best ivf clinic for gender selection in 2023

Best IVF clinic for gender selection in 2023

Are you searching for the best IVF clinic for gender selection in 2023 ? If so, you are not alone. Many couples are turning to IVF for gender selection to help them have a baby of the desired gender. Whether you are facing pressure from your family to have a son or daughter or have a history of chromosomal problems, the best IVF clinic for gender selection can provide a solution.
PGD/PGS/PGD-A/NGS are miracle solutions and high-tech methods of gender selection that are becoming increasingly popular and available in many clinics and labs, so choosing the best IVF clinic for gender selection can be a challenging task. With all options on the table, it’s important to understand the different techniques and methods used by the various clinics and to research which one is the best fit for you and your purposes.
Furthermore, it is important to consider the experience of the clinic, the quality of their services and labs and the overall cost. Most important of all, a precise focus should be on laws and regulations surrounding these procedures in the country where the clinic is located; because gender selection is still forbidden in some countries .
In some of these famous countries that have the best IVF clinics, gender selection is allowed if the method is used solely for medical purposes. This forbiddance has led to a surge of people traveling abroad for gender selection and IVF treatments.
In this TebMedTourism post, we will explore the science behind the techniques and methods used in the best IVF clinics for gender selection and provide guidance on various factors that must consider when selecting the best IVF clinics for gender selection, such as location, success rate, and cost.

What is gender selection? | The science behind the gender selection
Gender selection is the genetic testing of embryos in the preimplantation stage done to look for heritable chromosomal imbalance, particular single gene disorders or family balancing.
PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis), Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT), PGS/NGS and other high-tech gender selection techniques are still relatively new, have allowed patients with genetic abnormalities to start pregnancies while reducing or eliminating the risk of transferring these problems to their offspring.
PGD uses one or both polar bodies or one or two blastomeres for the biopsy in order to diagnose structural defects, aneuploidy, and gender selection (cells from 2 to 16 cell stage embryos). When the embryo reaches the eight-cell stage, usually on the third day of development, blastomeric biopsy entails the removal of one or two blastomeres.

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are being developed quickly and even though such advanced methods by screening for numeric chromosomal aberrations could improve the effectiveness of assisted reproduction, this idea is still debatable.
In this area, legislation is not keeping up with the rapid advancements, and at least six countries have already outlawed the use of these advanced technologies: Australia, Canada, China, India, the UK and etc.
People frequently come to countries where PGD/PGS is permissible to undergo from countries where gender selection is prohibited.
Reproductive tourism is a recent phenomenon in which people go abroad for gender selection via IVF process with the goal of finding the best IVF clinic for gender selection. Because gender selection methods are so effective that only PGD can screen for more than 400 different diseases and conditions, including hereditary conditions like Huntington’s disease, sickle cell anemia, and cystic fibrosis.(ivf gender selection legal countries)
For instance, the Australian Health Ethics Committee like the parliament of India outlawed the use of PGD for, which led the Sydney IVF facility to end its PGD sex selection program. Nowadays, a lot of Australians, Indians and Pakistanis visit Iran for gender selection operations via their IVF journey.

Best IVF clinics for gender selection in 2023

1. TebMedTourism (Iran)

TebMedTourism is the rising star of fertility tourism. TebMedTourism is a company with a unique approach to fertility treatment, as it is one of the few companies in the world where is located in the country, Iran where gender selection is legally allowed.
Based on the particular disease and mutation that is passed down through a family, each PGD test is specifically created. TebMedtourism’s clinics will receive data and results from the patient’s or the couple’s genetic testing. If PGD is feasible, the lab will gather DNA samples from the egg source, the sperm source, and possibly additional family members like parents or first kids.
Three-day-old embryos are tested before being implanted in the womb as part of the PGD procedure, which involves standard IVF. Ovarian stimulation with medication, egg retrieval, and laboratory fertilization are all parts of the procedure.
Ironically, TebMedTourism Co., the parent company, collaborates with clinics in the neighboring countries. TebMedTourism’s IVF’s success rate as the best IVF clinic in the world 2023 is 21.32% which it’s an awesome result. TebMedTourism is not only the best but also located in the cheapest country for IVF, Iran, and presents their IVF+PGD package at only $5500.

