Using a Donor Egg to Get Pregnant in 2023

Using a donor egg to get pregnant in 2023

Using a donor egg to get pregnant is among the most favorite and highly searched keywords by couples. Nowadays, many couples struggling with different infertility issues are enthusiastic about choosing the IVF egg donation procedure.

Getting pregnant with donor eggs is not an advertising title; it is an advanced infertility treatment of ART (assisted reproduction technology) methods called IVF egg donation. This miracle method resonates with women who want to remove stigma via replying to a big question: “Is it possible I became a mom at 46 with donor eggs?”

Using a donor egg to get pregnant is an excellent option for many couples with fertility issues.

IVF success rates with donor eggs can be pretty high, which is around 52%.

At some clinics, this rate is even higher. If you and your partner are considering fertility treatments such as IVF, it may be worthwhile to discuss your options with a professional team like TebMedTourism.

Glimpse about your future and trust a well-known and professional agency with a big database. A wide variety of egg donors, alongside affordable cost (only $6,000 for IVF+ Egg donation) and high IVF success rate, could change everything, which could turn you into a happy and perfect family!

In this blog post on TebMedTourism, you can find clear answers to your question about donor egg pregnancy; also, we will discuss the rate of the possibility of being pregnant at 46 with donor eggs and overcoming age-related issues!

How is it possible getting pregnant with donor eggs? (3 steps)


A pregnancy in which the baby was conceived using donor eggs is known as a “donor egg pregnancy.” The intended parents select eggs from a donor egg database to begin a donor egg pregnancy program. Using the sperm of the intended father, the eggs, which are fresh or are fertilized in the lab, are called the IVF egg donation process.

In an IVF laboratory in a high-tech clinic, all procedures for creating embryos grown in special media will be performed by specialists. After that, the embryos can be examined for any chromosomal abnormalities (via karyotyping and other genetic tests like PGS/NGS/PGT-A) and, if desired, the baby’s gender (via PGD test). After that, the embryos will transfer into the intended mother’s uterus to start a pregnancy.

More information is accessible in the egg donation process for the donor’s article, but in summary, the following steps are waiting for the egg donor:

  • Filling out an Application form and Screening
  • Matching
  • Cycle Synchronization
  • Egg Retrieval

What are the chances of getting pregnant with donor eggs?


Are you trying to envision probabilities, and a big question about donor egg pregnancy has formed in your mind? If you answer yes, you have chosen the right article to read!

First, It’s important to note that the egg donor that the intended parents have utilizing their eggs via the donor egg pregnancy process is not responsible for the baby’s implantation or delivery.

Rather, after the embryo is transferred to the mother’s womb, the responsibilities are placed on the shoulders of the mother and the father. The mother and father must follow the infertility doctor’s instructions so that the donor egg pregnancy process can be completed successfully.



Donor egg pregnancy in the language of statistics


Using a donor egg to get pregnant, of course, with fresh eggs, will help to overcome to IVF drawbacks that many couples are struggling with them. Donor egg pregnancy, according to the published research, has a high success rate than IVF with the own eggs of the intended mother, surprisingly!

The following data that are gathered from recent articles are evidence of this claim:


  • The chance of getting pregnant with donor eggs and having a healthy baby for women under 35 is 45%.
  • The chance of getting pregnant with donor eggs and having a healthy baby for women 35-37 is 34-37%.
  • The chance of getting pregnant with donor eggs and having a healthy baby for women 38-40 is 28%.
  • The chance of getting pregnant with donor eggs and having a healthy baby for women over 40 is less than 18%.

Donor egg pregnancy success


Let your dream of parenthood come true with Donor Egg Pregnancy ? #AchievingDreams! This is not an Instagram dream message, but today it has been implemented with a high success rate in many countries active in infertility treatment. It has brought many happy families to their dreams of having children.

Far from being an unattainable fantasy, infertility treatment has attained high success in several countries, allowing countless families to realize their long-held aspirations of parenthood.

