If I use donor eggs will the baby look like me in 2023

If I use donor eggs will the baby look like me? (2023)

The central story question is, “If I use donor eggs will the baby look like me?”. A real complaint and fear have been proposed by intended parents, but there is a positive answer to this question that absolutely is not magical; vice versa is entirely intellectual.
We have a special focus on epigenetic and DNA sharing from the intended father. To say simply how it is possible via these two approaches, you get the goal of having a baby from an egg donor similar to you.
We know that voices are arguing in your head, my eggs or donor eggs.
Using donor eggs sparks a question in your mind, if we are going through an IVF egg donation journey using donor eggs will the baby look like me.
Fortunately, nowadays, we know many things from genetics, epigenetics, and phenotype science that put an excellent strategy for highly accurate matching in front of us.
In this post blog on TebMedTourism, we will discuss how using the best IVF clinic with a vast egg donor database for finding an egg donor with the highest similarity to the intended mother and father, alongside science, will produce the best results.

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Does your donor egg baby look like you?

Are you also worried that the egg donor is not similar to you, and you ask yourself what to do if the egg donor does not look like me?

Does your donor egg baby look like you? The answer to this question isn’t an absolute yes. It depends on your choice. Choosing a young, healthy, and well-screened donor that looks like you.

The best way is to choose the best agency for egg donation that has a powerful egg donor bank. In the process of IVF egg donation by TebMedTourism, only the egg has different genetics, So If the sperm of the father is used, 50 % of the genetics of the parents have been shared; now at the second step, choosing a girl similar to the intended mother as the egg donor will solve the problem and make a desire resemblance.

Some parents will not be satisfied. Only appearance similarities, mannerisms, and traits are significant for many parents. They want their children’s childhood be similar to theirs. In such cases, only the genes are not in this section. You can trust all features that could affect your child and all future classes you send your children to, and the environment could create the extraordinary future that you desire for your future baby. You can turn your baby into what you want, so you don’t need to be anxious about whether your baby is like you!

Can a donor egg look like me?

The answer of this question is a definite yes, for reaching this goal is enough to trust the best IVF clinic that has a wide egg donor database. But what is criteria for choosing the best. Selecting best egg donors has special requirements that we listed as below:

  • Egg donors have to be fit (healthy BMI)
  • Age between 21 and 29 years
  • Having two normal ovaries
  • No familial history of genetic disorders
  • Normal blood results for all screening tests
  • Having at least one healthy child
  • No history of transmittable disease or endometriosis
  • Not using hormonal or implantation birth control methods

Main responsible of searching and detecting about egg donor requirements is the agency but the other side is intended parents. Parents want to say positive answer to this question that “If I use donor eggs will the baby look like me?” should have special focus on egg donor profile that including height, skin tone, hair color and eye color and other physical characteristic that are listed as below:

  • Eye color of egg donor
  • Hair color of egg donor
  • Skin tone and complexion
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Education
  • Blood group
  • Genetic background

They are the most important things that for intended parents are in priority.

Can you change the DNA of an egg donor? | Can a donor egg baby looks like the mother?

How is it possible that the donor egg baby looks like a mother? Epigenetics is the foundation for the response to these questions. The study of how changes in your environment and behavior can alter how your genes function is known as epigenetics.
Epigenetics is a study of how your behaviors and surroundings can cause changes that affect how your genes work, and they may change how your body reads a DNA sequence.
The child’s genetic expression can be changed by microRNAs. MicroRNAs and epigenetics regulate how the genes in your child’s genome develop, but you can’t change the actual genetic code.

Can epigenetics change appearance?

Our “epigenome” can influence our physical appearance in the same way that our genes do, without altering the underlying genetic code. Epigenetic markers control and regulate the activity of our genes. Some particular epigenetic foods may assist elements in your womb in reading DNA through your active genes.
We say that epigenetics is helpful, but its effectiveness is not 100%; therefore, selecting an egg donor with high appearance similarity to you is an important step alongside epigenetic foods.
For instance, the egg donor’s eyes ought to be like yours, the baby’s skin ought to be like yours, and the other features ought to be like yours.
The intended father will share the epigenetic and other factors, like DNA, with your spouse and their family to a degree of 50 percent similarity. On the other hand, you are the intended mother, and the embryo that was created by combining father’s sperm with an egg from a donor will be transferred into your womb!

Will the baby look like the egg donor?

As epigenetics may have an effect on reading and sequencing DNA, the answer to this question is not always a definitive “yes.” When you ask, “If I use a donor egg, will my baby look like me?” It is preferable to provide specifics in your question, such as, “Do you want to adopt your appearance, mannerisms, humor, or facial expressions?” The only requirement is a good match. It entails determining the recipient and donor’s greatest similarities.
However, in the end, a child’s appearance is always a result of a mix of genes from the mother, father, and egg donor’s DNA. Lastly, numerous detectors and micro RNAs shape the phenological appearance. These so-called epigenetic processes can have a significant impact on a person’s physical appearance and can be triggered by many factors, including the mother’s health, her pregnancy, and other factors. So with a healthy diet, not only can you guarantee more than 70% having a successful IVF cycle, but also you change circumstances in favor of yourself.


The researchers discovered that the secretions of the mother’s uterus enter the pre-implanted embryo. It impacts the improvement of the child. There are some conditions and habits of the mother, like smoking or obesity, that can change women’s cells, and these cells can be found in the endometrium. These can roll out specific improvements in the liquid in the uterus, which will cooperate with the child and the hereditary data emission.
Yet, eventually, the actual appearance of a kid is dependably a combination of the qualities of the mother, the dad, and from egg donor DNA. At last, the phonological appearance is formed by numerous epigenetic factors. Such supposed epigenetic processes incited by the beneficiary’s mom’s body, her well-being, the condition during the pregnancy, and other factors can influence appearance. So If you want to say alright to the response of “If I use donor eggs will the baby look like me?”, Stick tightly to the healthy IVF diet and healthy lifestyle.Read more about the best IVF diet plan in 2023

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