company in medical tourism, has had many experiences interacting with patients from all over the world. They have really noticed the biased view of the media after coming to Iran and seeing the beauty and technology of significant metropolises like Tehran (the most populous city in Iran and Western Asia), high-tech clinics and hospitals, safety and many other worth-visiting options.

This blog post on TebMedTourism has been written to answer all your concerns by highlighting all aspects and distinctions in the field of surrogacy in Georgia vs Iran to help you make the best decision that causes a happy ending!

Surrogacy cost in Georgia 


Different costs due to different packages, like guaranteed packages, will make cost ranges of a surrogacy process. The base cost for surrogacy in Georgia is around $29,000 to $64,000, depending on various factors. These costs may include medical care, insurance for the surrogate, legal and agency fees.

In addition to this cost, intended parents may have additional expenses, such as fertility treatments and psychological services. Genetic, physical and psychological screening for demanding egg donation surrogacy will change the final costs. The total cost can be a significant financial commitment, but it can be well worth it.

Surrogacy in Georgia Tbilisi cost

“How much does a surrogate cost in Georgia, especially in Tbilisi?” As mentioned in previous paragraphs, the answer to this query varies greatly depending on clinics, agencies and medical factors like the genetic issues of the couple. Generally, the start of paying intended parents is $30,000 for a surrogacy arrangement, which covers medical and legal fees, the surrogate’s compensation, and other associated costs.

How much does a surrogate cost Georgia?

In today’s world, many numbers and figures are presented on various meta-descriptions of medical websites, which may need more proper research to find the real figures and prices. The best way to find accurate and reliable statistics is to refer to the website of Georgia clinics that provide infertility treatments.

Depending on private clinics and agencies, surrogacy has a price range from $29,000 to $150,000 in Georgian clinics as the results of our searches!

Surrogate mother cost Georgia 2023


Of course, like other countries, Georgia seeks to satisfy patients and tries to provide the necessary facilities for patients abroad; As we mentioned, the surrogate cost in Georgia (Europe) will be between 29,000 and 150,000 dollars.

However, like the other well-skilled country in ART methods, Georgian clinics consider all expenses, including the cost of IVF, necessary lab tests, surrogate food, supplementary vitamins, delivery costs, contracts and many other necessary things via the surrogacy procedure.

Georgia surrogacy cost vs Iran surrogacy cost in 2023

In the previous paragraphs, complete explanations were given about surrogacy in Georgia, and now it’s time to make a wise, affordable decision with a high success rate to have a healthy child and a happy family.

But really, is there a country that has all the above positive points and beats Georgia?!

The answer to this question is a very promising yes! As the cheapest country for surrogacy, Iran offers the most affordable price compared to other countries. Like Georgia, different ranges of prices for surrogacy in Iran can also be seen, with different costs due to various packages like Surrogacy +egg donation, surrogacy by your eggs, guaranteed unlimited package, and other options.

When it comes to deciding which country is better suited to surrogacy by considering the most affordable costs, Iran is the clear winner. The cost of surrogacy in Iran by TebMedTourism in 2023 is surprisingly low, making it an appealing option for many people looking to grow their families.

The cost of surrogacy in Tehran by TebMedTourism is surprisingly affordable! Depending on your individual needs and requirements, a surrogacy arrangement could cost $16,000 to $25,000. This cost usually covers IVF procedures, surrogacy services, surrogates’ wages, legal services, agency fees, and more. The average surrogacy arrangement in Tehran lasts 12 to 18 months.

Surrogacy laws in Georgia 


According to the recent data on Georgia surrogacy laws in 2023, no specific laws expressly prohibit surrogacy procedures, especially gestational surrogacy is allowed in Georgia (Europe). Numerous intended parents have successfully used this miracle method to build and extend their happy and healthy families.

Laws and governance support agencies and clinics and help them for providing services to foreign patients; the surrogacy procedure is one of the most common infertility services and options in front of infertile couples, that Georgian governors support it.


Is surrogacy legal in Georgia?

It is a general question: when a European couple decides to welcome their new babe via surrogacy, will google “Is surrogacy legal in Georgia?”

Surrogacy can be a complicated issue no matter where you look, in Georgia or Iran, but when it comes to comparing the laws of Georgia to those in Iran, there is no definite difference. In Georgia, surrogacy is legally allowed, with a clear and reasonable framework that protects everyone involved.

Meanwhile, in Iran, the legal and religious landscape surrounding surrogacy by TebMedTourism is much more explicit and transparent, with valid notarized contracts that protect both surrogates and intended parents.

Is surrogacy legal in Georgia Europe?

