Surrogacy Vs adoption

What is better adoption or surrogacy ?

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Differences between surrogacy and adoption?
Which one is better?
Surrogacy pros and cons?
Advantages and disadvantages of adoption?

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In these days, having baby or child is one of the fascinating things for every family and due to many reasons, such as infertility, being in LGBTQ community, etc. some couples need to do adoption or surrogacy .
According to the CDC, from 1999 to 2013, a minimum of 18,400 infants were born through surrogacy in the United States.
Like everything, both surrogacy and adoption have some advantages and disadvantages but totally it’s your decision to choose one of them!

Surrogacy vs Adoption

In this part, we are going to know differences between surrogacy and adoption. First, lets know about surrogacy and adoption and understand what are them?

What is surrogacy?

According to our latest article, surrogacy involves a process in which a woman, known as a surrogate or gestational carrier, supports another individual or couple by carrying their child during a full-term pregnancy. The intended parents may face challenges in conceiving or successfully experiencing pregnancy due to medical, genetic, or personal reasons.

What is adoption? defines adoption as the incorporation of children into another family, both legally and emotionally, when they will not be raised by their biological parents. Despite this, they still maintain genetic and psychological ties to their birth family.

Surrogacy pros and cons

There are some pros and cons for surrogacy and adoption. We have summarized these for you in the form of a table, but we suggest that you read the text of the article!


Surrogacy Adoption


Genetic connection with child

Reasonable cost

Matching with surrogate

Involvement to surrogate lifestyle

Selectable surrogate

Beneficial experience for parents and children


Legal contract

Fast process
Cons Cost of surrogacy

Birth parents have the ability to alter their decision

Legal considerations

Adoptive parents need to be chosen by the birth parents

What are the pros of surrogacy?

Here we are going to know advantages of surrogacy:

  • Genetic connection in surrogacy: Having a genetic connection to the child is a significant motivator for many parents who choose surrogacy. By using a gestational carrier, the baby will be conceived through IVF using the intended parents’ egg, sperm, or both.
  • Matching with surrogate: The matching process between the intended parents and the gestational carrier is a mutual decision. Clinics like TebMedTourism thoroughly screen both parties to ensure compatibility and shared goals and plans.
  •  Involvement to surrogate lifestyle: Intended parents are encouraged to be involved in the surrogate’s pregnancy from start to finish, fostering a sense of connection and ensuring proper prenatal care for the carrier and baby. Often, the relationship between the surrogate and intended parents extends beyond the surrogacy journey.
  • Legal contract: A legally binding contract is established before the birth, leaving no doubts about the identity of the baby’s parents.
  • Predictable: Although some points in surrogacy is unknown such as, duration of finding suitable surrogate, successful embryo transfer, etc, you can know about all of this process, how they are working? Who is surrogate? What is her lifestyle? What is her morality? In adoption, you will understand none of them!
  •  Choosing surrogate: Intended parents can choose surrogate. This option in adoption would not be done!
  •  Fast process: Some agencies and clinics, provide you list of surrogates and you can find your surrogate match as soon as possible under supervision of fertility specialist. TebMedTourism, is one of them. Here we help you to find your surrogate match, also the highest quality of surrogacy procedure with free consultation in the cheapest country for surrogacy!
    TebMedTourism fertility experts, as the sole provider of all these and other infertility treatment services, waiting for you to answer your questions in this regard!

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In this part, come with us to understand; what are the cons of surrogacy?

Absolutely, it has some challenges to do surrogacy!

  • Cost of surrogacy: Being a parent involves various expenses, including legal fees, basic compensation for the surrogate, and prenatal medical costs. Surrogacy also incurs additional charges for things like fertility medication, egg/sperm donations, IVF transfers, surrogacy insurance, and more. Based on statistics, Iran is the cheapest country for surrogacy and you can know more about this way, by free consultation with TebMedTourism fertility specialists.
  • Legal considerations of surrogacy: Surrogacy laws differ across states, but in all cases, a contract is required before the embryo is transferred to establish the intended parents as the legal guardians. Nonetheless, the combination of medical procedures and legal regulations can be bewildering. That’s why it’s crucial to engage with both an experienced reproductive lawyer and a surrogacy agency or clinic like TebMedTourism, who have the expertise to guide you through the legal aspects of surrogacy. For the sake of legality of surrogacy in Iran, it is the best choice for many couples to do their surrogacy journey in Iran with TebMedTourism, The best fertility treatment clinic globally.

Adoption pros and cons

If you want to understand about advantages of adoption, read this part:

  • Reasonable cost: The cost of adoption is more manageable when compared to surrogacy. While it is not cheap, it is a more affordable option. In the United States, a typical agency adoption typically costs between $20,000 and $45,000, which includes agency fees, medical expenses, and the home study. Moreover, adoptive parents may qualify for a tax credit, adoption employer benefits. However, the price cannot be considered as one of the advantages of adoption, because it has the same price as surrogacy and in many cases, surrogacy is more economical.
  • Beneficial experience for parents and children: Adoptive parents have the opportunity to provide a better life for a child. Many birth parents choose adoption to offer their baby a life filled with opportunities they cannot provide. Being entrusted to give your adopted child this chance brings a sense of pride and joy. On the other hand, by adopting, you are also helping a birth mother create a brighter future for herself.

Disadvantages of adoption might be:

  • Birth parents have the ability to alter their decision: In the case of adoption, legal agreements and parental rights are not transferred until after the baby is delivered. This implies that the adoption could be cancelled unexpectedly. This emotional and inevitable aspect of adoption should be anticipated by prospective adoptive parents.
  • Adoptive parents need to be chosen by the birth parents: In contrast to surrogacy, adoption entails a more unidirectional matching process. The birth parents hold the deciding power and ultimately select the couple or family who they believe will be the most suitable parents for their child.

Totally if you want to know our team comment about this comparison between surrogacy and adoption, we should tell you surrogacy is better than adoption and its pros are more than its cons but it’s your decision to choose one of them.

We are at your service at all. Let us know your questions!

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