How to prepare for Rhinoplasty

How to prepare for Rhinoplasty ?

Rhinoplasty preparation

Rhinoplasty is one of the most sensitive surgeries, and a mounting number of people are trying to do that. Like other surgeries, there are dos and don’ts to prepare for rhinoplasty. Patients have enough time to speak with their surgeon and find out what they should do to prepare. It’s more suitable to make a list of questions before surgery and ask your doctor. Only the doctor can discuss your medical preparation, anesthesia, and recovery issues. Every patient has various concerns, and all must be appropriately addressed. Select a date that is compatible with your work and leisure program. Don’t try to find the nearest time since you need time for preparation. In this article, we aim to talk about the criteria for preparing for rhinoplasty.Rhinoplasty in Iran


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How to mentally prepare for rhinoplasty?

As you know, rhinoplasty is a kind of surgery that can change your appearance to a great extent. So, it is essential to be mentally ready for that. You don’t know what the outcome will be and what you should expect. Here we are willing to talk about some mental preparation before rhinoplasty.

Be aware of the Facts: Be mindful of the process, such as the preparation for surgery, what happens during surgery, and the recovery time. The more knowledge you have, the more relaxed and confident you can be.

Realistic Expectations are important: What do you expect from your rhinoplasty? Your expectation plays an essential role in satisfaction after surgery. Sometimes you are not reasonable, and your anticipation is too much. That is the issue that can make surgery challenging. Talk to your surgeon and find the best expectation for your surgery.

Check Your Justifications: The most critical part of the preparation is answering why you want to do rhinoplasty. Is it your decision or your family and friends? Rhinoplasty can alter your face permanently, and it isn’t reversible. Be sure that you have good reasons for undergoing this surgery.

Getting the outcome may take longer: After surgery, it is more likely to find bruises, swelling, and bandages around your face, especially your nose. So, you might be frustrated that you are not like what you were dreaming. But you should know that it takes time to see your natural face. The process of healing might take over weeks and months. Be patient and wait for the result.

Start Healthy Habits: There is a positive correlation between mental and physical health. So, the more active you are, the more you can be mentally healthy. It is better a month before surgery starts developing simple healthy habits. Walking, drinking a lot of water, eating more fruit and vegetables, reducing alcohol, and quitting smoking are the best actions you can develop before surgery. Sleeping can be good for the body too.

Speak to professionals: Unanswered questions can make you think a lot about unimportant matters, while you can ask your questions before surgery. Many professionals and surgeons are available to help you to find your answers. Being unsure about the process can cause problems in your mind and affect the result of surgery. So, don’t hesitate to and your questions and ease your mind. Especially our surgeons in tebmedtourism would be happy to answer your questions.

Expect frustrations after surgery: Feeling upset, regretful, unmotivated, or blue is not a rare reaction to this surgery. Most people have this feeling since they have been through trauma that can change their life. These feelings can take long for a week, and are temporary. This is entirely normal. Be still and quiet as you recover. If your feelings don’t improve after a while, you should talk to your doctor.

Find a Surgeon You Trust: The essential part of the surgery is choosing the best, highly skilled, and good listener surgeon. If you want to be adequately prepared for the surgery, talk to the surgeon you chose and find out whether you can trust him or not. Make sure that your surgeon is aware of your concerns and expectations. You and your surgeon should choose what is best for you.

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Things to buy before rhinoplasty

For most people, after surgery is a hard time, so it would be easier to be prepared before rhinoplasty. Making shopping lists is essential. Buy everything necessary for you in advance. What do you need after surgery? In this part, we made a list for shopping and recommended you buy them. They are helpful.

Nasal Spray: stuffiness is one of the problems that patients might experience after rhinoplasty, even after removing the splint. Having nasal Spray could be good for you and make the later rhinoplasty recovery stages much more pleasant.

Painkillers with Anti-inflammatory: Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines are essential items you should buy to prepare for rhinoplasty. Experiencing Discomfort after surgery is normal. It is better to buy painkillers and antibiotics such as ibuprofen or naproxen. Your surgeon probably prescribes these, but having them in your home would be helpful.

Chapstick: Most patients experience after surgery that they are forced to breathe through their mouth. And this problem is usually overlooked by many patients. It can result in dry lips and mouth and bothers patients. So, buying some Chapstick or Vaseline before rhinoplasty is worthwhile.

Humidifier: Another thing that can help is a good humidifier. Besides Chapstick having a humidifier at your home can help provide cool-mist. This will help keep your nasal passages clear and avoid your lips drying out.

Face Wipes: Face wipes might be convenient after rhinoplasty. It is usually recommended that patients after, surgery no, take a shower to prevent some problems. These days, it is better to have face wipes and clean your face with them. The nose might get oily or dirty, and cleaning it is good. Buying some of them is worthwhile before surgery.

Mini Ice Packs: Having an ice pack helps when it comes to swelling and bruising. Many patients find it helpful in reducing the surgery’s side effects. Buying one or two can be good for you.

