The best country for rhinoplasty

The best country for rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the world, and every year millions of people go through this surgery. The nose is the most significant feather in the face, and it’s no surprise that people want to boost their appearance with this surgery. Rhinoplasty is not limited to cosmetic surgery, improve breathing difficulties and fixing problems that might come after an accident are considered the other rhinoplasty advantages. For a wide variety of reasons, most people are interested in doing this surgery in other countries. Choosing the best destination should be prioritized by people. Many countries are doing this process perfectly, with the lowest price and higher quality.

Consequently, it isn’t easy to choose the target country. In this article, we are willing to talk about the best country for rhinoplasty. Countries like the United Kingdom and the USA are regarded as the most expensive countries for rhinoplasty. So it raises the question of where is the country with state-of-the-art clinics and expert surgeons. Where can I find the best quality at the lowest price? 

Which country is best for rhinoplasty?

Which country is best for rhinoplasty?

Before choosing the target country for rhinoplasty, you should consider a lot of factors ranging from price to quality. Many countries worldwide are doing rhinoplasty in various ways at different prices.

Some people are eager to find information about other countries since this procedure is quite expensive in their country. The most critical issue is that the country you seek should be the cheapest in the world and of the best quality. On top of that, nobody can deny the importance of a surgeon in this way. Medical technology in the target country should consider as well.

You should search deeply to find the best country for rhinoplasty and weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Not all countries with reasonable prices are suitable for rhinoplasty. Some just aim to deceive you, and their quality is not acceptable—one of the countries with the best rate is Iran.

Why is Iran the best country for rhinoplasty?

Why is Iran the best country for rhinoplasty?

Iran is well known for cosmetic surgery, especially rhinoplasty. Thanks to the magnificent surgeons doing this procedure, 200000 rhinoplasties are done in Iran every year. Some of them aim to improve medical issues. At the same time, a vast majority of them are related to cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance.
Iran offers the best price for rhinoplasty in the world, and the quality is as perfect as in developed countries.

This country also provides cutting-edge facilities for surgery, and everyone is allowed to do this in Iran. Iran is a fantastic destination for travelers, and visiting this country is worthwhile.
Iran is known for the hospitality of its citizens and a thousand years of civilization. It’s the home for medical treatment from thousand years ago, and now the best surgeons have come a long way to stand here. They are performing surgeries excellently in this country. This glorious history and recent medical developments make Iran the best country for rhinoplasty and other medical issues. In this part, we will probe all the advantages of rhinoplasty in Iran.

Cost of rhinoplasty:

The cost of rhinoplasty plays a vital role in choosing the destination. Some countries, for some reason, are the cheapest rhinoplasty in the world, and Iran is regarded as one of the best ones.
The low price of rhinoplasty in Iran does not mean the quality is low. Duo to the fact that the value of Iran’s currency in comparison with the USD decreased the cost of surgery, and all the medical treatment is lower than in other countries. On top of that, the cost of labor and accommodation compared to other countries is greatly low.
The cost of rhinoplasty in Iran starts from $1700, and the cost might differ based on many factors, such as hospitals and surgeons. However, the price is ten times less than that of expensive countries like the US and the UK.
The other interesting point is that cosmetic surgery, especially rhinoplasty, is considered the most competitive business in Iran. Many clinics and hospitals are passionate about getting new customers. This is why these kinds of surgery are done at the lowest price in Iran.

Inexpensive doesn’t mean poor services.

As we mentioned, Iran is the cheapest country for rhinoplasty, but it doesn’t mean the quality is low. Iran (“cheapest rhinoplasty in the World“) has the most advanced technology in the medical department in the Middle East, and people from all around the region go there for medical problems. The cost of medical treatments positively correlates with the currency value in Iran. Besides, the cost of living in comparison with other countries is relatively low. As a result, medical treatment costs are not as high as in other countries.

Quality in rhinoplasty:

Iran is the best country for rhinoplasty and has the best medical universities in the region. Every year many surgeons graduate from these universities. That’s why a lot of knowledgeable surgeons exist in this country. On top of that, modern and state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics shouldn’t be ignored. All needed facilities are available there, and the staff is well trained and aware of all the processes that can be done in the hospital. Some hospitals in Iran have IPD (international patient department) to meet the needs of foreign patients interested in doing rhinoplasty in Iran. Worth mentioning that Iran has had considerable achievements in research, and the most exciting part is cosmetic surgery, especially rhinoplasty.

Clinic’s conditions:

There are many clinics, especially for cosmetic surgery, and most have been equipped with the best patient facilities. Some organized the packages for patients to choose between them and satisfy patients. They offer different services, and some even have a translator and transportation. Before choosing the clinic, search deeply for services. The safety of patients is the utmost priority of these clinics.

Tebmedtourism is one of the Iranian rhinoplasty company which provide some packages for patients.

Success rate:

One of the critical factors for analyzing the clinic or hospital is the success rate. According to our information, around 200000 rhinoplasties are performed in Iran, and the success rate is More than 90%. It clearly shows that the surgeons are experts and professionals. So, it is not surprising that rhinoplasty is a routine surgery in Iran, and most patients are delighted with the results.


For most travelers, Iran is the best country for rhinoplasty and a desirable destination. Due to the fact that many Budget airlines are available in this country, it’s easy to fly to Iran to do rhinoplasty.

