advantages and disadvantages of rhinoplasty

advantages and disadvantages of rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is considered one of the safest surgeries for boosting appearance, which has worldwide popularity. Reshaping the nose can make people more attractive and beautiful. That’s why it’s the most common plastic surgery. It can be done in different ways and different places. Some people are curious to do rhinoplasty but afraid of its side effects and regression after surgery. In this article, we decided to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of rhinoplasty. In this way, we can help people make the best decision for their appearance. There is a chance to weigh the risks and rewards before doing rhinoplasty. This surgery dramatically improves the facial symmetry and the dimensions of your nose.Related articles:Rhinoplasty in Iran

Advantages of rhinoplasty

If you are interested in doing rhinoplasty, you certainly have a lot of information about this surgery. The benefit of this surgery is more than the drawbacks. We at tebmedtourism are here to make you aware of this process and what you should expect from this surgery before going under the knife. If you have realistic expectations, you are the best candidate for rhinoplasty and can take advantages of rhinoplasty. Although so many people are of the opinion that rhinoplasty is just related to the beauty aspects, the story for many people is, to a great extent, different. This surgery can be helpful in mental health and help people to find a better view of themselves.

The matter of beauty

Nobody can deny that the first reason for having rhinoplasty is the matter of beauty. The first and foremost advantage of rhinoplasty is enhancing the face. Most patients are dissatisfied with their nose look; this surgery can solve the problem and boost the appearance. Most patients who choose Iran, especially tebmedtourism for rhinoplasty, are satisfied with their look after surgery.


Some patients think they have imbalanced faces because of their outstanding noses. In other words, their nose is more significant than other parts of the face, so the proportion needs to be better to satisfy them. It is distracting feature on a patient face. Sometimes they are correct, and an extensive nose could be more attractive and appealing. Having surgery can solve this problem to a great extent. One of the advantages of rhinoplasty is that it can make the best proportion between the nose and other facial qualities.

Enhanced nasal airflow

Due to accidents and some injuries, the nose can be crocked and lead to hard breathing. In some cases, the airflow might be blocked. Some injuries can cause septum deviation in the nose. Rhinoplasty is the best way for patients with this problem. It can improve the airway and breathing. In some rhinoplasties, there is a chance to straighten a crooked nose and septum and make a better appearance. So, it can solve two problems with just one action.

Boosts self-esteem

One of the reasons why people lack self-esteem is their appearance. They think they are not beautiful enough to be respected and trusted. Some people are against this point of view, but it exists, and many patients suffer from that. Owing to the fact that the nose plays a vital role in how we look, changing the nose shape can be effective in different looks. So, rhinoplasty can improve people the self-esteem and boost people’s morale.

Improve Sleep

One of the reasons why people are interested in rhinoplasty is that they have sleep deficiency. Due to the fact that difficulty in breathing can lead to a problematic issue in night sleep, many people opt for surgery to get rid of the devastating effect of this problem. One of the advantages of rhinoplasty is that after surgery, patients can experience the best sleep they have ever had.

Increase Exercise

The majority of people are passionate about exercise, but because of difficulty in breathing, they need help to do the exercise perfectly. After rhinoplasty, it’s easier to breathe and do sports.

Reduce Sinus Issues

One of the advantages of rhinoplasty is to relieve sinus problems, for instance, headaches and nasal congestion. Sinus problems usually stem from blocked nasal passages. Rhinoplasty can reshape the nose to help solve these issues.

Repair a Broken Nose

Another problem that can be cured by rhinoplasty is a broken nose. Some people suffer from the broken nose because of injuries or accidents. Rhinoplasty can reshape the nose in a way that patients find satisfactory. In some cases, the pain caused by a broken nose can be revealed by rhinoplasty and help people lead happy lives. Fortunately, all type of rhinoplasty is performed in tebmedtourism, and a broken nose can be altered with the perfect shape. This is one of the advantages of rhinoplasty.

Disadvantages of rhinoplasty

Although we can’t deny the advantages of rhinoplasty, some disadvantages exist. Keep in mind that if you ask questions in consultation with your doctor, the drawbacks will decrease to a reasonable extent. Luckily, we have solved some problems related to rhinoplasty in the tebmedtourism agency. So, if you are willing to have rhinoplasty, contact us to help you before surgery.

Thick nasal skin

The thick nasal skin is one of the problems related to rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, this kind of skin makes rhinoplasty challenging, and the surgeons’ hands are tied. Especially when it comes to the tip of the nose, changing the shape takes effort. Thick skin is the reason that, the rhinoplasty result is not noticeable.


Some limitations should be taken into account. Not all shapes can be made. That’s why some people feel disappointed after surgery. Although we have come a long way to stand here and have a lot of experts and surgeons for rhinoplasty, some changes can’t be performed. This is one of the disadvantages of rhinoplasty, and patients should understand it. If you are interested in doing rhinoplasty in Iran, the surgeons here are talented and experienced that can make any shape.

Unrealistic expectations

one of the critical problems related to rhinoplasty is unrealistic expectations of patients. Some people think rhinoplasty is a game changer, and their life would be completely different, but they are unaware that it’s just a surgery that can correct one part of the face. Some people want to change completely after surgery, but these thoughts are not helpful. Some of them are seeking the doctor to blame him for the outcome of the surgery. There should be consultation before surgery in order to patient’s find out about the process and their desires. Fortunately, in tebmedtourism our surgeons talk to the patients before surgery and speak about the limitations. They will do their best to boost their appearance.

