Which is the best egg donation agency in the world ?

Which is the best egg donation agency in the world?

Do you think this is late to have a baby and trust the best egg donation agency? If you are clouded by many noises, the noise of family expectations, the noise of your parents, etc., that cause you to count yourself as a failure! There is an extraordinary option in front of you, which offers the most affordable egg donation packages, the most appropriate donor eggs, surrogates, or both with high success rates approaches.

In this blog post on TebMedtourism, we speak about all the impressive factors that, by considering them turn us into the best egg donation agency in the world. In this way, the positive reviews of our patients lit us up in the most fantastic way! Some people think there is no formula and no pattern when an agency comes to being number one among worldwide competitors, but in reality, we obey particular guidelines to be the best egg donation agency.
Our unique characteristics have listed below:

• High-quality donor eggs
• High IVF+ egg donation success rate
• Expertise in specialists
• Technological capabilities in labs and clinics
• Amazing nurses in clinics
• Flexibility and compassion
• Affordable packages
• No waiting list
• Highest degree of care

And a lot of other factors; for more information about them and why patients around the world recognize TebMed Tourism as the best egg donation agency, keep reading this article!

What to look for in an egg donation agency?

Choosing the right egg donation agency can make a world of difference in your success rate, so it is important to do your research. There are a few key criteria that should be taken into consideration when selecting an egg donor, such as the following parameters that each professional branch certainly has a special focus on them:

Donor Eggs and IVF Success Rates – What You Need to Know

Finding the best egg donor is not easy and needs exceptional focus on the special characteristic.
If you are considering IVF egg donation, it is essential to make sure you choose the best IVF egg donor. The quality of the donor eggs plays a crucial role in achieving a high success rate with IVF treatments. The best egg donation agency should be so strict in choosing an ideal egg donor and follow the below instructions:
1. 1.The egg donor should be 21-30 years’ old
2. She must be a non-smoker
3. Her BMI should be between 18-28
4. Her AMH should be in normal value (ovarian reserve in the normal range is 2ng/mL at 30)
5. No history of inheritable disease (whether genetic or infectious diseases)
6. No history of polycystic ovarian
So as you see, according to the above information, fertility health and healthy genetic history are very important for every professional agency like TebMedTourism. All genetic screening processes, regarding compensation for your time, will be done in advance; it means that after the mental, physical and genetic screening, the eggs of the donor will be accepted, and the egg donor will enter the egg donation process.

Flexibility and compassion with amazing nurses in clinics

Choosing the best egg donation agency is an important decision and one that should not be taken lightly. Regarding to the best results, the amazing nurses and staff, is better to be at the top of the list of as well as the flexibility and compassion they offer.
At the best egg donation agency, you can trust that the nurses will provide you with the care and attention you need throughout the entire process. They understand the importance of providing flexibility and compassion during a time of vulnerability and uncertainty.

Affordable packages and no waiting list

Egg donation + IVF treatment or egg donation via surrogacy journey are expensive. So you should choose the best egg donation agency to assure you of receiving top-quality services at a price that won’t break your budget!
We understand that cost can be a big factor when considering egg donation, but it is better to research to find the best egg donation agencies that can provide quality services at an affordable price.
Whether you’re looking to donate eggs or receive them, you should carefully research and hand-selected only the top-rated egg donation agencies that offer the highest IVF success rates and affordable packages without a long waiting list that could find the perfect match for you.

Expertise and technological capabilities

The best egg donation agency has a wealth of experience and high IVF success rates.
With access to the most qualified specialists and state-of-the-art labs and clinics, the best egg donation agency can provide you with the highest quality and safest possible egg donation experience.

They also cooperate with high-tech clinics and hospitals equipped with cutting-edge technology that will be utilized in advanced infertility treatments and could provide an invaluable service to exceptional infertile cases.