2. Next Generation Clinic (Russia)
At first look, it seems that Russia is an appropriate destination for IVF due to the relatively high success rate of about 30%, but there are some restrictions on gender selection!
In Russia, only those couples who can prove they have a sex-linked genetic disorder running in the family are allowed to select the sex of their baby. This is due to the current laws in place in the country, which restrict gender selection for all except those with a valid medical need.
It means for those who wish to choose the sex of their baby but don’t have a genetic disorder, Russia is not good destination!

3. Bloom IVF Centre (India)

The creation and identification of embryos of either sex through IVF procedure is a skill of fertility professionals. PGD helps you have a healthy pregnancy and can lower your risk of miscarriage.
A pre-screening for healthy embryos may be chosen by those who are aware of or fear they contain the genes for major medical problems, but unfortunately, PGD is forbidden in India! Despite the fact that India is one of the countries that should apply a balanced approach in its fertility policies, archaic beliefs avoid entering such advanced methods!

4. Parens-Ukraine (Ukraine)

When you google on the internet, you can see that the best IVF for clinics can be found in Ukraine. Offering legal sex selection via Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) to couples interested in family balancing and already having at least one child.
Ukraine is one of the handful of countries in the world where fertility treatments such as IVF gender selection and surrogacy are legally allowed. However, the ongoing war situation in Ukraine has had a significant impact on the country’s fertility treatment market, leaving many potential patients feeling uneasy about seeking treatment there.

5. IVF Spain (Spain)

Although pre-implantation genetic diagnosis makes it technically possible to pick a child’s gender, Spanish law forbids doing so, with the exception of preventing the transfer of genetic illnesses linked to the X chromosome.
IVF clinics in the Spain has high IVF success rate but forbiddance of PGD is not a positive score for Spanish clinics.

Gender selection by TebMedTourism

TebMedtourism, as the best IVF clinic for gender selection, will offer the following gender selection methods that we describe in detail; understanding the detail of the gender selection process will help you to make the best decision for your future:
• PGD purposes by TebMedTourism | Best IVF clinic for gender selection in 2023
During an IVF round, intended parents can choose a child’s gender using PGD, PGS, or PGT-A. The gender selection procedure is almost entirely correct because a fertility specialist can use PGD tests to determine if an embryo has XX or XY chromosomes. However, these cutting-edge techniques will often be used for two main purposes:

1. Family balancing (controlling the gender outcomes of pregnancies) is one of the other purposes that will be applied for having a baby girl or baby boy via IVF journey. So if you experience stressful moments from the side of your family, this advanced procedure will help you to choose the gender of your future baby through the IVF process.

2. Family history of genetic issues is the second reason that fertility specialists will offer PGD/PGS/PGT for their patients. So approaching your goal should go through the IVF journey because PGD will be applied to the embryo and only via IVF process do doctors have access to the embryo with the special number of cells.

• PGS/PGT-A by TebMedTourism | Best IVF clinic for gender selection in 2023
A healthy embryo has 46 chromosomes, which are inherited from both parents during fertilization. A total of 23 chromosomes come from the sperm and another 23 from the egg. An abnormal number of chromosomes in an embryo—either too many or too few—is known as aneuploidy and is known to result in failed pregnancies and birth defects.
Couples can improve their chances of implantation, lower their risk of miscarriage, and lessen their risk of producing a child who has a genetic disease by identifying embryos that have the right number of chromosomes through preimplantation genetic screening. Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, and Turner syndrome are the three most prevalent diseases brought on by chromosome abnormalities.

Gender selection success rate by TebMedTourism

PGD accuracy will differ, and there is less than 1% chance that the test may not be completely accurate or decisive. However, for the majority of couples, testing is 98–99% accurate. The hazards vary depending on the disease being examined with PGD tests and the results of each couple’s specific tests.
Fortunately, all patients who welcomed their new baby via IVF+PGD are happy with their baby’s health, according to TebMedTourism’s most current statistics.

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