gastric sleeve surgery complications and side effects

What are gastric sleeve surgery complications and side effects?

Gastric Sleeve surgery or Gastrectomy Risks

gastric sleeve surgery complications

These days, we observe that some people are suffering from obesity and they face a lot of solutions for that.

Because the obesity has negative effect on their community relations and in addition that it causes a lot of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure or hypertension.

We have seen some girls and guys that have failed in their emotional relationships due to obesity and lack of fitness and adorned appearance. People try to lose weight for their better community relationships and preventing mental and physical illnesses.


Some people prefer to go gyms and do hard exercises to lose their weight. But others after short time may get tired and depressed and give up so prefer to take weight loss pills and in order to be released from obesity they accept the dangers of the surgeries.

Rarely, have been seen these people fall into the trap of some profiteers and swindlers or they have faced with some doctors abandon medical ethics and conscience and only seek to earn more money. Statistics and researches show that some patients have died because of inappropriate usage of weight loss pills and supplements and the unnecessary cosmetics surgeries.

Development of the medical science has solved this problem and has revived hope in the patients.

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the solutions that can help you to lose your weight. But actually what is gastric sleeve surgery? What are gastric sleeve surgery complications and side effects?

If you are suffering from excessive obesity and you are planning to be released from that, please study this article carefully. We assure you to receive all answers of your questions in this article.

gastric sleeve surgery complications and side effects

What is the gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the weight loss operations in which the surgeon uses laparoscopy and makes small incisions in the abdomen to reduce the patient’s stomach volume by 80% so that the patient’s stomach becomes to the size and shape of a banana and this result in loss of 50-70% of the patient’s weight.

After this operation, the patient can no longer overeat. Because the stomach can tolerates a certain amount of food, on the other hand, this action intensifies the activity of weight loss hormones in the patient’s body. As a result, after a short period of sleeve surgery, the patient loses weight and reaches his ideal weight.

Gastric sleeve surgery complications and side effects

Gastric sleeve surgery like other operations may has some complications and side effects that we mention the most important ones below:

gastric sleeve surgery complications and side effects
  • Complications of anesthesia: This operation is performed under general anesthesia. Sometimes patients may have allergic reaction to anesthetics.
  • Respiratory problems: It has sometimes been observed that patients experience respiratory problems after gastric sleeve surgery, so after the operation, they are connected to a respirator and oxygen to reduce the rate of respiratory problems and cough.
  • The risk of brain stroke, heart attack or blood clot transmission to the lungs after or during the surgery.
  • Risk of gastrointestinal diseases: The patient may have postoperative gastric diseases such as gastric reflux, gastric emptying syndrome, nausea and vomiting, gastric acid leakage into the esophagus, small intestinal obstruction, and leakage at the site of gastric puncture, obstruction after the gastrointestinal tract. For these reasons, it is recommended that the patient uses a small amount of food after the operation and more puree foods.
  • Internal and external bleeding
  • Hair loss: After gastric sleeve surgery, the patient must enter a small amount of food into his stomach, and this causes the amount of essential minerals such as protein, vitamins and zinc, etc. to be reduced that leads to the hair loss.

For this reason, after the operation, the patient is recommended to take pills containing protein, zinc, vitamin B6 and folic acid.

  • Feeling too cold: The patient cannot consume large amounts of food that he likes after this operation. He should avoid consuming too much sugar and eat slowly and follow the diet prescribed by his doctor. So it is natural to lose a lot of body fat. Therefore, he feels much cold than before the operation.

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So far, we have mentioned the disadvantages and the risks that are more prevalent among patients, but there might be other risks and complications that are less common among patients:

    • Caries and joint erosion
    • Increased risk of cancer
    • Depression or other kinds of mental disorders
    • Social and psychological relationship problems
    • Hypoglycemia
gastric sleeve surgery complications and side effects

Gastric sleeve surgery in Iran

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