Plenty of Drink: The critical factor is that you should be hydrated before and after surgery. Reducing swelling is one of the effects of Staying hydrated. You can buy some mineral water and juices before surgery.

Easy to Digest Foods: It is apparent that you wouldn’t be able to eat all foods during your recovery. So be ready by buying some chewable food; that can be easily digested. Smoothies, soups, and yogurt can be good choices. It’s easy to make them and eat them as well. Buying the relevant ingredients before surgery can save you a lot of trouble.

Sweaters with Zippers: One of the crucial things patients usually forget to prepare for rhinoplasty is a sweater with zippers. It’s better that after surgery, you use the kind of clothes with zip in order to prevent pulling them over your head and hurting the nose. Buying these clothes should be considered by patients.

Extra Pillows: Your doctor will recommend that your head be elevated after surgery. It is better to have pillows for relaxation. Get enough pillows to rest comfortably or even a wedge pillow if needed.

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What should you not do before rhinoplasty?

Apart from what are necessary to be prepared for rhinoplasty, a vast array of factors should be considered. In this part shortly, we talk about these factors.

Don’t apply Makeup: Makeup ingredients are usually chemical, and wearing them before surgery is forbidden. Clean your face and get rid of the bacteria and microbes from your face. Removing nail polish and any jewelry or body piercings before surgery is suggested.

Avoid Anxiety: Being fully aware of rhinoplasty and the recovery period helps you to be completely ready for surgery and prevent anxiety. Anxiety and stress are common among patients before surgery, which can have terrible effects on the result. So be patient and rely upon your surgeon and follow the instructions.

Don’t take some Medications and Supplements: Some medications and supplements shouldn’t be taken before surgery. Among these medications, we can take the example of aspirin, NSAIDs, vitamin E supplements, or herbal medications such as ginseng and Gingko Biloba.

Don’t Smoke: Smoking itself can increase the risks of every surgery. That’s why it is more reasonable than not smoking before rhinoplasty. In this way can prevent some problems regarding Anastasia.

Don’t Perform Energetic Activities: Although light workouts such as walking are entirely approved, the strong type is not accepted and can cause some patient problems.

What should I do The Night Before Rhinoplasty?

Many patients feel anxious and excited the night before rhinoplasty. Use this time to deal with concerns to prepare for rhinoplasty. Here are a few tips.

Don’t eat or drink: You will be asked to be fasting when visiting the clinic for surgery because the surgery is safer with an empty stomach. During the anesthesia, your body can’t prevent the contents of your stomach from entering the lungs, causing breathing problems.

Take a Shower:

  1. Take a shower the night before surgery.
  2. Wash away makeup, ointment, deodorant, etc.
  3. After your shower, don’t apply anything, including cream, to your skin. You should also remove any nail polish you are wearing.

You may want to take a second shower on the morning of surgery.

What should I do on The Morning of Your Rhinoplasty?

Give yourself time on the morning of your surgery to prepare for rhinoplasty. You should be relaxed and ready, not rushed and stressed.

Should I take my medications on the morning of surgery?

When it comes to medicine, it’s better to discuss it with your doctor. If your doctor wants you to take your prescriptions, you should take them on the morning of surgery with a small amount of water.

What should I do before my rhinoplasty?

There is a checklist of actions that experts advise to prepare for rhinoplasty. Thinking about your diet, workout, and medicine would be best.

Adjust Diet and Nutrition: One of the essential items that should be considered is your diet. You have no trouble if your diet is full of nutritious foods. Increasing the intake of fiber is recommended by experts. fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber. Increasing the protein intake is essential as well. Protein can quicker the healing process, and you can be in a recovery period for the shortest possible time. Some experts suggest eating pineapple because of the healing effect.

Apply for Leave from Job: It is the fact that the patients aren’t able to go to work and should rest. You should take off from work for at least one to two weeks after the rhinoplasty.

Shave your skin: shaving your skin a day before the surgery is not approved. At least two days before rhinoplasty is the most suitable time for shaving your face to prevent surgical site infection. Shaving could harm your skin at a tiny level. It causes tiny injuries on your skin that are channels where bacteria could grow and cause infection during the surgery.

Be cautious of your allergies: If you suffer from seasonal allergies, it’s more reasonable to postpone surgery. You may experience many troubles after surgery if you are unaware of your nose and respiratory system situation.

Transportation and Caretaker: Because it is inconceivable to go home on your own after surgery, it’s better to prepare for rhinoplasty and arrange for your friends and family to help you and ride you home. It would be helpful if you also thought about the caretaker. Someone who is able to take care of you and you would be comfortable in front of them.

Rhinoplasty nose job in Iran

What should I do a month before rhinoplasty?

Some people think that preparation is limited to the week before surgery, but keep in mind that if you are interested in obtaining a perfect result, you should take care of your body even a month before rhinoplasty. Here we prepared some tips you can follow to ensure your surgery outcome.