In addition, most hospitals and clinics in Iran have special offers for patients, including a hotel, an airport flight, and transportation to or from the hospital. As a result, transportation is not a severe problem, and everything has been planned.


Surgeons are being ranked with different criteria. The skills of a surgeon play a vital role in rhinoplasty. Skills and hands-on experience are enhanced by the years they work, the number of surgeries, and the percentage of patient satisfaction.

Due to the fact that they have performed a significant number of rhinoplasties, they are able to deal with different noses with different shapes. Most of them have a good command of English and can talk to patients without a translator, so it’s not hard to communicate with patients. Another critical issue is that they are a good listener and spend time listening to patients in order to meet their needs. Moreover, the surgeon’s Academic background should be considered.

Surgeons in Iran graduated from the best universities in Iran and all around the world, and their information is available at universities or clinics. Most of them are active on social media, and you can find information about them quickly. They try to be updated with the new data by joining workshops and some courses.

Finding the best surgeon is a critical issue if you are trying to do rhinoplasty in the best country for rhinoplasty. An inexperienced surgeon can ruin your appearance; consequently, your face can’t be enhanced. Fortunately, all the surgeons have been analyzed in Iran and are legally allowed to perform rhinoplasty. You should choose a surgeon with legal activity and search their history.

You can talk to a surgeon and select the shape of your nose that suits your face. They can help you to make a decision. A good surgeon would guide you on what you want and help you to be realistic about the result of surgery.


Commonly, people are seeking the safest place for rhinoplasty. Regarding safety, Iran is the best country for rhinoplasty since surgeons analyze all the processes, conditions, and illnesses. They don’t allow the patient to undergo surgery if something goes wrong.

The medical team will check the patient’s medical history, and all the possibilities will be anticipated. Healthcare workers also are experts and always do the guidelines. All the surgery rooms are clean and ready for surgery.

All Types of rhinoplasty in Iran are performed in Iran

There are two ways of doing rhinoplasty, open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. According to the surgeons’ and patients’ needs, both of these methods are available in Iran. The popular and usual way is closed rhinoplasty. The surgeon makes cuts inside the nose. This method has no scar on the nose; everything is done from the inside. The recovery period would be shorter than usual. An open rhinoplasty technique involves incisions across the nose’s base between the nostrils. In this method, the surgeon has easy access to all parts of the nose and can do his work in the best way. However, there would be a scar on the nose after surgery, and most patients are not satisfied with that. These methods are optional, and you should choose with your surgeon’s advice.

Rhinoplasty is performed for many reasons in Iran. In this part, we want to talk about the types of rhinoplasty done in Iran.


It includes most rhinoplasty surgeries. They are performed in order to boost nose appearance. It includes altering the shape of the nose, reducing nose size and projection, smoothing a hump, adding volume to a flat bridge, or adjusting the size and shape of overlarge nostrils.


It is a common problem that some people have difficulty breathing because of nose structure. This rhinoplasty improves the patient’s situation and resolves a structural problem affecting healthy breathing. Some people are interested in doing cosmetic surgery alongside functional.


In some cases, the nose structure collapses after some years and needs improvement. Some rhinoplasty has failed, and they want to make it better. Some people are unsatisfied with the rhinoplasty result and seek to boost it with other surgery. Fortunately, there is a revision rhinoplasty for these people.


For Some patients, it doesn’t need to be surgery, and other activities like filler can correct it.

Common rhinoplasty Styles in Iran

There are some models for the nose. Before the surgery, you should talk to your surgeon in the best country for rhinoplasty and be assured about the nose model you want. The nose model should go with your face and another part of your body. Surgeons in Iran try to find the best form for your face. There are three models in Iran: natural, fantasy, and semi-fantasy.

Fantasy Style

In this method, the nose would be, to a great extent, smaller than usual, and the surgeon should work on the tip of the nose. You should remember that the nose’s shape should suit another part of the face, and proportion is crucial. That’s why you shouldn’t make your nose so small that you wouldn’t be able to breathe.

Natural Style

Most people want to have a natural face after surgery, and in this way, if someone meets you for the first time, they will not realize that you had rhinoplasty. Based on your needs, the surgeon can change the shape of the nose.

Semi-Fantasy Style

This style is something between fantasy and natural and has both characteristics. In this model, the nose gets small but not as much as in the fantasy style. And the nose tip would be lower.

How to Get my Rhinoplasty Done in Iran?

After talking about all the advantages of rhinoplasty in Iran, there is time to mention how we can do nose jobs in Iran. It’s easy. You should search and find an Iranian agency for rhinoplasty, one of which is Tebmedtourism. You can visit our site.


In this way, you can call or leave a message, and our colleague will be in touch with you. We will introduce you to the best surgeons that you can talk to them and say your demands. You also can see all the packages on the site for the best country for rhinoplasty and find out about our services for patients from other countries. Tebmedtourism Co provides services such as applying for a visa, booking a hotel, booking appointments with the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran, booking an appointment for a test, etc.  contact our colleagues if you are interested in doing rhinoplasty in our agency.

Author:Negar Rafiei

This article has been approved by the TebMedTourism medical team (Dr. Bazazi and & Dr. Mohammadzadeh).

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