donor eggs in Iran

Which one is better: Frozen or Fresh donor eggs?

Frozen donor eggs or fresh eggs

Donor eggs in Iran

In this brief article we are going to discuss the differences between frozen donor egg and fresh donor egg in the process of IVF.

IVF or called In vitro fertilization is a series of complex procedures that performed to help the fertility or solve genetic problems to realize the dream of having child.

Egg donation in Iran

During IVF process, mature eggs will be retrieved from ovaries then fertilized by sperms in laboratory. Afterward, fertilized eggs (called embryos) will be transferred to a uterus. Total cycle of In vitro fertilization (IVF) will take about three weeks. In some cases, IVF steps are divided into two different parts that more likely cause the process last longer (long term protocol).

Egg donation in Iran
Egg donation in Iran

There are many reasons why patients or couples choose an egg donor. The egg donation process consists of reduced ovarian reserve, ovarian insufficiency, lack of the ovaries a resulted from surgery, or also advanced reproductive age. This is also an opportunity for women who have an unpleasant history related to poor quality of oocyte or embryo, and previous attempts to benefit from in vitro fertilization through a woman’s own eggs.

Egg donation in Iran

By this regard we should first explain the priorities for each case or patient and vulnerable groups for each process.

First we should define a fresh egg through IVF cycle, which donor eggs are retrieved and immediately fertilized with the male partner’s sperm, with the resulting fresh embryos transferred to the recipient.

1- Fresh egg

The use of fresh eggs allows the oocytes to be fertilized, while fresh. In this case, the egg donor will be selected from the patient’s own infertility schedule or from an egg donor agency. The egg donor will undergo stimulation and monitoring in an IVF process. The prepared eggs will be fertilized with sperm cell. Fresh oocytes may be fertilize with standard insemination when sperms and eggs are placed together in a petri dish or intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (or ICSI) while a single sperm is injected directly into each egg. The recipient’s cycle may be adjusted for fresh embryo transfer or for embryos that can be frozen for future usage.

The second routine of an IVF presses can be accomplish by frozen eggs.

Egg donation in Iran

2- Frozen eggs

Since the screening and cycling is already completed, frozen eggs are the faster option. Frozen donor eggs are usually provided in consistent but smaller cohorts (batches of eggs). Although frozen donor eggs are more likely accompanied with a successful pregnancy, it may not result in such embryos of the recipient to consider for future IVF cycles because of the smaller batch of donor eggs.

Egg donation in Iran
Egg donation in Iran

Which way to use?

Many patients who undergo egg donation are often reaches to this conclusion that donor egg will be the final viable option for a successful pregnancy, sometimes after years of unsuccessful infertility treatment trials. In some cases, patients don’t decide to test another long process. Frozen donor eggs, because they’ve already been collected from highly screened egg donors, therefore are ready to be shipped, thawed, and utilized on your program alone, as you’re ready. In terms of emotional and financial problems, frozen donor eggs can be a better option if you’re pleased not to conceive such a longsome cycle.

Our Recommendations:

  • Are frozen donor eggs just as good as fresh?

In fact, there is no exact answer: it all depends on your own particular requirements and desires.

  • Before you begin looking for an egg donation (fresh or frozen), prioritize these major factors:
  1. Cost: are your funds very limited, or do you have some flexibility?
  2. Time: are you on a deadline (for insurance, your clinic’s age cut off, or some other reason)?
  • You should have a general understanding of the difference between fresh and frozen eggs. Imagine a fresh egg like a product and frozen egg as a process.

IVF + Embryo Transfer

  • Treatment
  • Medical consultation
  • Post Treatment follow-up
  • Airport Pick up/Drop off

IVF + PGD (Sex Selection)

  • Treatment
  • Medical consultation
  • Post Treatment follow-up
  • Airport Pick up/Drop off

IVF + Egg Donation + PGD

  • Treatment
  • Medical consultation
  • Post Treatment follow-up
  • Airport Pick up/Drop off
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