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What factors are important to choose the best surrogacy agency ?

Surrogacy is one of the new methods in the treatment of infertility that has become very popular today.

In addition to couples in need of treatment and a surrogate mother, other players can also influence this process, the most important of which are surrogacy agencies. These agencies can help intended couples on the path to parenthood, and stand by their sides at different stages of the process from the beginning to the end.

However, these days, there are many surrogacy agencies around the world that can make the choice difficult for couples.

How can they make sure one surrogacy agency is the best possible option for them? What factors can help them choose the right agency?

In this article, we will address these issues and concerns.

These days, if you search for the word “Surrogacy”, you will come across countless articles that may confuse you. However, to begin with, it is better to clarify one subject:

Every couple in need of infertility treatment generally has two choices considering surrogacy:

They may have already chosen the surrogate mother they want (for example, among friends and acquaintances) and need other referrals only for medical and legal procedures; or they are at the beginning of the plan and need guidance and support for each step of the process.

In the latter case, the need to find and select a surrogacy agency is essential, and of course, this is generally the recommended approach. Because even if the mother is an acquaintance, the legal and medical stages of the work will still be challenging, and on the other hand, this process will be a process with a lot of emotional burdens, and therefore, requires unique psychological support and counseling, taking place before and during the process.

But among all these choices, what are the factors that can help a couple in need of treatment choose the right surrogacy agency ?

4 factors to choose the best surrogacy agency

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best  Surrogacy Agency


The following four factors are, in our belief, what can be considered in the research and selection process between the countless surrogacy agencies:

  1. The comprehensiveness of provided services:

An appropriate surrogacy agency should be able to provide comprehensive and inclusive services during the surrogacy process, as well as clearly identify and commit to these services before taking any action.

For example, both parties need to know whether the agency has the ability to manage the legal issues ahead and how they are acting in this regard. Or does the agency, in addition to finding a suitable surrogate mother, assist them in the medical process?

TebMedTourism Company can accompany the intended couple, through all the stages of this process, from the first step, including advertising and finding a fitting surrogate mother and performing relevant tests, to legal considerations, and finally all medical services, including IVF, etc.

  1. Providing information:

An appropriate surrogacy agency should be completely transparent and honest in presenting and explaining its process and how it works to both sides of the story (the couple in need of treatment and the surrogate mother).

An intended couple and a surrogate mother should be well aware of any financial, legal, physical, and emotional risks and challenges that may arise along the way to make the most informed decision possible.

From the beginning of the process, the TebMedTourism Company is able to provide a free consultation to couples in need of the treatment so that it can provide them with possible explanations and draw a clear path in front of them. If you are also interested in learning more about this process, contact us now.

  1. Transparency and accuracy in financial matters:

Certainly, the process of fertilization using a surrogate mother will be a relatively costly process that intended couples need to be aware of in advance in order to better manage their budget. Therefore, a suitable agency should be able to identify and declare the necessary costs in the most transparent and complete way possible.

Although any process may encounter unexpected events and consequently additional costs, a professional agency can manage or minimize these issues in advance or take responsibility for them.

TebMedTourism Company has tried to maximize financial transparency for couples in need of treatment by offering accurate and thoughtful price packages. Also, if there is an additional cost that has not been previously considered by the company (i.e. it is not a service that the couple has specifically requested), the company will take responsibility to pay it.

  1. History and presentation of successful cases:

An appropriate surrogacy agency should be able to provide a history of previous successful case management. One of the things that can guide the couple in this matter is the referrals to former clients, their reviews, and testimonials to evaluate the quality and success of similar services that have already been provided.

History and presentation of successful cases

What are the Best Surrogacy Agencies?

Because of the sensitivity of surrogacy and the medical and legal challenges that you might face during the process, you need to start researching the best surrogacy agencies. By doing it, you will make sure that you receive the best family-building service available. Surrogacy is not a simple medical process that you start doing it blindly. It is a process that needs all the parties to understand their exact responsibilities to make sure they get the desired outcome.

Surrogacy agencies that can provide all the required fertility services like egg donation, PGD, gender selection, and other fertility technologies are among the best agencies. The best surrogacy agencies are those that are offering all the services from the start of the process to the time the intended parents take their baby home. These services include medical consultation, doctor’s visits, tests, screening, finding a suitable surrogate, signing a contract with both the intended parents and the surrogate, signing an official contract in a notary with the intended parents to be their legal agent, managing the payments to the surrogate, and doing the legal works.

Best Surrogacy Agency in the World

when you research to find the best destination for doing the surrogacy process, Iran is the best country for surrogacy due to various reasons. The agency you pick is very important in your surrogacy journey whether you are an egg donor, intended parent, or a surrogate. You need to make sure you choose the best surrogacy agency that suits your needs. The most important factor in choosing an agency is its experience. Intended parents always want to work with agencies that have an acceptable history of successful surrogacy cases to make sure they know exactly what they are doing and all the work is handled perfectly. On the other side, most surrogates prefer to work with an agency that matches them quickly with an intended parent and gives them financial and legal support.

Best surrogacy agencies support parents from the starting point until the end of the process. They match surrogate and intended parents, arrange medical visits, do the legal work, coordinate payments, and manage all the issues that occur during the pregnancy and after delivery.

Which is the Best Surrogacy Agency in Iran?

For surrogacy services, Iran is the leading country in the region and one of the top destinations in the world. Surrogacy in Iran is legally provided for eligible married couples. Since surrogacy is not legal in many countries, many couples travel to other countries for treatment. The cost of surrogacy in Iran is considerably more affordable than in other countries, making this country the cheapest country for surrogacy and a favorite destination for many international couples.

There are several surrogacy agencies working in Iran where surrogacy service is provided for local and international patients. Among all of them, TebMedTourism is the best surrogacy agency in Iran due to multiple reasons. We are beside the couples and surrogates until the birth certificate is issued with the name of the couple as the baby’s legal parents. TebMedTourism’s attorneys get the passport of your baby in the shortest time. these factors are the golden services of TebMedTourism, making this agency the best surrogacy agency in Iran.

Surrogacy services in TebMedTourism are done under the supervision of experienced physicians in this field who have a history of the highest success rate among their previous patients.

TebMedTourism chooses the surrogates among those who had a history of successful pregnancies and were screened physically and mentally. We make sure that surrogates are fully aware of their legal rights and their obligations. Then a contract will be signed between the surrogate and the intended parents. In this contract, the gestational carrier agrees to take care of the fetus and deliver the baby to the parent after delivery. In addition, the intended parents undertake to pay the surrogate’s compensation on the appointed due dates.

The cost of surrogacy service in TebMedTourism is only $19,000, which is so reasonable. This amount includes the cost of doctor’s visits, IVF cycle, drugs, tests, embryo transfer, and surrogate compensation. We also provide other fertility services including egg donation, sex selection, PGD, TESE, etc. in case there is a need. In some cases, the woman cannot provide eggs of good quality; therefore, to prepare high-quality eggs for the IVF cycle, egg donation services are available. They can even select the gender of their baby using PGS.

During its years of activity, the TebMedToursim Company has been able to help couples from many different parts of the world to fulfill their dream of having children.

Thus, today, although there are numerous surrogacy agencies out there, there are some basics that can help an intended couple choose the best ones. TebMedTourism Company is proud to have considered all these items in its structure.

If you are interested in knowing more, contact us. Do not forget that the consulting physicians of TebMedTourism Co. are ready to answer your questions, free of charge, 24/7.

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