Rest as long as possible: Your body needs the power to heal after surgery. Being well-rested helps you be prepared for a more relaxed recovery and get the best development.

Clean your face: Washing your face daily with a gentle cleanser is suggested to prepare for rhinoplasty. It should be twice a day. You can also gently exfoliate every other day to remove dead skin.

Be hydrated:  Consuming more water can help you get the best outcomeIt’s better to drink twice as much as you usually do. It’s essential to keep your body hydrated for your surgery.

Do Light exercise: Light exercises such as walking, meditation, yoga, and other movements are highly suggested. Exercise can help patients to ease their minds and be ready for surgery. 

Stop smoking: One of the essential factors to prepare for rhinoplasty is quitting smoking. Airway complications occur more for smokers than non-smokers. Due to the fact that smoking has catastrophic effects on the body and health, we strongly encourage you to quit smoking. Nicotine leads to severe complications during the procedure, whether you smoke or are frequently exposed to second-hand smoke. Carbon dioxide negatively influences your vessels, and nicotine curbs the amount of oxygen from reaching further parts of your body. Skin loss, scarring, anesthesia risks, and even infection are other side effects of nicotine. You will be advised to stop smoking 2 or 3 weeks before rhinoplasty.

Stop drinking alcohol: As we mentioned before, drinking alcohol can have dangerous effects on the surgery. It instructed you to stop drinking alcohol at least three weeks before the surgery. Drinking alcohol before the rhinoplasty could result in serious difficulties. Alcohol also is a blood thinner and could potentially reproduce concerns during the surgery, such as anesthesia dangers or uncontrolled disproportionate bleeding.

How long does it take to prepare for a nose job?

Answering this question might be distinguishable from one person to another. While some people are worried and concerned about the result of surgery, others are not. Some people are determined to prepare for rhinoplasty a month before this surgery; in others, a week of caring is enough. In the surgeon’s opinion, you should be ready for rhinoplasty in at least three weeks. In this case, you have enough time to stop smoking, drink alcohol, and adjust your diet. Of course, the more time you allocate to your surgery, the better result you will achieve. If you are interested in doing your rhinoplasty in tebmedtourism, our doctors will discuss the rhinoplasty preparation

Rhinoplasty nose job in Iran

Do I need physical tests before the nose job?

It’s normal for doctors to check patients’ medical history before every surgery. It’s better to review your medical status a month before rhinoplasty. Some blood tests, a chest x-ray, and an EKG are needed as part of this physical exam to prepare for rhinoplasty. During the pre-op visit, your doctor finds all the information on your medical history, such as surgeries, a history of nasal obstruction, and any diseases you may have.

Blood test: The blood test is a common pre-surgery test. Using the lab work results, the doctor checks if you have any disease, blood-clotting disorder, or anemia. The items examined in your blood experimentation include the FBS, CBC, PT & PTT, HIV, and Hepatitis.

Physical exam: Physical examination is an influential rhinoplasty preparation step that instantly affects the surgery’s result. Your nasal skin, nasal valves, bony and cartilaginous abnormalities, skin thickness, and nasal sebaceous glands will be checked during the physical examination. In addition, your established way of breathing is examined to see whether you breathe through the nose or mouth. The patient’s weight, height, and blood pressure are vital in the examination.

Medical photography: the clinic staff catches high-quality nose images from different angles. These photos help with post-operative examinations, and the shots might be required during the surgery better to comprehend the nasal shape and the wished outcomes. Eight photos from different angles, including an anterior view, right lateral and right oblique view, left lateral and left oblique view, basal view, cephalic view, and profile view, with a smile, will be captured. Wearing any makeup or glasses when taking photos should be avoided.


Psychological examination: Some patients are obsessive about their appearance. For these people, psychological evaluation to prepare for rhinoplasty is a necessity. For example, some people magnify the imperfections in their appearance. They usually exaggerate any minor or non-existent issue about themselves. In such cases, a psychological evaluation can help the patients accept their appearance without surgical interventions

The results of rhinoplasty can range from the improvement of your confidence to improving the functioning of your nose in a positive manner, depending on your preference and your lifestyle. While the surgery is not perfect, it is a safe and permanent solution to a long list of facial concerns. You should be able to return to work and do your normal daily activities shortly after the procedure is completed. There are some instances when you may have to be monitored closely and should follow up with the plastic surgeon for an extended period of time, however, to ensure that you feel comfortable returning to your pre-operation routine.

Rhinoplasty nose job in Iran

What should I do to prepare for rhinoplasty in tebmedtourism?

One of the advantages of doing rhinoplasty in tebmedtourism is that you have the best opportunity to be in touch with professional surgeons that can help you before surgery. They will speak about the most critical aspects you should consider. They prescribe medicine and required supplements and caring guidance. Surgeons allocate enough time to you to ask as many questions as you have and ease your mind.(cheapest rhinoplasty in the World)

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