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Surrogacy in Georgia: Exploring Expenses and laws 2024

Surrogacy has become a viable choice for those unable to conceive through traditional methods, and Georgia has emerged as an attractive destination due to its reasonable expenses. But according to the laws that most probably will be implemented in this country from the beginning of 2024, many people who are not Georgians, refuse to travel to this country to perform the surrogacy process and looking for a new destination for surrogacy.
This article explores the financial intricacies and legal considerations of surrogacy in Georgia, providing insight into the costs involved and the compensation provided to surrogate mothers.

Surrogacy law in Georgia

Legal framework for doing surrogacy in Georgia is so strict! Surrogacy in this country, in order to be eligible, the intended parents must be a married heterosexual couple who can provide evidence of living together for over one year.
It is important to note that surrogacy is not legal for same-sex couples or single parents in Georgia. Therefore, if you do not fit the criteria of being in a heterosexual relationship, it is advised to be cautious when considering surrogacy services in this country. Finally, LGBT community cannot do this procedure (surrogacy) in Georgia.
The most important things you should know about surrogacy in Georgia is: Surrogacy is prohibited for all foreigners from 1st January 2024 and nobody from no country can go there for doing surrogacy and for those who disobey this law, heavy punishments have been considered!
So, if you choose Georgia for doing your surrogacy journey and you are not Georgian, you should change your destination!

Surrogacy cost in Georgia

Cost of surrogacy in Georgia can vary greatly due to several factors such as the type of surrogacy, necessary medical procedures, agency fees, legal costs, and compensation for the surrogate. On average, the overall cost of surrogacy in Georgia can range from $30,000 to $50,000. You should know surrogacy guaranteed package price can rise to 65,000$!
It is worth noting that this is significantly cheaper compared to surrogacy alternatives in Western nations like USA, where expenses often surpass $100,000.
Here is an outline of the primary expenditures involved in surrogacy in Georgia:

  • Medical Procedures: The medical procedures involved in surrogacy, such as IVF, embryo transfer, medical screenings, prenatal care, and childbirth, can have a cost between $8,000 and $15,000.
  • Agency Fees: Many intended parents decide to work with surrogacy agencies to help them through the complicated process. The agency fees include services like finding a suitable surrogate, organizing medical appointments, providing legal assistance, and more. These fees can range from $10,000 to $20,000.
  • Legal Expenses: The legal fees are necessary to establish the rights of the intended parents as the child’s legal parents and to create a surrogacy agreement. These costs usually range from $5,000 to $8,000.
  • Surrogate Compensation: The compensation received by the surrogate mother is a significant part of the total cost. In Georgia, the compensation for surrogates is typically lower compared to Western countries, varying from $10,000 to $15,000. This compensation is meant to cover the surrogate’s time, effort, and any discomfort associated with the pregnancy.
  • Medical and Living Expenses for the Surrogate: The intended parents are typically responsible for covering the surrogate’s medical expenses and providing a reasonable allowance for living costs during the pregnancy. Surrogate compensation cost can rise up to 15,000$. In next part, we will compare the cost of surrogacy in some countries such as USA and Iran with surrogacy.

Surrogacy cost in Tbilisi

As we talked about, the price of Surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia can vary between US$30,000 and US$65,000. The total cost depends on factors such as the experience and success rates of the Surrogacy doctor, the location of the clinic, and the medications prescribed by the doctor. It’s worth noting that the cost of Surrogacy can differ across various locations. Because of this, some couples choose to travel to other cities in search of more affordable Surrogacy treatment cycles.

Surrogacy Success rate in Georgia

Surrogacy success rate in Georgia might be variable! IVF surrogacy using a person’s own eggs and sperm has a success rate above 50 to 60%. However, using donor sperm and eggs in surrogacy yields a higher success rate of approximately 60 to 65%. For women aged 45 and above, the probability of success is around 15-20%. Success rate of surrogacy with guaranteed package in Georgia can be up to 95%.
You can do your surrogacy journey in other countries with higher success rate than Georgia, such as Iran. Success rate of surrogacy in Iran is about 70-75% and if you choose guaranteed package by TebMedTourism, it rise up to 99% !

Surrogacy cost in Iran vs Georgia

Alternative destination instead of Georgia for Surrogacy

Due to the law and illegality of surrogacy (which mentioned above) for many people especially foreigners, it’s better for you to choose other destination for your journey!
Here we want to tell you some alternatives to choose your new destination instead of Georgia. We suggest that you read this section until the end because it is very important and helpful:
Iran is the best country for surrogacy. Due to its high-quality facilities, expert and experienced fertility specialist, no waiting list, legality of surrogacy for everyone . many people come to Iran for doing their surrogacy!
On the other hand, all couples which want to go to Georgia for surrogacy procedure, can come to Iran! Because of more reliable legal framework for surrogacy and other fertility treatment and also, geographically, it is very close to Georgia!

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), which our clients asked us are answered below:

Is surrogacy legal in Georgia?

The surrogacy landscape in Georgia is undergoing significant changes. Starting from January 2024, new laws prohibit foreigners from pursuing surrogacy in the country. This restriction presents a considerable challenge for international intended parents. However, Iran emerges as an appealing alternative for surrogacy due to its favorable characteristics. Iran offers high-quality medical facilities, experienced fertility specialists, legal protections for all individuals and couples, and competitive pricing.
Additionally, its close proximity to Georgia makes it a convenient choice for those who originally considered Georgia for surrogacy. With costs ranging from $19,000 to $29,000, Iran combines affordability with top-tier medical care, establishing itself as a leading destination for surrogacy seekers in search of a safe and cost-effective journey.

Is Georgia good place for surrogacy?

Georgia is considered a suitable location for surrogacy due to the relatively reasonable cost and availability of surrogacy services. However, starting in January 2024, Georgia’s new law is banned surrogacy for all foreigners, limiting the country’s appeal as a surrogacy destination. Therefore, intended parents should carefully consider these legal changes and explore other surrogacy destinations that may better suit their needs and circumstances.

How much does a surrogate cost in Georgia?

The expense associated with hiring a surrogate in Georgia can fluctuate based on several factors such as the surrogacy type, medical procedures, agency charges, legal fees, and surrogate compensation. On average, the overall cost falls between $30,000 and $50,000, although surrogacy packages can reach up to $65,000. Surrogate compensation typically ranges from $10,000 to $15,000 in Georgia. When preparing for a surrogacy experience in the state, it is crucial to take these expenditures into consideration.

How much does surrogacy cost in Georgia Tbilisi?

The cost of surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia, can range from $30,000 to $65,000. The total expense depends on factors like the experience and success rates of the surrogacy doctor, clinic location, and prescribed medications. Costs may vary across different locations within Tbilisi and other cities. Prospective parents should be prepared for these expenses when considering surrogacy in Tbilisi, and it’s essential to consult with surrogacy agencies or clinics for specific pricing information.

Is surrogacy legal in the state of Georgia?

Surrogacy is legal in the US state of Georgia, but it is subject to strict legal regulations. Prospective parents must meet specific eligibility criteria, including being a heterosexual couple who have lived together for more than a year. Surrogacy is not allowed for same-sex couples or single parents in Georgia. Additionally, starting January 2024, the new law banned surrogacy for all foreigners, making it important for prospective parents to consider these legal constraints when considering a pregnancy household in the state of Georgia.

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