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What is 3D Hollywood Smile?

Today, success is achieved through having a good relationship with other people. Having a beautiful smile plays an important role in creating an attractive image in the eyes of others and making a positive impact on others. Moreover, having a beautiful smile increases the sense of self-confidence, which is the basic feature of successful people.

For having the desired smile, you can take the advantage of 3D Hollywood smile technology. To know more about 3D Hollywood smile, let us take a look at this kind of dental treatment and see how the procedure is like.

Why should we consider a Hollywood smile?

Over time, our teeth can be discolored and stained because of food, smoking, diseases, and medicines. In addition, they can be crooked or destroyed due to different incidents or they may not have balance in facial shape or size that all of them can lead to a lopsided smile.

Many people consider Hollywood smile as a cosmetic procedure, however when you are smiling and immediately feel embarrassed about your teeth, it directly affects your self-confidence and becomes a psychological problem. Therefore, having a beautiful smile can have very high importance.

Holly wood smile

3D Smile Design

In the 3D smile design procedure, by the use of high-resolution studio photography with 3D digital software analysis, our dentists plan the ideal form of teeth for the patients. The 3D smile design technology looks at all the elements of a patient’s face to create a natural smile that matches the qualities of the face. To get the ideal smile design, you may need different dental procedures like orthodontics, bleaching, implants, etc.

We use the 3D smile design for diagnosis, planning the treatment, and digitally simulating the smile design. It means that when our dentist examines your teeth, they can obtain a 3D model of your teeth and simulate the suggested treatment on the model so that you can see how your teeth will look like when the treatment is done. It also allows us to choose the color and the shape of your teeth. The 3D smile design technology gives patients the opportunity to see their ideal smile before the dentist even touches their teeth.

How is the 3D Smile Design procedure?

With the help of high-resolution photography and 3D models of your teeth, we can simulate different kinds of treatments and different models. This way, you will be able to see how each of these changes can affect the shape of your smile and make your final decision about that.

When you decided about your smile model, the 3D model of your teeth will be printed and can be used as a template for making a temporary smile that can be used for trying and assessing the appearance. If everything goes well and the client is satisfied with the shape of the teeth, we will move forward and start the main treatment.

Hollywood Smile

What can 3D Smile Design do?

3D Hollywood smile can treat several teeth problems and make your smile look beautiful. In addition, it treats teeth problems and tries to make them healthy.

  • Unattractive teeth: 3D Hollywood smile can treat discolored teeth and make them bright using a teeth whitening procedure and veneers. Teeth whitening or bleaching can be used to brighten the entire smile and establish a baseline color for any other cosmetic treatments.


  • Misaligned teeth: nowadays, by using a number of Orthodontic treatments, crowded or crooked teeth can be treated easily. Misaligned teeth should be straightened before undergoing any other cosmetic dental treatments.


  • Missing teeth: With time passing and lack of proper care, we may lose one or more of our teeth. Missing teeth can make our smile look bad and it affects our self-confidence. Dental implants are the ideal way for replacing any number of missing teeth. If they were used with care and precision, they can last for a lifetime. They can be used for only one missing tooth or even a whole mouth of missing teeth. Dental bridges can also be a helpful treatment in some cases.


  • Facial proportion: the size and position of your jaws can influence the place of teeth and your smile appearance. A small upper jaw can hide your teeth while you are smiling and a small lower jaw can make your upper teeth look overly big and bulky. Therefore, your dentist should not only consider the teeth’ appearance separately but the whole facial proportion must be included.

Are Hollywood smile permanent?

One of the most recurrent questions that patients usually ask when it comes to Hollywood smile is about the durability of this procedure and whether they are permanent or not. The answer is yes, they are almost permanent. A good-quality permanent veneer would last up to thirty years. However, there are cheaper versions of veneers that may need repairing within a few years. Thus, you need to make a wise decision when you choose the type of veneers; because although the good-quality permanent veneers are more expensive, in the end, they may save you some money.

To summarize the discussion, 3D smile design is more than just the application of veneers; it designs your smile and gives you a more aesthetic look that suits your face. The best thing about smile design is that you are a co-designer in the whole process and you can share your ideas with your dentist. You can select the shape, color, and alignment of your teeth. TebMedTourism digital dentistry capabilities will make your teeth just the way you requested. For getting more information about the procedure and costs, you can consult with our experts throughout the week and free of charge.

Author: Leila Nazari

Publisher and SEO specialist: Mohamad Gerami

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