Highest degree of care

Choosing the best egg donation agency is an important decision that should be taken seriously. With the proper selection, you can ensure that the highest degree of care is taken in the process of egg donation through the following approach:

  • The best egg donation agency has a proven track record.
  • The best egg donation agency has experienced staff.
  • The best egg donation agency has a network of high-quality donors.
  • The best egg donation agency offers competitive compensation.
  • The best egg donation agency offers personalized service for celebrity clients.

As you see, choosing the best egg donation agency can be a difficult decision. It is vital to carefully research your options, as the quality of service and outcomes can vary significantly from country to country, clinic to clinic, and agency to agency.

Best egg donation agency in 2023 | TebMedTourism

TebMedTourism is the best egg donation agency in 2023 due to having unique parameters, including a high IVF success rate, affordable cost, flexible egg donation program, no waiting list for the egg donation process, etc. In the following, you can receive more data about why our agency is the best among its competitors, at patients’ choice and with what characteristics we have improved patient satisfaction and experience scores! Learn more: All about Egg donation in Iran

1. On our high success rate

The highest IVF success rate belongs to the TebMedTourism is not a motto! We have put this motto into action.
Our IVF success rate is 21.5% on average. Patients announced their satisfaction because of their successful first IVF cycle. By guaranteed packages, we make you an incredible mother and father.

By PGS/NGS, you overcome your genetic issues via your IVF procedure, and with a comprehensive list of egg donors, you will have a nice girl/boy with high similarity to you. Guarantee programs via egg donation procedures full of information, medical support and psychological protection could be a glimmer of hope on your journey to creating a family.
2. On our affordable cost

In comparison to the other countries, TebMedtourism cost is the most affordable! We provide comprehensive and affordable packages and payment plans.
People are leaving great reviews about our packages, how our financing process is clear and transparent, how our guaranteed packages are affordable, and how financial steps are relative to the scope of treatment.
IVF+ egg donation is only $5,500. Our surrogacy journey+ egg donation (guaranteed package) is only $29,000, economical and most affordable, compared to south American and European costs!

3. On our flexibility

Your individual fertility needs are our priority; for example, we customize our plans if you need a hysteroscopy to optimize fertility before entering any reproduction treatment like IVF or IUI. If you want to use frozen eggs, we provide them.

Suppose you order genetic screening of your embryo via IVF journey; we have high-tech clinics and labs equipped with advanced diagnostic tests and modern assisted reproductive technology methods.

Suppose you want to welcome your new child via egg donation + IVF+ surrogacy. In that case, we have special packages at the most affordable prices that make an exciting trip for the donor, surrogate and intended parents!
Our flexibility is the key factor to having the highest success rate in the world in 2023.

4. On our compassion

If you’re looking for the best egg donation agency to help you fulfill your dreams of having a family, look no further. At the best egg donation agency, TebMedTourism, you can expect amazing nurses who are both flexible and compassionate. With their expertise and support, you can feel confident that you are in good hands.
Patients leaving their reviews on these topics, how our agency provides these qualities, and more:

Some thanks are about kindness of nurses and entire staff that listened to the patients’ every question and concern. Some of them are thankful because of having an enjoyable and comfortable experience that could be as possible as a lonely woman (her husband is on business travel) going through an egg donation IVF journey.

5. On our beautiful landscapes

We mix treatment with travel, the beautiful scenery of the four seasons, snow and skiing and the other option that turn your treatment journey into an unforgettable trip.

One of the favorite patient reviews that push others to choose our agency is: “Iran is a highly recommended and amazing destination for combining the treatment and travel that the period for treatment will be one of the most incredible periods of your life.”

6. On our large database of egg donors | No waiting list

A great database of beautiful women aged 21-31 as healthy and screened egg donors is ready to present to the couple asking for egg donations.

This database is always up-to-date, and we are recruiting new egg donors. Due to a slightly high success rate of fresh eggs vs. frozen eggs, more than 20%, our agency will offer fresh eggs, but if the couple insists on using frozen eggs, there isn’t any problem, and both kinds of egg donation are available.

In the end, you can be sure that our wide list of egg donors could provide you with the perfect option due to the large database of our egg donors that could be used in both the surrogacy procedure and IVF+ egg donation journey.

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