When you decide to use a donor egg to get pregnant and choose a country to choose a clinic, your priority should be the rate of success’s procedure. After the second step, you can consider other factors that play a role in the success of donor egg IVF cycles, such as the donor’s age, the type of donor egg, and other unknown factors.

In terms of statistics, data have suggested that pregnancies resulting from using donor eggs have an approximately 65-75% chance of a successful live birth.

Pregnant at 46 with donor eggs


Are you over 40 and wondering if you can still get pregnant with donor eggs? For many women, the answer is yes! If you are 48 or within two years of that age, getting pregnant with donor eggs can be a viable option to start or grow your family.


Women older than 48 may face challenges such as fear of early menopause, low-quality eggs, and genetic issues, but there are solutions to these issues that can help make the process of getting pregnant with donor eggs successful.

Donor egg pregnancy at 48+2 is a high search volume keyword that can help these couples be hopeful about having a baby, fortunately with a high success rate.

Today, thanks to advanced genetic tests like PGD/PGS overcoming genetic issues (like chromosomal abnormalities leading to miscarriages) via the IVF egg donation process is possible; alongside this critical point that by utilizing fresh eggs, pregnant at 46 with donor eggs, even after two years of menopause, it is possible!

Can I get pregnant with a donor egg in IVF?


Fortunately, the answer is yes. If you‘re at the age that makes you anxious about the possibility of live birth, a healthy baby without genetic issues and abnormalities, there is good news for you. Thanks to advanced ART (Assisted reproductive technologies) methods like IVF egg donation!

Pregnancy may seem like a pipe dream for a woman who doesn’t have any viable eggs, whether due to primary ovarian insufficiency (POI), also known as premature ovarian failure, or another illness or consequence.

The good news is that a woman faced with these difficulties might still be able to conceive and give birth if she uses a donated egg that has been fertilized by her partner’s sperm and put in her uterus, where it can develop into a normal pregnancy.

More information about donor egg IVF success rate in Iran by TebMedTourism will surprise you! Keep reading the following paragraphs of this blog post.

Donor egg IVF success rates in 2023


We consider all positive thoughts in the before paragraphs, but the good news is latent in tracking statistics about donor egg IVF success rates in 2023.

Successful donor egg IVF is attributed to IVF egg donation options in Iran. Over 50,000 pregnant women reported live births in 2023 after an average of 2 cycles with IVF egg donation treatment. Almost 88 percent enjoyed a safe and smooth pregnancy term, resulting in a healthy baby without abnormalities.

IVF egg donation in Iran by TebMedTourism, a well-known agency due to its high IVF success rate (more than 54% on average) and professionalism in ART methods, is frequently suggested by worldwide patients. The patient satisfaction video is proof of our claim.

So if you plan to use a donor egg in IVF, your chances of having a live birth are much higher than with natural conception at the same age. Contact us and go through proper treatments, nutrition, medications and screenings to maximize the possibility of a successful donor egg IVF outcome.

 The happy ending in getting pregnant with donor eggs | In the way of TebMedTourism


Giving hope, in conclusion, is not only part of absorbing patients, but also it’s part of the reality of visible and gratifying results of ART methods. IVF egg donation results with awareness and a preventive approach could be an exciting and gratifying experience with happy outcomes and a bright future.

Considering all the attention and recommendations of infertility experts, the couple could expect encouraging news; it’s important to note that not every cycle with donor eggs will succeed.

Like other infertility treatments, getting pregnant with donor eggs can fail. Some failure causes of such fertility treatments are age-dependent factors; some are due to the intended mother’s destructive lifestyle, etc.

In the last two decades, to avoid having failure experiences, the IVF egg donation cycle also becomes safer in recent years due to safety precautions such as pre-screening, genetic tests like PGD/PGS/NGS/PGT-A and legal agreement of egg donors.

In addition to the great contribution that genetic tests made to increase the success rate of IVF, the use of fresh eggs also had a significant impact in this field. It’s truly encouraging news! So don’t hesitate and call us to get the best results!


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