Length of recovery time

One of the disadvantages of rhinoplasty is that this surgery is complicated and involves some parts of the face. That’s why it takes weeks to be fully recovered. It is unpleasant for many patients, and they can’t stand it. On top of that, the recovery period needs to be cared for by someone and take sick days from work. Doing heavy work or lifting is not acceptable. So, in many patients’ view, this surgery doesn’t worth it.


Another disadvantage of rhinoplasty is its cost. The cost is different from one country to another. The essential factor is that most countries do not cover this surgery. So, patients should find the cheapest rhinoplasty in the world to save money. It is worth trying to do rhinoplasty in Iran since the cost of it is low while the quality is comparable with European and American countries.

Fitting for a surgery

Any surgery requires you to be assessed before surgery. Some blood tests and the existence of some diseases and disorders should be evaluated. This is needed to be sure that patient is ready for the surgery. It might be boring for some patients, but this is for their health. Some people count this part as a disadvantage of rhinoplasty.

Desire to be like celebrities

One of the disadvantages of rhinoplasty is that some patients bring their favorite celebrity photos to be like them after surgery. It’s the worst thing that patients can do since there is no chance of being like them because of many factors. Stop being unrealistic before rhinoplasty.

Is rhinoplasty good for health?

Unlike many people who think the only advantages of rhinoplasty is beauty, some do it for health reasons. Its health benefits are many and undeniable. Increasing or decreasing the nose size, changing the nose tip shape or size, removing a bump from the bridge of the nose, Making the nose straighter, adjusting the nostrils size, building up a nose that seems too flat, flattening out a nose that appears too pointed can change the respiratory system status.

Emotional health

It is essential to recognize the emotional health benefits of this cosmetic surgery procedure. Some people are not happy with their faces and can’t stand them. Mentally, they deal with several problems, and their self-confidence decreases over time. In these cases, doing rhinoplasty can change a patient’s life, and they are able to lead a happy and long life.

Physical health advantages of rhinoplasty

The nose is an essential when it comes to breathing. Some patients with small noses or nostrils or being injured in an accident may feel restrictions in their breathing. So, they aren’t able to do a lot of activities and are limited. So, rhinoplasty can be a good help for these people. This can have physical health benefits.

Reduction in snoring: Snoring is a widespread problem. It is also a vital symptom of a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea. The airway becomes blocked while the patient sleeps. It is common in overweight people, but the restricted flow of air through the nose is also a contributing factor. Rhinoplasty that changes the nasal septum can help minimize and even eliminate sinus problems.

Improved sleep: Unfortunately, one of the things that often stops people from achieving good sleep is breathing difficulties. While we may not realize that our unconscious breathing is interrupted, airway blockages, such as when we have a cold or seasonal allergy or a flattened nose, can cause us to experience poor-quality sleep. Unfortunately, restless sleep has been linked to many health problems, including cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, and obesity. By ensuring that you have the maximum breathing capacity, you can reduce the likelihood of restless sleep and subsequently minimize the risk of developing the associated health problems. This is one of the advantages of rhinoplasty.

Can rhinoplasty make you more attractive?

People have several reasons for taking advantages of rhinoplasty. While some think about beauty, others want to be healthier. We should remember that some people are interested in being attractive and making a better first impression. This reason has been evaluated in several studies, and the findings are fascinating. After watching before and after photos of patients, people said that likeability, attractiveness, femininity, confidence, youthfulness, facial harmony, and symmetry have risen after rhinoplasty. We can see them in the photos. Lower ratings in aggressiveness also have been reported. The study clearly shows how changing appearance can help people to be more attractive. Some experts believe that these changes after rhinoplasty result from improving self-confidence. People feel happier because of their appearance, no matter how others think about them.
luckily, self-confidence improving is one of the rhinoplasty results. We at tebmedtourism are doing our best to improve your beauty alongside attractiveness. There is a vast array of styles that you can choose before surgery (the best country for rhinoplasty). The doctor will guide you to choose the best style that suits your face and appearance.

Does rhinoplasty weaken your nose?

The nose sticks out from your face without any other features to protect it. So it’s the first place you will sustain any facial injury. One of the disadvantages of rhinoplasty is the vulnerability of the nose after rhinoplasty. It’s because of many changes in structure. It may take a year for the nose, cartilage bones, and surrounding tissues to recover. Before the nose has fully set, minor incidents can result in more dramatic injuries.
Use a protective mask: If you are active in activities like basketball, running, hiking, or anything where you might injure your nose, it is a good idea to keep it protected. An accident or injury can happen anytime, but you’ll be especially prone to damage if you’re active. Wearing a protective mask can be helpful. Wearing a helmet when playing hockey, skiing, riding a motorcycle, or participating in other activities is recommended. For tennis or baseball, using a custom-made protective mask is recommended to protect face. Talk to your surgeon about where to find masks or splints, less expensive materials.
Stay out of the sun: After rhinoplasty, your nose should be protected from the sun. For a time following your surgery, the changes made to the nasal structure will leave it more susceptible to sun damage. Keeping your nose covered and protected from the sun is essential to allow it to heal naturally.


Eventually, the advantages and disadvantages of rhinoplasty are a lot. The rhinoplasty procedure can be fully tailored to address the cosmetic and operational issues you may have with your nose. To help ensure this is done in the most secure, most compelling way possible, consult a board-certified plastic surgeon with significant experience and provable results with various rhinoplasty patients. We in tebmedtourism are here to help you have the best rhinoplasty .


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