The Eastern European nation of Georgia has a lawful system that perceives different-sex couples as the legitimate parents of a child brought into the world through surrogacy, in other words, surrogacy is not allowed to LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) couples in Georgia.

Finally, we remind you that the only reason we constantly use the word Europe is so that Georgia, which is located between Europe and Asia, is not confused with the state of Georgia in the United States!


Georgia surrogacy laws near Hamburg


The Republic of Georgia is a mountainous country on the border between Europe and Asia. Whether this country is in Europe or Asia, because it has been under the rule of Europeans for a considerable time, the country’s political and economic buildings are built according to Christian architecture. Therefore, it sometimes becomes a destination for Europeans who need to be made aware of Iranians’ rapid progress in infertility treatments.

Surrogacy by a well-known and experienced company called TebMedTourism, which has a big database of egg donors with a variety of young girls with different skin tones, eye colors, healthy weight (proper BMI), well-educated, and many other options that will surprise you! These great options, due to our vast database, save you from looking for girls with European characteristics in Georgia and going under the burden of incurring staggering expenses of surrogacy in Georgia!


Georgia surrogacy laws near Berlin


It seems that Georgia is a budget destination for many European couples, so lovely that one of Google’s suggestions to find the closest place for Berliners is the top title; according to the statistics and researched queries.

You must be wondering why people in Berlin ask such questions; One of the most important reasons is the illegality of surrogacy in Germany!

You must be wondering why people in Berlin ask such questions; One of the most important reasons for this search is that surrogacy is illegal in Germany! Therefore, they are looking for a destination like Georgia (Europe) so that they can welcome their new child via surrogacy. The advertisements of Georgian surrogacy in Germany seem so bright that Europeans cannot monitor affordable and leading destinations in ART and infertility treatments, like Iran!


Georgia surrogacy laws vs Iran in 2023


So, as you can see, Georgia’s laws on surrogacy cover many aspects of this process. The rights of the intended parents, surrogates, and the resulting children are all guaranteed by the laws that regulate the surrogacy process. The procedures and paperwork required to ensure these rights are also reasonable, which minimizes confusion and makes the process simpler and more efficient.

Surrogacy laws in Iran, similar to Georgia, have also done well. Surrogacy is allowed in Iran, and the government and religious authorities support it because the critical issue is the continuation of the family and the completion of the happiness of infertile couples that are struggling with fertility issues.

The excellent support of the government and the cooperation of the Notaries with agencies in different parts of surrogacy, including the power of attorney and contract between the intended parents, the agency and the contract between the surrogate and the company (legal documentation), the contract between the egg donor (if egg donation is needed), birth certificate in the name of intended parents (baby exit permission) and etc. All mentioned items promise a bright path ahead of you that turns Iran into the best country for surrogacy!

If you’re considering surrogacy in Iran or Tehran, you should research the best agency for surrogacy in the city before making any commitments. Once you have all the necessary information, you’ll be in a great position to choose the best surrogacy package to suit your needs.

Please pay attention to this important legal point, your country’s surrogacy laws could create pre-and post-birth orders, parentage, or citizenship issues! So regardless of which country you will choose for your surrogacy journey, get information about the surrogacy laws in your country or consult a surrogacy lawyer.

More information on surrogacy in Iran


To get the best results, a strong and careful search must be done on the Internet, and by searching the best country for surrogacy or the cheapest country for surrogacy, you can see TebMedTourism links are among the first Google links!

The secret to the success of our company lies in three essential things:

  • High success rate
  • Affordable cost
  • Flawless and friendly staff

Professional staff in all steps of surrogacy, in medical, legal, and psychological steps, will present the best support!

Alongside all these leads, it is vital how to move forward! You find special leads about surrogacy in Iran, and now you don’t have to struggle with the high fees that infertile couples pay for having a child via surrogacy in Georgia! What couples want is only affordable cost with a high success rate; You deserve the best from TebMedTourism because we are turning slogans into practical actions!

Because in addition to having a reasonable price, a significant benefit of IRAN surrogacy is that all the involved parties can expect exceptional service. Iran’s professional fertility centers that cooperate with a well-known company, TebMedTourism, are well known for their caring specialists, doctors, well-equipped lab tests, and dedicated staff with proficiency in English, ensuring everyone has the most pleasure and support they need during the process.

Such interesting collaborations turn Iran into the best destination for surrogacy for fulfilling your dream of having a healthy, most similar to you, without any genetic issues via high-tech labs equipped for PGD/PGS/NGS and PGT-A tests.

Our doctors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, don’t hesitate and now call our doctors!

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